26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-16-22

  1. How do you live in weather like this?!

    Very smooth trip broken up by a monorail ride at the Dallas airport. Lol

    Off for breakfast with friends!

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  2. You Californians have your drought, fires, mudslides and earthquakes, we in the North and Midwest have our blizzards, tornados and hot, humid summers, the South just has the heat and humidity. We all survive and adapt.

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  3. We live here with AC! And add the factor of acclimation. I put on a hoodie in the night and wore it outside while watering plants a bit ago and felt comfortable. It feels downright cold in the low 80’s this morning. It will be back up to 96°/105° with heat advisory and shelters open for people later.

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  4. We had another incident when a lady left a 5-year old and 3-month old in her sealed car whIle she went into a Dollar Tree. Someone noticed and called the police. It was 93° at the time. The children are safe. Thanks be to God.

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  5. Morning! We are to be back up in the 80’s today..but no humidity around these parts.

    Visitors ask us how in the world we can breathe as they seem to be gasping for breath! And when we visit at lower elevations we feel the air is so thick we can hardly catch a breath! We all get accustom to our own climate I suppose….

    Thankful the children are going to be ok Janice. Who would leave their 3 month old in a car with a 5 year old to go into any store!?

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  6. The severe weather forecast here in Michigan a few days ago peaked at heavy rain and busy thunder, no tornadoes. No flying houses here.

    We did have one very hot day in the upper 90s yesterday, but it’s forecast to drop ten degrees a day into the high 60s by Saturday.

    I do not understand how any adult can not know better than to leave kids in a car in hot weather.

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  7. I think some parents struggle to get small children in and out of car seats, so they leave the children in the car when they go in a store “for just a minute”, not realizing the temp in a closed car can get over 130 degrees in a short time. Such parents should wait until they can leave the children with another adult either at home or in the car.

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  8. I also think a lot of young folk pay zero attention to news sources and as older brother says, have no idea of the consequences.

    Three of my children experienced being left alone in the car. Son was terrified of being left alone and did not sleep in the car the first couple of years after joining us. However, both daughters have been known to leave their children alone in the car, although they have been educated on this. It is that “it won’t happen to me” syndrome.

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  9. The baby was checked out by the hospital and the 5 y/o was taken to the police station. He was retrieved by his dad. The mother appeared to be a fairly young Hispanic. The car doors were not locked. Maybe she suffered postpartum depression that makes ladies do weird things, as Mumsee hinted at. And if she was fresh in from Mexico? She may have been heat resistant and not realized the danger. But on top of that, someone could have stolen those children away. It is quite distressing to consider. But God. Thanks be to God.


  10. Cloudy, 64 degrees this morning, going up to 74. We’ve been blessed with very mild weather as we head into this summer.

    So far, anyway.

    But we also rarely get much humidity. I love Iowa & the Midwest, but I remember Iowa summers, brutal.

    Never been on the East Coast during summer, only winter and early spring when there’s still a bit of snow to be had. I guess I’ve purposely avoided summers in those places. 🙂

    I don’t think I’d survive living in the south.

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  11. Prayers for the mother. Such shame she must feel. And prayers for the husband and children. So glad the children have a dad. Mumsee, did you get a child like one of these who only had the single mom? It’s all so tragic.

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  12. All that humidity keeps u up a from showing our age. I’ve lied all these years. I am 72.

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  13. Southern Belles always look dewy, glistening, and freshly showered😀
    Just don’t consider that the dew drops came from inside!

    It’s still hot but not as bad today. We have had some cloud cover. Mosquitoes are still on the rampage.


  14. okay, God is good.
    I took everything out one by one and then it scrambled away and disappeared.
    So I took the last things out and put my suitcase, a carryon, in the shower. I turned it over and spun the wheels and he came running out.
    Couldn’t figure out what to do.
    I went out in the hall and saw that housekeeping was working a few doors down.
    So I got her and she brought her vacuum and got it.
    Hopefully this will be my last bug adventure.

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