32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-18-22

  1. Amos had me up at 5 Central.
    Little Miss and Papa are still asleep. Instead of spending Wednesday nights she is now spending Fridays. She has tumbling on Friday at 4 now.
    BG came over for pizza last night.
    Mommy has nursing school all day on Saturday and Sunday. She as one more year of this.

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  2. Morning all! A beautiful photo of Jo and Wendy. Parting such sweet sorrow….
    Singapore was where Jo was yesterday?

    Word is acting up again….I cannot “like” anything and have to sign in every time. When I sign in everything goes away…technology seems not to like me!

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  3. Good morning. I awoke and prayed for Jo wherever in the skies she might be. I hear a plane overhead right now. I am sure she is not in that one.

    I had a call from my friend, Florence, a bit ago. All I heard was a television or radio. I called out her name but she never picked up to converse. One of those accidently dialed calls I assume.

    My needle biopsy is on Wed. They will take 6 tissue samples and put in a titanium clip at the inside site to show on future imaging. Thanks to all who pray for all to go well. I have to take it easy for 24 hours afterward. Just trying to figure out how to deal with Miss Bosley.

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  4. Beautiful picture!

    We are off to an annual Father’s Day bluegrass jam. One family started it years ago and it is quite large now. Lots of people camp. We went yesterday to meet up with fellow jammers and will go down again today. May encounter a bit of rain, but otherwise sounds like good weather. Cooler than yesterday and tomorrow, which is fine with me. We will hear lots of gospel music and it is very family oriented, so we see several generations of families. We were there yesterday, too, although we hadn’t planned on it.

    I have a couple of other grands in their final dance competitions. One got platinum and the other (who is quitting after this year) got the tops too. Then they unexpectantly found out those dancers have to go into the championship tomorrow. I know his mom is sad he is moving on from dance, but he is way too busy and want to do other sports more.

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  5. That bluegrass jam sounds like so much fun, Kathaleena. I have been to only one bluegrass event in my life. A tax client couple, husband and wife, asked us to attend an event at a small venue in downtown Atlanta many years back. I wish I could tell you the name of who we saw. It was very good.

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  6. Great photo! Jo, you have an infectious smile.

    And yes, that jam sounds like fun, I could almost picture (and hear) it as you described the throngs gathered, many of them camping there for the duration, foot-tapping music ongoing, laughter, folks all catching up with each other.

    Seems like it’s been such a fun “thing’ to be a part of all these years.

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  7. Jo, is that the plane you flew out on? I’m not sure I’d enjoy that too much 😀. Praying for travelling mercies.

    Frantically getting the house twin-proofed. Mostly making sure meds and cleaners aren’t accessible. They are very busy little boys. I’m so excited to see them. I haven’t seen them since February or March. 😞. I’m very thankful for friends who lend us the extra pack and play (play pen). I think I need to get some toddler bowls for them – mine are all glass or pottery…

    We’re having the first really warm day here today and then it cools down again. We need to let our praying mantis’ out soon. They don’t survive the winter up here, but we wanted to see if they’d help with the bugs on our elm and cherry trees. We wanted to get a batch of lady bugs as well, but the greenhouse was out of them.

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  8. Yes, that is one of our Kodiaks and I love flying on them, but I wear ear plugs.
    Thanks for all your kind words. I asked friends to print this photo and laminate it for Wendy.

    I am still in Port Moresby, the capital of PNG. Today I go to the missionary guest house which is certainly not fancy. I am asking for late check out, so we will see. I did go to the pool yesterday. I had to ask someone to lend me a hand to get out of the pool as there were no railings. My balance is not so good. But it was fun to be in a pool, but there were several birthday parties happening so a little loud.
    I fly to Singapore tomorrow. Others have had cancelled flights and such, so prayers appreciated.

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  9. It’s 90° and feels like 90° with a nice breeze. Truly lovely weather here in the shade. Humidity makes such a difference!

    Prayers continue, Jo. And another plane just flew overhead!

    I made potato salad for Art since he really liked it the last time I made it. Trying to do a little something to make Father’s Day special. Son will not be home. Besides AP grading, he’s prepping for a conference, and helping with early orientation. There is always more to do in academics. At least he is not teaching summer semester like he did last year as an adjinct for another institution.


  10. Back from Saturday errands — filled up with gas ($83 — 13 gallons, I only had 2 gallons left; gas is $6.50+ a gallon currently here in LA).

    Next: A stop at Home Depot where there were lots of grills on sale for Father’s Day. I bought assorted household items. Cost: too much.

    Then I stopped at the tire store to get my tires filled (no charge).

    Took a spin through the automatic $6 car wash which now costs $7.

    Picked up a burrito ($6) for dinner.


    Homemade potato salad sounds good. So does a dip in a pool.

    The little bitty plane that I suspect could have a paperclip or two holding propellers on?

    Um, no thanks.

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  11. No potato salad here, but I did get a dip in the pool. Water is still very cold as our heaters have both broken over winter, but with the heat and humidity of the day it was very refreshing to get in the water.

