43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-20-22

  1. Good morning. Beautiful blooms up there today. We have some smaller ones like those blooming. The larger ones will bloom a bit later. We are under a heat warning. We will be in the 90’s. Not at all what I like. Beautiful out, though.

    My grandson’s dance group ended up 4th overall out of 1700 groups! He said he wanted to go with a bang, and I guess he did. He began in dance when his gymnastics closed down. My daughter thinks the dance made his sports better.

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  2. Good morning, all, except happy long travel, Jo.

    Raining here this morning at about forty eight degrees. But the forecast indicates nothing but sun after this with temps getting up into the sixties and seventies and maybe once to eighty. The crops are growing.

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  3. Checking in from Singapore. No problems so far except a delayed flight and no AC in the airport. A family was on the same flight. They are returning so I gave their daughter my last 100 kina

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  4. I’ve got a new grandson! D1 had her 7th today. Ezra was born this morning @ 6:38 CDT. Ironically, I am reading through Ezra and D1 is reading it to her children.

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  5. Good brunch time in Atlanta. I went to the church seniors time at the gym this morning. It was cooler than last week. After I walked for a bit, I was invited to join others in the dining/kitchen area where they celebrated a birthday. I did not eat cake and ice cream since I don’t do much sugar these days. It was nice to meet some new people who have been in the church a long time. I also dropped off some supplies for the preschool.

    Beautiful popcorn/snowball bush photo.


  6. Congratulations Peter!

    Stamina for you, Jo. I can barely tolerate a 5-hour nonstop flight. Hope you can sleep through much of it.

    We’re going all the way up to 82 degrees today, but then it goes back down into the 70s. So far, this is my kind of summer.

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  7. 7 Grands in one family! Wow, Peter. Congrats on the latest!♡ We have a new member of our Word Weavers, a dad of seven, and one was recently born. He shared about being tired. Those with such large families need help from grandparents as often as possible. Enjoy!

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  8. Thanks, AJ, for the identification. My friend I walked with took the photo with her i-phone. The signs in the park said they have Great Blue Herons so I thought it was that. Another lady watching told us it was a baby Blue, but it did not look like a baby to me.

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  9. Congratulations Peter! ❣️

    Praying you can sleep on the journey home Jo!

    My neighbor has a snowball bush on her property so I do know they grow here but I haven’t spotted one at the nursery. Maybe I could take a cutting from hers…but then again by the time it produces flowers I will probably be long gone !!😳

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  10. Good Afternoon Everyone.
    The office was closed today for Juneteenth. I took advantage of an extra day off and cleaned my filthy house.
    I picked some things up from the cleaners and dropped some things off at Goodwill.
    I spoke with the rental management company that will be handling this house when we move. She is going to come look at it in October and will start marketing it in January. We should clear about $900 per month on it after their fees. Some will need to go into a savings account for any repairs.
    Some will have to help pay the mortgage on the new house so that our expenses don’t go up.
    Looking at what we should save it’s no state income tax, lower gasoline costs, and no tax on groceries oh and better Marketplace insurance costs we should do OK. Keep your fingers crossed.

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  11. The local news stations, including KTLA, love live car chases, when one would come on back in the newsroom days, we’d all stop, someone would turn the sound up and then we’d watch until it ended. We’re easily amused out here, I guess.

    Kim, there’s taxes on everything here. You say there will be no site taxes on income? Groceries? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Are you sure Fla is still in the US of A?

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  12. On the car chases, we’d also be watching (and hoping) that they weren’t headed in our readership territory. One of our other outlets had to cover it usually, though sometimes they wound up heading way too close to our off-ramps. This especially stressed out the crime reporters. No-no-no, turn around, turn around …

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  13. So, DJ, where were you during the famous OJ chase umpteen years ago?

    Peter, congrats!

    And Jo, safe travel!

    Regarding the time zones, do we have only four represented here? Or is Tychicus still in a fifth? I imagine Jo will land in DJ’s and Michelle’s.

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  14. ah, nice to see a road chase in the middle of the work day. 🙂

    OJ happened late in the day, I’d gone home as I was being picked up by a friend from church to go to a Christian concert up in Pasadena that night.

    But honestly, I was glued to the TV while I waited for her. When she finally arrived she harrumphed at how stupid it all was, she could NOT understand why anyone would be following such a thing … Um, yeah, well … So I’m sitting there in the passenger seat of her car on the way to the concert just dying for her to at least turn on the car radio to hear the latest as when we left the pursuit was still in full swing. But of course I didn’t dare ask. lol

    We were quite the mismatched pair that night.

    One of our young photographers, meanwhile, managed to get an award-wining shot by racing to one of the freeway overpasses ahead of the Bronco. He got a great overhead shot for us.

    I suppose it was that event that set off our car chase mania in LA.

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  15. Inquiring minds want to know: Why does Facebook send me chase scene news from LA? I have received some in the past😀
    Atlanta has plenty of its own chase scenes, lol. But I admit, this motorcycle chase was like something out of Hollywood.


  16. He went on to work for the council office and has been very good to me, giving us heads ups on stories — most notably, he told me LA City was officially going on lockdown for Covid before it was announced by the mayor, so we were first with that news.

    He got into some considerable trouble over that, though, and was ordered not to talk to me for a while.

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  17. Kim mentioned having today off for the observance of Juneteenth (which was yesterday). I was disappointed to see a particularly conservative friend’s post on Facebook about it, with her and some of her friends writing that they think it is stupid and “woke”.

    A little while after that, I came across this piece by Kay Cole James on the Heritage Foundation site:

    “Juneteenth—the annual observance celebrating the end of slavery in the United States in 1865—is a holiday that many Americans haven’t heard of until recently. That has caused some to wonder if it’s just some new “woke” holiday invented by Marxist academics, the creators of the historically inaccurate 1619 Project, or some other group on the left.

    It is not.

    Juneteenth has been celebrated since 1866, mostly by Black Americans; yet it’s a day that’s worthy of celebration by every American, as it represents a critical turning point in American history, not just Black history. It is the day that we as a people finally began to live up to one of the greatest principles we professed: a nation devoted to liberty for all.”


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  18. I’d never heard of Juneteenth until a group in town decided to hold a celebration for it many years ago and called me to do a story.

    Seems like a holiday we can all get behind.

    Kizzie, yep. And got a dressing down for it, unfortunately, from several city sources including in the mayor’s office (which led to the dressing down of his own boss, too). He was pretty much in the dog house for a while there. But it passed.

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  19. Apparently the abortion decision could come as early as Tuesday or Wednesday morning, we’re hearing. We’ll be back on protest watch again.

    We finally got a too-warm (for me) day, it was 87 (but humidity was only at around 30%). Still, too warm for comfort for me. Temps are supposed to drop by nearly 10 degrees, down to 78, tomorrow.


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