13 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-18-22

  1. The more we know, the worse it gets.


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  3. Correct!


    “Everything you need to know about the modern liberal media is contained in the following fact. They told us there was a video of Donald Trump consorting with prostitutes, but there wasn’t. And they told us there probably weren’t any videos of Hunter Biden consorting with prostitutes, but there were. The supposedly respectable, ‘reality-based’ media expended far more energy gabbing about a completely mythical video of Trump watching Russian hookers take a leak in a Moscow hotel room in 2013 than they did investigating rumours of real videos showing the current president’s son taking drugs with prostitutes in hotels in Vegas and elsewhere. Fake news about Trump carries more weight than real news about the Bidens in today’s messed-up media.

    We need to talk about Hunter Biden. Yes, we’ve all seen far too much of the president’s son in recent days, courtesy of the latest leaked videos from his various computer devices. And yet we have to discuss this because the Hunter story – or rather, the fact that the Hunter story took so long to come out – tells us a great deal about the media elites of the 21st century. This isn’t really about Hunter anymore, or his tragic crack habit, or his genuinely sad inability to do anything without filming it on his phone or his laptop. No, it’s about the media’s abandonment of objectivity in response to the populist moment, and their craven willingness to bury stories that have the potential to harm the political elites.

    The latest Hunter Biden computer revelations are the most miserable yet. A 4chan user claims to have hacked into Hunter’s iCloud account and found all manner of obscenities. A video of Hunter smoking what seems to be a crack pipe during a water-immersion therapy session in Massachusetts. Footage of Hunter in a shower, again smoking what appears to be a crack pipe, with two call girls. The women refer to him as their ‘future baby daddy’ and to themselves as ‘naughty whores’. This was filmed in 2018, just nine days after Joe Biden had wired Hunter $75,000. It’s a sorrowful, pathetic video. And yet we are compelled to imagine the global media storm there would have been if it had been revealed that Trump had sent tens of thousands of dollars to one of his sons who then seemed to blow it all on prostitutes and drugs. That would unquestionably have been turned into a frontpage indictment of the moral rot of Trumpism.

    The response to the Hunter iCloud leak could not be more different. Amazingly, some in the woke set even wondered if the videos are real. Snopes, once a fact-checking site and now a blatantly partisan media outlet, advised its readers to ‘take individual rumours and memes [about Hunter]… with a grain of salt’. Rolling Stone’s response was to lambast 4chan. 4chan is a cesspit of ‘baseless, hate-fuelled misinformation’, it raged, seeming to hint that the Hunter videos might be misinformation, too.

    Hunter clearly has a troubled private life. And in my view it is wrong to delve into people’s privately stored information. Hunter needs help, not hacks. And yet some of the recent revelations from Hunter’s gadgets are more serious, more political, and they reach to the president himself. And, strikingly, even that is not being widely discussed. For example, Joe Biden’s claim that he never discussed foreign business with his son appears to have been shattered by some of the recent leaks. A few weeks ago a voicemail leaked from Hunter’s backed-up computer data confirmed that Joe called Hunter in December 2018 to discuss a New York Times report linking Hunter to the huge Chinese oil corporation, CEFC. Ye Jianming, chairman of CEFC, met with Hunter in a hotel in Miami in 2017 to discuss ‘a partnership to invest in American infrastructure and energy deals’. Ye was later arrested on suspicion of trying to bribe the president of Chad. ‘Hey pal, it’s dad… if you get a chance give me a call, I love you’, said Joe in his voicemail message about the NYT report on Hunter’s links to the Chinese oil giant. Which rather suggests Joe and Hunter did discuss significant matters of global business.

    What’s more, Joe denied attending a dinner in Washington, DC in 2015 with Hunter’s business associates from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Yet emails and photographs confirm he did attend. It’s now also known that Joe met with some of Hunter’s other Chinese business partners and with his Mexican billionaire associates, too. As the Daily Mail says, it seems ‘the president lied about not talking foreign business with his son’. Shouldn’t this be bigger news – the fact that the current leader of the free world seems to have frequently rubbed shoulders with powerful foreign businessmen who were the friends of his troubled son? Again, one is forced to contemplate what the response would have been if it had been revealed that Trump had wined and dined Russian and Chinese oligarchs at the behest of one of his offspring. It would never have left the front pages of the global liberal media.

    Indeed, there is a staggering irony to the liberal media’s muted response to the Hunter / Joe revelations. For years the woke establishment went on and on about Trump’s alleged links with Russia. He was a Putin puppet, they said, planted in the White House by powerful Ruskie oligarchs. Yet these same people have said almost nothing about the revelation that Hunter was entertained by ‘billionaire oligarchs in Moscow’ (one of whom is now wanted for murder), and that he swiftly met with his dad when he returned to the US from that Russian trip. If Trump so much as said a nice word about Russia there would be ceaseless media hysteria. Yet the Bidens can associate with iffy Russian oligarchs and the woke media shrug their shoulders. This really is the pinnacle of double standards.”


