24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-22-22

  1. Good morning! I had the best sleep last night. Miss Bosley did not sleep on the bed at all. Was it the mushroom and onion pizza I ate last night? I had not even set up my plan yet to distract her. Truly, it was the power of preemptive prayer! I feel good and refreshed, ready to meet the challenges of today knowing God is indwelling and going before me. I may not get the answers I would prefer, but He is sovereign and knows best. Thank you for praying. It does make a huge difference.

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  2. So grateful for the cool night we had. We will be close to 80 later, but as long as the night is cool, we have a cool house. Signed–old enough to enjoy small blessings. 😉

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  3. Good morning, all, including Jo, but rest well Jo until you find your USA legs.

    Supposed to be up around seventy nine today but back to the sixties the next couple days before ratcheting back up into summer.

    More importantly, husband is scheduled to return home today! Among many other blessings that brings, this should be my last Lewiston trip for a while. I should be able to get back to mowing and weeding and harvesting and planting after school rather than the daily drives.

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  4. Lots of thunder. 🙂 it’s super rare we get summer rain, let alone storms, out here on the coast. But I remember the ones that would roll over in Iowa.

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  5. How do your animals handle the thunder, DJ?

    I used to like thunder, and enjoyed that we get a lot more of it here than we did in California. But now I dread it because of the terror it is for our dog.

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  6. I am back home. It was as pleasant as I could have asked for. They even gave a lavender scented patch for aroma therapy during the procedure. Lavender is a very calming fragrance for anyone who might not be aware. Now I have mini ice packs to apply every thirty minutes out of every hour through the night. Hmmm . . . good thing I got that blessed sleep last night. God knew.

    I will get results in three to five days.

    Art is taking today off which is very rare.

    One Catch-22 is they apply pressure to stop bleeding and then they have to do a ‘gentle’ mammogram to be sure of the metal clip placement. It seems in my mind that even the ‘gentle’ mammogram could make it bleed?

    I have taken Tylenol as a precaution against pain when the Lidocaine (sp?) wears off.

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  7. My dogs, especially Cowboy, used to be very sensitive to thunder and, especially, fireworks. But both are now pretty much deaf at age 15+ so we have no worries, at least on that front. 😦

    Editor said it was thundering and hailing where he was, about 15 miles northeast of me, in about 80 degree temps. Weird. Hail was melting as fast as it came down.

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  8. But the other day, (Mr.) Cows (my nickname for Cowboy) did surprise me when he spotted the neighbor dog out the window and he gave a little jump with his forefeet and barked — loudly and twice!

    Still some spirit left in him.

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  9. Feels like morning here, but suppose it is afternoon. I gave an update at the end of yesterday. Still trying to find things. My sweet friend got all of my things out of the attic here and put in my closet of this room. She will be glad to see it all gone..
    Renters don’t move out until the 10th. My daughter said that if they were given notice then they had to be out. But God is in charge of my plans and I will wait.
    So glad to hear of God’s care of you, Janice.

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  10. Miss Bosley has been on her ‘distraction’ at the far corner of the bed all afternoon. It worked.
    My friend, Karen, gave me a hooded cat catriier sweatshirt several years back. It had a soft fleecy pouch on front big enough to carry a large kitten inside. That part could be taken out (it almost made me look pregnant to wear it). This morning I got Art to crush catnip around on it and put some inside it and zip it up. It looks like a small pillow size. Miss Bosley loves her new “Precious.” I do, too.

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  11. Back home. Mrs L is staying there for a week to help with the 6 older children (well really, the younger 3 of those, especially the 22 month old).

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