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  12. Back from a fun filled visit. I hopped on the bike in my dad’s living room since I did not have opportunity to exercise before getting on the road. Dad came over to see how I did it because he kept hitting his knees when he tried it. So we got him fitted to the bike (we did it before but his caretakers ride it and don’t put it back for him, I left them a note) and he rode for five minutes plus, around half a mile. Very good. Then, in the afternoon, we took a spin outside with the new rollator we got him for Father’s Day, he really likes it. My brother was there so he got there tv working so we spent the afternoon watching Bocelli and Rieu concerts. My stepmom stayed awake the entire afternoon! They loved it. Good to have finally figured out some things they can enjoy! They will have forgotten all of it by next Saturday, but we will try again.

    As to fuel: fuel was the same price as last week when I paid 4.99. Interestingly, it was only a penny difference between the two weeks, though I drove twenty five more miles this week. I believe it was around forty eight dollars each time.

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  13. Morning! My days certainly start off with a bang after getting a puppy! One would think she had consumed a bottle of caffeinated something overnight! Whew!

    Now I am hankering for potato salad after reading the above posts! Guess I shall be making that dish for Father’s Day this afternoon….which brings me to say HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all our Wanderer Fathers represented here. ♥️

    I paid 4.79 a gallon for gas at the Safeway gas station. It was 4.89 but my “rewards” was 10 cents a gallon off….getting a little something back for spending a lot for groceries!!

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  14. Headed home this afternoon aftet a terrific conference in thanks be to God air conditioned Mississippi.

    I talked in person with an online friend last night who flues home to Australia this afternoon.

    I told her about Jo’s trip and wondered if they would pass each other over the Pacific Ocean.

    Funny thought.

    She’s been in my mind. I tried to recruit a kindergarten teacher, too!

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  15. Happy Father’s Day, guys!

    And it was another great church service still focusing on the Holy Spirit. We were in Acts. At one point the pastor touched on cessationism (did not use that term) and mentioned something in 1 Corinthians that seems to go against that thought. I need to read more. He always invites people to read and see for themselves.

    Juneteenth was mentioned as well as Father’s Day. Those in the congregation who may never have known their father were invited to know God as their Father.

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  16. Yes, happy Father’s Day and Juneteenth.

    I’m live streaming again this week for various reasons.

    Sermon topic is: Biblical Cardiology 101: Canonical Neuro-emotional Regulations (Col. 3:1-17) — by one of our elders, a medical doctor.

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  17. Interesting conversation after church about where is the first reference of God as a father other than as father of the nation of Israel. The earliest I found is in Psalm 68:5 – “Father of the fatherless” & 89:26 – “He shall cry to me, ‘You are my Father,
    my God, and the Rock of my salvation.’ “

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  18. Interesting question, Peter. Great one for today, of course.

    The weather has done such a turn around from all the heat and humidity. It’s in the eighties with low humidity and breezes . . . almost seems beach like. I am so thankful for today to be nice for families celebrating with outdoor activities for Father’s Day. It’s an exceptionally nice gift from above.

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  19. We had quite a bit of rain at the bluegrass jam, but they managed to get in a lot of playing anyway. It is fun to see the young people who now seem so old! We watched so many from the time they were just tots. This jam pulls in people from all over the country. I was surprised to see one man (and his wife and daughter) from Nashville. I had to record him a bit to send to my daughter who knows him. The man who is the one first celebrated is now 93 and still playing music. He looks remarkable.

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  20. Cold, windy, and rainy here. Not dog park cold. Not Kare cold. Middle of June cold. I started a fire in the stove cold.

    Son’s pastor comments that the Father has eternally been the Father as the Son has been the Son. Your Psalm 89:26 cross references with 2 Samuel 7:14.

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  21. Peter,

    Good question. I’ve seen earlier examples of God referred to as our Father, but not by name, by calling someone sons.

    “You are the sons of the Lord your God … For you are a people holy to the Lord your God, and the Lord has chosen you to be a people for his treasured possession, out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth (Deut. 14:1–2)”

    Also other examples in Psalm 103:13 and Jeremiah 21, but again, by calling some sons.

    Here’s more.


    Good reading, so thanks for getting me looking. 🙂

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  22. And I think you have it right with the Psalm 68:5. I can find earlier references of some as sons, but none specifically calling Him Father. 🙂

    I will be passing this question on to our Wednesday Men’s breakfast gang. We like to try and stump one another. Iron sharpening iron and all. 🙂

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  23. Those in the wood industry are idling vehicles and not bringing lumber to where they normally do. They say it doesn’t pay until those places will give them more for the lumber. Doesn’t sound good for those who want lumber, paper or rayon. That is how gas prices multiply pain for everyone.

    Interesting about the bible and God as father.

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  24. Good answers, gang. I only looked up specific references where God and father are in the same verse, not sons and God. And I overlooked the 2 Samuel 7:14 reference mumsee made since it doesn’t have the word “God” in it.

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