15 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-10-22

  1. So our rock star president is going on the late night circuit to drum up some support while whining about the Republicans and Trump…again and again.

    Kimmel asked why no real action has been taken on gun violence. Biden’s answer? “Intimidation by the NRA.”

    His party controls the executive branch and Congress — why is he crying about the National Rifle Association? It’s his job, as the leader of the free world, to put on his big-boy pants and go after his policy objectives.

    Indeed: why not use executive orders on the issue, as Kimmel suggested?

    Ah, that’s because Biden “doesn’t want to emulate Trump’s abuse of his constitutional authority.” And because doing what Republicans do puts “our democracy in jeopardy.”

    The only trouble being that Biden has already beaten Trump’s annual average of such orders issued, a year in — by almost 22%. An obvious clumsy lie, meant to deflect responsibility. (He also “joked” about sending his political opponents to jail in almost the same breath.)

    excerpt from New York Post article……

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  2. Thanks Joe and dems, you built this…

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  3. Yet dems still refuse to address the issue.

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  4. Thanks Joe!

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  5. I watched the Jan 6 show and was reminded of show trials in 3rd world or communist countries. I have no problem with sentencing anyone assaulting others during that riot. Just follow the law in regard to it all. Don’t make a narrative and expect anyone to think how dispassionate and fair you are. Selective witnesses, selective video, selective speech does not really help anyone make a real assessment. Plus, since we weren’t born yesterday, we know about all the other riots and violence that went on before this and how some of these people talked about those situations. And how they have voted and spoken in the past.

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  6. When you lose Maddow, your false narrative sucks.


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  7. The Never Trumpers refuse to accept the reality that no one but partisans like themselves even gives a crap. 🙂


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  8. Like

  9. In a non-Banana Republic this treasonous vermin would be in jail for spying on his president.

    But here in clown world, he’s a media darling, the next Michael Avenatti…..

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