23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-7-22

  1. Morning all! That looks like a train track up there. Oh how lush and green your area is Janice!

    Cloudy and drizzly here this morning..and the heady scent of pine in this forest is amazing!

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  2. Yes, the header photo shows a view from the boardwalk. I love all the sounds in that marshy area: bullfrogs, a variety of birds singing, and insects doing their chorus.

    It’s quite hilly in this area. This section runs over to the main road, N. Druid Hills. Our street is off of that main road so this section of the boardcwalk is closest to where we live.

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  3. That’s a lot of green. So is that marshland in the center?

    We’re warming up into the mid-70s this week, but it’s still mild for summer. June usually stays fairly cool.

    I have the coveted day shift today while everyone else is working through the late night on election coverage.

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  4. Yes, dj. I do not know what all that low green plant is, but at times that area would be flooded with water, otherwise it would be all grown up with trees and shrubs.


  5. Lots of mowing got done today. I had my z track, sixteen had the weed eater, fourteen had the walk behind. Lots of growth from all the rain lately. Nice to have a sunny day finally but no hurry for the end of rain.

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  6. Morning all. Not sure what I will get done today as it is 51 degrees inside this morning. Got lots done at school yesterday. Now my suitcases are all set up and ready to be packed.

    Got a message from the auto shop about the vehicle I was driving. It was the alternator. Well they ordered the part from the UAE for 700 and then there is dhl shipping which could double it. Owners arrive back this Friday so we will see. Everyone agrees that I should not have to pay that as nothing I did caused the problem. So prayers for wisdom.

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  7. oh, one of those days where it is just wonderful to wash the dishes to warm up your hands.

    Then I hand washed some small quilts. Warm water is wonderful.

    But I am hearing some sounds of water outside. I think I’d better check is a water line is having problems. Always something

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  8. hmmm…. must be talking to myself today.

    Just checked and the day before I leave they are having a drop off for the everything sale. They will take just about anything. So any clothes that I don’t want will go there.

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  9. It’s drizzling rain. Why does the air conditioning turn on when it is cool at night? I put on my hoodie. I hear the frogs outside even with the windows closed. I think they like the slow rain. And now I hear thunder in the distance. It’s a sweet good evening🐸

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  10. My supposedly easy shift wasn’t so much — it was chaotic with several things to juggle on deadlines. And I’d told my neighbors I’d drop off their ballots, along with mine, before polls closed at 8 p.m. so I had to rush to get that done.

    It was day filled with checking voter turnout, interviewing (long-winded but helpful) “pundits,” trying to arrange for courtesy graduation photos, making a photo assignment for a rehabbed pelican release tomorrow, RSVP’g for a Biden appearance Friday on the Iowa for me an a photographer (which will be a madhouse).

    Anyway, the day is over, though the dogs still need their dinner.

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  11. It’s drizzling rain. Why does the air conditioning turn on when it is cool at night?

    A/c works as a dehumidifier as well as a cooling system.

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