49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-16-22

  1. Good Morning Everyone. Amos tried to get me up at 3:30 but I somehow convinced him to let us sleep until 5:30. Now I am drinking coffee and saying good morning to you.

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  2. Good early morning! AJ posted early so maybe he has planned fishing for today?

    I like that little bird on the header photo. Cute capture!

    This will be a day of cooking for me. I have food left from son’s visit that I need to cook and freeze for future use.

    I bought two giant packs of strawberries to pick out the best of them for the shortcake. Now I can use the rest for strawberry bars. I also have three over ripe bananas. I may put those in for strawberry banana bars.

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  3. Good morning, all. Husband got back last night and we are off to Moscow for our Saturday visit. Sixteen will manage the chores again.

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  4. Morning all.
    Pip was up at 11:30 then again at 4:30….had my cup of coffee and now at 6:30 I am tired and she is not! It’s gonna be along day!
    Bear got into our trash can last night…husband is now cleaning up the mess…can will go into the garage tonight! Is it Friday yet?

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  5. Good morning.

    I made the strawberry shortcake recipe yesterday, Janice. Very easy recipe and yummy. I usually just do a box angel food cake recipe. What was your recipe for the raspberry bars again?

    Also, Janice, we paid extra to not have to use three different drops and wait five minutes between each one. So much easier to do, if you can afford it.

    I was surprised to see a former neighbor (her daughter still lives down the road from us) at the assisted living place yesterday. She moved in a few weeks ago. She also lived in the same senior citizen’s building that my brother-in-law lived in. They had bible study together for many years. I also had bible study for many years with her. I would often pick her up when it wasn’t at my house. She never learned to drive. She always insisted on paying no matter how much you tried to refuse. She would walk the mile to visit me and even further to visit with others. She sang in some of the same shows that my husband did and had a wonderful voice. I know she will be a blessing to so many others in her new home even with all the issues she has herself. I was so blessed to have bible studies with so many different wonderful women and I am so grateful for it.

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  6. Can’t wait for the Fall Bible studies to begin. Today is the day my friend and I drive up to Tahoe to join the group from our church camping up there this week. Time to get ready.
    On the way we will stop to say goodbye to my daughter who begins her drive back to Colorado today.

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  7. Seems we are all busy today. I have logged in and done real estate compliance. I think I will continue to do this even though the assistant who was doing most of it is back. It gives me a “pulse” on what the agents are doing.
    I’m still a little “unsettled” but doing better.

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  8. Kathaleena, this is the blog post from which I got the basic recipe for the raspberry bars:

    I cook the filling of 2 cups raspberries or combo of chopped fruits with a little maple syrup, dash of vanilla flavoring, cinnamon, and a little extra water to get all the flavors mingled. I cook it down until it is thickened but still runny (not gloppy).

    For the base layer and topping:
    2 cups almond flour
    1 cup rolled oats
    1 tsp baking powder
    1/4-1/2 tsp salt
    1/2 cup maple syrup
    1/2 cup almond butter

    Use 8×8 pan or equivalent (mine is maybe 6×9) I put foil in the pan and use oil to grease it.

    Use half the crumbly mixture to cover bottom of the pan. I press it slightly by hand or spoon to even it out. Put the filling in and spread evenly. Crumble the rest of the topping over it and slightly press it down for even browning. I did not press down to start and had some blackened peaks.

    350° oven for 25-30 minutes. Bars will firm up after cooling.

    I froze a batch of these before his arrival for Wes to snack on and they quickly disappeared. I made another batch and within his week’s visit they, too, were all gone.

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  9. The exercise bike arrived early this morning with a thump heard all the way from the garage door where I instructed Amazon to leave it. (It’s Saturday, I was sleeping in though was awake, this was around 8:30 a.m.)

    I have some things to do today around the house and on the patio due to issues related to the remaining dog. Sigh. I’ve been able not to think much about what’s ahead there, until it all sort of hit again last night.

    Meanwhile, this is a poignant (with some chuckles) column — not really about politics though Biden is the focus, but about the aging process we all will share and understand all too well, should we grow old enough (the writer is 82).


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  10. I suspect Biden knows he’s not running again but it’s not politically a good time to maybe just come out and say that, not just yet, maybe after the midterms sometime. But it’s getting pretty obvious at this stage that Democrats will need to find another nominee.

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  11. Janice- I forgot to tell you this morning you made me laugh.

    Chas would tell us “there ain’t nothing out there”. Which by the way is a double negative so does that mean there really is something?

