21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-28-22

  1. Good morning! Miss Bosley is in dreamland, but it is time for the rest of you’ins to Rise and Shine! She is on her fluffy white catnip mat which is almost too small, but she loves it.

    A transformer blew nearby as we were having eggs for breakfast. So glad it waited until the eggs were cooked. Power should be back on by 11 a.m.

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  2. I just heard the power company vehicle pull up to fix the transformer. Maybe a squirrel caused it to blow as happened once before. I found the squirrel on the street that time.


  3. Good morning. Lovely, sunny day here. I have bread in the bread machine but will bake in the oven. It is cool enough to do it, thankfully, so I will take advantage of the welcome cool.

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  4. It’s only going up to 81° today so we are on track with you, Mumsee. It will cool down more when it rains. But it is so humid out. It’s currently 77° with thick cloud cover.


  5. Janice- re: holes in shoes
    Get a permanent marker and color the sock where the hole is. Or don’t worry about it until all the toes are sticking out. But then, it may also be that your shoes are too small. A shoe man told me you should be able to get your thumb between your toe and the toe of the shoe for a good fit.

    BTW- Mrs L has the same problem with her favorite walking shoes.

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  6. We’re heading back up into the mid 80s today but temps are supposed to drop back down to the 70s for the next week or more starting tomorrow. It’s been mildly uncomfortable in the past week, the house was still 77 degrees when I went to bed late last night — and that was after having several large windows open all evening long.

    Fans are getting a workout.

    I guess it must be summer.

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  7. Don’t know about Miss Bosley — though I think she and Annie may be close in age?

    Annie Oakley is 10, maybe a bit older, now. Dogs are 15+. And I’m even older than that. 🙂

    My neighbor — the one who’s recovering from a stroke, she’s a few years older than I am — was saying the other day that they used to be the “young family” on the block, everyone else was older. Now it’s reversed.

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  8. Annie’s maybe older then. I think I adopted her “around” 2010-12 but she would have been about a year old.

    We all lie about our age in my household.

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  9. Rudy is 10, and will be 11 in October. Heidi is 12 and will be 13 in December. Boy is in between them in age. (Angel was a year older than Heidi.)

    It is easy to remember all their ages if I keep Boy in the mix, too, although he is not a pet. 😀 Janie is the outlier, being only five.

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  10. Hmm. Intriguing. But I don’t know the answer to his question because Veith’s column now requires a subscription to read.

    ~ Study of pet ownership has found that religious people are just as likely to own dogs as everyone else, but they are markedly less likely to own cats. Why is that? ~

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  11. Morning! Wake up sleepy heads!
    Dj your post about religious people less likely to own cats? I think I would have rather had a cat this morning! I have already taken dog out three times, carried her kennel outside, sprayed everything down in the kennel..dog bed liner, quilt, pad. Mopped the floors, given said dog a bath and finally snuggled her. This all began at 3:30 and it is now 5:30 or so. In the meantime the milkman stopped by with the milk…he must have thought it an odd sight to see me out there 😂
    Dentist appt this morning for my permanent crown then a neighborhood meeting with CDOT concerning the roundabout they plan to put in on our rural highway. Yes they are going to remove our traffic light and put in a “high speed” roundabout. That should be fun to watch those semi trucks maneuver as they are trying to avoid the weigh station on the interstate.
    Is it Friday yet?

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