    Double standards are the only standard they have, other than Orange Man Bad, of course….

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  4. Sucks to be you Mayor.

    Now you get to see first hand what the policies you push and fund is doing, just like the folks in Az. and Texas. Enjoy the fruits of your party’s labors.

    “Democrat D.C. Mayor Bowser Complains About TX and AZ Sending Illegal Immigrants to Her City

    Um, your party caused this border crisis. Also, Bowser has donated a ton of money to open borders groups and doesn’t want illegal immigrants in D.C.? D.C. is supposed to be a sanctuary city.”


    “Democrat D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and her party can dish it but cannot take it. I thought D.C. was a sanctuary city!

    We know the feds quietly ship illegal immigrants around the country. But Texas Gov. Greg Abbott made it known his state would (and has!) put illegal immigrants on buses and move them to D.C.

    After all, Bowser has thrown almost $1 million at open borders groups to help illegal immigrants. For example, in 2019, Bowser gave one group $100,000 to help illegal immigrants become citizens:

    The recent $100,000 allocation is going to a group called National Immigration Forum that advocates “lawful permanent residence” for the nation’s estimated 11.4 million illegal immigrants. The nonprofit supports “commonsense immigration, citizenship and integration policies” and helps businesses assist immigrant employees with the citizenship process by focusing on “English language learning” to help immigrants become full participants in the workplace, community and economy. “Statistics show a direct correlation between immigrant integration and happier, more effective workers — which directly impacts business profitability,” National Immigration Forum claims. The group’s executive director, Ali Noorani, says the DC taxpayer dollars will help new Americans reach their full potential. “We are proud to partner with Mayor Bowser on this initiative that’s a win-win for Washington, DC, businesses and employees alike,” Noorani said.

    But now Bowser is mad because buses with illegal immigrants have arrived in D.C. She wants the federal government, which pushes for open borders and doesn’t do anything about immigration, to step in and stop Texas from “tricking” these people from getting on these buses.

    It is so hard to follow their so-called logic. I do not get it.”

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  5. FactCheck.Org is still a joke.

    “FactCheck.org Goes Full Orwellian Defending Biden’s “Repeat The Line” Embarassment
    Omri Ceren: “There’s no doubt we all use ‘Orwellian’ too casually, imprecisely, and often. But when the party in power is telling you that you didn’t see and hear what you just saw and heard – and it’s on tape so you can see and hear it over and over – that does get a little bit on the nose.””


    “What cannot be denied is what we all can see and hear in the clip. Biden literally says, “end quote. Repeat the line.”

    FactCheck.org performs some logic- and sense-defying rhetorical gymnastics in defense of Biden and Democrats, though, and this partisan take is much more interesting than what Biden did or didn’t say.

    FactCheck.org sheds all semblance of nonpartisan fact-checking and goes all-in for the Democrat and WH spin. It’s truly disgusting.

    Under the heading “debunking viral claims,” FactCheck.org posts an article entitled, “Social Media Posts Misleadingly Edit and Misrepresent Biden Remarks from Teleprompter” (archive link).

    The White House transcript, which was doctored to reflect what Biden should have said and not what he actually said, is cited as the authority here, the final word.

    Before signing the order, Biden delivered remarks in which he directly quoted the court’s majority opinion, and the White House released a copy of his remarks. Here is the White House transcript:

    Biden, July 8: One of the most extraordinary parts of the decision, in my view, is the majority writes, and I quote, “Women…” — it’s a quote now, from the majority — “Women are not without electoral or political power. It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who registered to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the men who do so.” End of quote.

    Let me repeat the line: “Women are not without electoral…” and/or political — “or” — let me be precise; not “and/or” — “…or political power.”

    That’s another way of saying that you, the women of America, can determine the outcome of this issue.

    In the video of the remarks, it’s not clear that Biden says “let me” before saying “repeat the line.”

    It’s “not clear” Biden says “let me” because he did not say it, but rather than just admit this, FactCheck.org is on a mission, a leftwing, Democrat mission.”


    Who do you believe?

    Them, or your lying eyes and ears?

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  6. The whole story re. this tragedy still hasn’t come out yet…


    The lieutenant who was acting police chief on duty the day of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, has been placed on administrative leave following a report that found systemic failures by law enforcement.

    Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin confirmed that Lt. Mariano Pargas had been placed on administrative leave in a statement published on July 17.

    McLaughlin noted that the city has a responsibility to evaluate how the Uvalde Police Department responded to the shooting incident, including Pargas’s role as acting chief.

    “This administrative leave is to investigate whether Lt. Pargas was responsible for taking command on May 24th, what specific actions Lt. Pargas took to establish that command, and whether it was even feasible given all the agencies involved and other possible policy violations,” McLaughlin wrote in the statement.