    I photos are amazing and I suspect he would be amazed along with the rest of us. mr P and I watched a documentary on the James Webb. I think Thursday and they had done it so recently they ended with comments from
    One of the people who worked on the project about the photos it sent. It really is amazing.
    I used to be a space geek but haven’t been as fascinated in the last almost 20 years until the other day. I had tears in my eyes watching the documentary.

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  12. Chas would probably question spending money on such things. 🙂

    But yes, it’s breathtaking, isn’t it?

    I’ve also heard these images have generated no small interest and wonder in things of God.

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  13. The verse that came to me was Ps. 8:4, “What is man, that you are mindful of him? …

    and athe son of man that you bcare for him?
    5 Yet you have made him a little lower than cthe heavenly beings2
    and crowned him with dglory and honor.
    6 You have given him edominion over the works of your hands;
    fyou have put all things under his feet,
    7 all sheep and oxen,
    and also the beasts of the field,
    8 the birds of the heavens, and the fish of the sea,
    whatever passes along the paths of the seas.
    9 O Lord, our Lord,
    how majestic is your name in all the earth!”

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  14. Kizzie, on conferences getting coverage on the news in Atlanta, the International Brotherhood of Magicians group is having their 100th anniversary here, and they have never been to Atlanta before. That made the news this morning😀 A local magician did a trick, in a sleeve free manner, where he changed five one dollar bills into five hundred dollar bills. It seemed so simple, and I could not imagine how he did it. He is going to be at a local county library soon. That’d be a great show for young and old. I am sure your grandson would love it.

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  15. Stargazer is thrilled with it all.

    He did his dissertation from data taken off the Hubble Space Telescope. Just shaking his head at what else is out there now.

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  16. Documentary looks worth seeing.

    Looks like the bike will stay put outside the back gate for now. Beyond heavy. And I don’t think the Amazon “assembler” will be allowed to move it, so I’ll have to get help and a dolly to get it into the house …

    My thermostat went dark, in the meantime, but still works (as in it turns the heat on, just no read out). I did try new batteries … nothing. I’ll tinker with it some more later, for now I have no need of turning on the heat which is the only thing I actually need it for (though it’s handy to check the indoor temperature which I can’t do now).


  17. Art is using his bike, the type our doctor recommended to him, so I like it. I think he is trying to pedal too fast, but he says that is what he should do for cardio. I think he needs to slowly build up. But he says no pain no gain. What say you, dj? I still prefer my old style bike, not recumbant, because the muscles used are ones I am more inclined to use.


  18. Dj, this bike is easy to slide once assembled. Also, you could put something under it to drag it (but maybe not with your knee situation). I seem to have a knack for figuring out how to move things.


  19. I think the photos are amazing and I am in awe. I also think that my God is al incompessing and could create other worlds should He desire to. I am not hung up on it. Perhaps I am simplistic and don’t dig deep enough. I would rather just trust and look at the pictures sent back in awe of what an amazing universal and multiple galaxies there are.

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  20. The one I used at PT was adjusted so that I was sitting much closer up, than what’s shown in that photo more like a normal bike position and more comfortable/natural (for me) — she looks too far back, doesn’t look like a very comfortable cycling position, but I suppose it depends on what the goals are and on each person — and perhaps on the condition of the knee on a particular day. The cycling motion, generally, is good for knees that need work because you don’t have the pressure that walking or other exercise brings but the knee moves and rolls in a very natural way.

    It was the go-to warmup at PT when I was going in initially for knee work.


  21. Dj, when I have used it, I felt more exersion from my thighs, hips, and back combined. That is what I am not use to. My other bike seems to concentrate effort on the thighs. Maybe the new bike is not set right for me. Art and are not built the same at all. He is very long waisted and has proportionately shorter thighs and calves. What works for him probably is not best for me.


  22. The bikes have specific settings, mine at the PT gym was a “6” but there were several that would stretch your legs further out or pull them further in. It’s what feels comfortable.

    Right now my challenge is to figure out how to get what seems like an 800-pound box with the bike inside onto a hand truck and wheeled somewhere so it’s not in the driveway. Not that anyone could really steal it.

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  23. There’s a fairly good-sized brown spider on the ceiling right over the shower/tub in the bathroom. He’s been there all day, I guess I should have dispatched him last night when he was more easily accessible on the tile wall.

    I usually let spiders be, but the bigger ones I tend to want to get rid of.

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  24. Speaking of “bikes”, a local acquaintance posted on a local Facebook page that her twin sons’ dirt bikes were stolen out of their garage.

