19 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-15-22

  1. Good morning from Atlanta. And the heat goes on . . . and the heat goes on. It is the coolest now that we will likely see today, probably 78°, and we may break the record with today’s high. I am with Kathaleena in saying that the pool is the only reasonable place for sports on days like this.

    I baked raspberry bars this morning, too. 25 minutes at 350°, so the house got a warm start. I wanted to send some to Art’s office since the Key lime pies have not been in stock lately at the grocery.

    And now I hear a nail gun probably putting shongles on a nearby roof. Not a good job for this weather. Maybe they will do a couple of hours each day early until it is all done.

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  2. I opened a few more windows in the house to get some cool in before it gets too warm. I have to balance my need for coolness to my husband’s need to be warm. Not always easy to do.

    Raspberry bars sound wonderful.

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  3. We’re just the opposite. I prefer a/c in this hot weather (mostly to lower the humidity) but Mrs L doesn’t like it (mainly because our wall unit it’s so loud).

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  4. I went to the gym at my church for the senior’s designated time. When I tried to go previously in the year it was being set up for pickleball so I did not get to enjoy it back in March. I thought it would be a good place to walk out of the heat. It was hot in there, too, though. I walked for about thirty minutes and got all sweaty.

    It was fun to see some older ladies attempting to play pickleball. I expected green balls but they had blue. I saw lots of basketballs in there, too, all contained, thankfully. I think one of the basketball coaches just died and it was sad for many in the church.

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  5. Many parts of US 95 are only two lanes, one north and one south. On our journey to town today for speech and animal feed, we will going through a section where the road has been undercut by the creek and the pavement is gone so it is down to one lane and flaggers. The alternate route is also damaged with flooding so we will stick with this one. It is also the road we take to Moscow to help the parents. Apparently, the creek peaked at 3,770 cubic feet per second. The old record for that day was 192 cfs in 1984. Did I mention it has been raining?

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  6. So, you’re like close to 600 miles from Yellowstone and you’re getting flooding, too?

    I just checked, you’re about 850 miles from me. Could you send some of that water down southwest, please?

    Leaving on a jet plane soon. It will be 98 degrees with close to the same amount of humidity in MS. I’m wilting already and I haven’t taken off my sweater yet.

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  7. Fog is creeping in this morning. earlier I looked up and the clouds were glowing with pick highlights. I grabbed my ipad and took a picture. We don’t see that often.
    My last morning as tomorrow’s pickup will probably be at 6 am.

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  8. Kathaleena – Tell your husband to wear a sweater. 🙂

    Peter – Buy your wife some earplugs. 🙂

    When we would have both my mom and my mother-in-law over to our house for a holiday meal, we had to balance their needs. MIL got too cold very easily, and Mom got too hot very easily.

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  9. It’s blazing hot today. I have seen clouds but no real cover. This was our most likely day to get storms for a temporary cool down. Current temp is 97° and it feels like 105° with humidity. Brutal for those out in it.


  10. We’ve had over 2 ½ inches of rain in the last 2 days – we are so thankful for it and for the fact it was nice and steady rain – no extreme downpours.

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  11. Folks are talking about coming out to aviation to see me off. Pray that I will give good farewells, it is a little overwhelming.

    I am the forgotten one. A few years back I flew in from furlough with some other folks. There was a crowd to welcome them back, but no one for me. They all left and I and one other waited for the bus. Almost no one spoke to us.

    This is so different.

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