    The statement did not provide details as to whether Pargas was placed on paid or unpaid administrative leave.

    The announcement regarding his administrative leave came just hours after the Texas state House of Representatives earlier on July 17 published a 77-page report noting that there were failures across the board by some of the roughly 400 law enforcement officers who responded to the May 24 mass shooting, including Pargas.

    “There is no one to whom we can attribute malice or ill motives. Instead, we found systemic failures and egregious poor decision making,” the report said.


  7. I keep thinking how devastated everyone must feel–families, police, neighbors, the entire town. Grief, trauma, demoralization, and questions upon questions. Such a huge tragedy.

    What could possibly quench this horror for anyone involved?

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  8. Systems failure is an attempt to remove human culpability and responsibility from the debacle. Blaming the entire system and cast as wide as a net as possible. The fact is human error is what creates systems failure.

    I have to agree with M and I might add the concern for the local people is missing from a lot of the coverage. Uvalde has a population of 15,000. Its small enough that everyone should know at least one family affected and/or at least police officer who didn’t respond properly. I can’t imagine how the town can interact with itself; grieving families and extremely distraught police officers who probably have a hard time just going grocery shopping.

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  9. I thought I responded to the latest Biden Jr news on the weekend but I must have forgotten to post — perhaps I’m having a Biden moment but don’t worry no bicycle for me.

    Let me mention to start; I think the vast majority of Congress is corrupt, on both sides of the aisle. The constant finger pointing at each other by their supporters alleviates responsibility on either side. The easiest way to see the corruption is to look at wealth before and after for a congressperson. No one is that good at financial decisions — without insider information and some very generous PACS. Foreign countries rarely bother to spy or blackmail; just form a PAC with an American lackey/lobbyist as a front and you have influence.

    Now in Biden’s case — is the behaviour of family members important? For the most part, no. With the Obamas and Clintons, no one wanted to know if their daughters got an “A” or “C” on their report cards or even if they smoked a little weed. Similarly, the Bush daughters liked to party and some tried to make a think out of it but it didn’t go anywhere. Now Trump’s family was in the White House working as “advisers” so they are relevant.

    Now the author of today’s link thinks Biden’s behaviour is relevant. I think its common knowledge that Hunter did/does drugs and likes to party with escorts. Since this common knowledge, Joe Biden can’t be blackmailed or otherwise influenced by knowledge of this behaviour.

    Now, did Hunter’s business ventures or investments benefit from his last name? Of course, no different than any other well known American political family. Michelle Obama and Chelsea Clinton had book deals and more. I’m sure Sarah Huckabee Sanders benefited from her dad. Bush Jr of course benefited from Bush Sr. Is this corruption or just plain nepotism. In most cases its the latter. For it to be corruption you need to be able to say the family member benefited directly from specific policy changes or spending. And even though Hunter looks shady I don’t see it. For one, the dates mentioned by the above article, all took place during the Trump presidency. And the fact Hunter and Joe connected immediately after an overseas trip isn’t enough — I visit my parents when I come back from an overseas trip too.


  10. The other point in the linked article is the accusation of different treatment between Biden and Trump’s kids. First and foremost, Trump’s kids should have been under greater scrutiny — they were “working as advisers” during his presidency yet still in charge of Trump, Inc. I don’t believe Hunter is anywhere near the White House. Jared Kusher wasn’t given top security clearance due to his business connections — definitely a sign people should watch them closely. But here’s the thing; Trump and his kids weren’t scrutinized as much as they should have — far too much deference was given based on the office.

    There was constant rumours about drug abuse in the family. Trump Sr was said to snort Adderall and Don Jr is said to prefer cocaine. Normally, I’d say his son’s drug use would irrelevant except Don Jr played an important role in the White House. Both these claims were not in the media as much as they should’ve been. The fact Hunter’s crack problem is so well known is both the right side of the media’s power to amplify and the hesitancy of the mainstream to make any serious investigation into Trump family drug use.

    Trump’s entire presidency was a walking or better yet running story of conflicts of interest yet there was little interest unless it became to obvious ie the plan to host G7 at the Mar a Lago. Meanwhile foreign gov’ts and members of congress made sure to stay in Trump properties. Trump made sure to have Trump Inc bill the Secret Service full rates. Ivanka received new trademarks from several countries especially China. And the list goes on….. Sometimes, the national media gave these stories a sniff but near the attention it should have received.

    Despite Trump supporters cries of inequality, its just not there. In fact, since Trump was good for ratings, he actually benefited from media coverage during the 2016 primaries. Trump, his supporters and the Republican need to stop pointing across the aisle and blame the messenger (ie media) and wonder why they actually get the attention — because they are corrupt.


  11. Good point on Uvalde, HRW. Such a small town, how can it heal?

    Officials already announced they’ll tear down the school. But where will the money to replace it come from? What will this do to the children’s education?

    Sin is so complicated and it’s the innocent who are most hurt.

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