    Those young men (20 years old) worked hard to buy and maintain those bikes, and would participate in races, even out of state. Such a shame to have them stolen. Praying they will be found.

    DJ – Charge the spider rent if it hangs around much longer.

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  25. Maybe it is one of those misplaced hanging widows?

    dj, I looked at the weight on the box and found it was not as heavy as I thought. Check and see what it says. I was concerned that the guy picking it up to assemble it would have trouble getting it by himself into his pickup. It was no problemo.


  26. Haha, yes, those hanging (black or brown?) widows!

    They can stay if I find out they eat moths.

    I’ll look on the box, but this may be a heavier model, I don’t know. It feels like it may be there forever.

    Just back from a drive I decided to take after a stop at Home Depot — stopped at the waterfront and parked just to watch the boats and ships and trucks. Felt strange, though, as I’ve done that so often in the past but almost always would have the dogs with me since we’d do things like that after going to the dog park.

    And I’m getting a little worried about this knee which is really painful again, more than it’s been in a long time. I’ll put some ice packs on it tonight.

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  27. DJ- I thought of Psalm 8 also when I saw the picture.
    “copy and paste added some random characters in there, sorry”

    If you copied from an online Bible it probably included reference links.

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  28. There was that, but also some random letters (or so I thought I noticed)

    But yes, that verse came right to my mind at those images. Amazing.


  29. so beautiful to be in the mountains today. We had to park on the road as the beach parking was entirely full. I found a shady spot and mostly stayed there. It was just too many people for me. And everyone had brought a shade shelter so you could hardly see the water. There was a lovely baptism of both adults and children.
    On the way home we ate our sandwiches at a quiet roadside spot overlooking the lake. With no one between us and the lake. very peaceful. Tahoe is certainly wonderful. If anyone comes to see me, I will be glad to take you.

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  30. ——–

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  31. Good morning, all.

    Just another hero on the street I see. People do care about people.

    A fine visit in Moscow though clearly things continue to deteriorate. I am encouraging my brother to start thinking Good Sam again. My dad’s mind is quickly losing traction but stepmom seems to be doing better and better. Having the drapes open, eating better, staying awake more. Hard to believe she is a month and a few from her one hundredth birthday.

    Yesterday we loaded up the bike we had installed in their living room, hoping dad would begin doing some exercise again. He has always been a believer in keeping active and that has come to a standstill. But he was tripping over it so we got it out.

    It is the same type as mine. We wanted something easy and very stable. Now we have two of them at home. Either we will drag it upstairs so husband and I can bike together, or into the dining room so the children can ride it. But they no longer even ride their own bikes.

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  32. Morning…no signs of the bear meandering through last night….he must be resting up from his pillaging the night prior!
    Pip had me up at 2 and then 3:30….this is getting old. No “good girl” treats for her today to see if that may be the cause of her twice a night potty needs! This mama is tired!

    Church this morn then a relaxing day of rest hopefully. It’s going to be a hot one….but we had a nice rain shower last night finally. The air is fresh and there is some humidity in the forest.

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  33. We had a wonderful Sunday school and service. Sunday school was about David and Goliath which was great to hear taught on the adult level since of course I heard it many times while helping with children’s Sunday school. The leader brings in intetesting tidbits to share such as a photo and story of the tallest man of current times and how he died at age 22 because his leg braces cut into his body and caused infection that killed him. That man was not as tall as Goliath.

    The sermon was given by our other Sunday school who is the Pastor’s son. I had mever heartd him preach before. He is truly gifted. Our series is on faithful individuals in the Bible. He covered Phillip. It was probably the best sermon I have ever heard on evangelism.

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  34. I just finished reading My Father”s Son by Clarence Thomas. Excellent read. About to start Created Equal. Hoping to get My Father’s Son to my son who is struggling with the very same issues as Clarence Thomas did in his young adulthood.

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  35. Oh, and it is haying season so the neighbor has been out with tractor and baler meaning we have dispatched our first rattler of the season. It was a big one. But we already have that nice big bull snake so don’t need a rattler at this time.

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  36. Since we got home slightly late last night, I was a little grumpy about getting up for church this morning. Then I got there and they had this group singing that I love. Older folks with banjo and all. Such a delight. I was the only one who stood all through the songs to sing along. Then a bit later they asked us to stand to greet each other. We were outside on the gravel. Somehow when I stood then I got dizzy and had to sit back down. It was kinda scary.

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