28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-2-22

  1. It’s a beautiful flower, Peter. Do you amend the soil to get that color?

    I hope everyone has a good day. I have my newest tire project to work on. I will try to find a quick fix rather than extend it out over several days as I did before.

    Miss Bosley misses Wesley. I do, too. He did a great service by changing out the flat for the spare so we had use of the car until we got the new tire.

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  2. I am so enjoying the beautiful pictures. I finally was able to get some flowers planted. The mosquitoes and fluff from the poplars were driving me crazy, however. I have never seen the fluff so piled up that it has been mistaken for snow and foam on the sides of the rivers. I guess it is a good thing that we have not taken out the patio furniture. Silver lining.

    The flooding continues for many, with evacuations for some. My friend’s road had a huge washout. Fortunately, it was still okay when she drove over it the night before in the dark! This is not a dirt road. The county has a lot of road fixing to do this spring. Those who worship nature never seem to mention this side of nature. I am thankful we have someone far bigger than nature to worship.

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  3. Janice- The only thing I did was plant the seeds where I had burned leaves the previous fall. Perhaps the ashes caused the color? Or, since it was a packet that had several seed varieties, the color is part of the flower’s DNA?

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  4. I thought the flower was a hydrangea. I tried to copy the picture to identify it through my Google Lens app, but that did not seem to work. I found a neat article about how to get the tiny seeds of a hydrangea for propagation. I have a new planting from my friend Florence that has its first blooms this year.
    That has made me interested in collecting the seeds.

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  5. Morning all! I too thought that flower to be a hydrangea….so pretty .

    Just imagined how Princess Diana would have enjoyed the antics of her grandchildren… ❣️

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  6. I had a friend request from someone in CA who mentioned this item of intetest. (I used to work for the State of Georgia Dept. Of Natural Resources and did the Federal grant accounting which included funds granted to help with endangered species. I enjoyed going to the different offices to talk about the accounting with them. There were also grants for the historical sites/landmark properties. I found those in the Fisheries division to be mostly guys. My favorite group to visit was those who wotked with sea turtles and endangered plants.)

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  7. NancyJill – Last night you said that you “would guess there is sweetness in your home which is lacking in McK’s”.

    On the surface, I think the McKs would seem to be more sweet towards her. Mrs. McK has always come across as a very sweet woman, and even her own daughters describe her as such. The McK sisters have been dear friends of Chickadee’s since early childhood. As these LGBTQ-etc. views have grown in them, they have passed those views on to to her and “encouraged” her in her confusion over being different, and I think that they have (consciously or unconsciously) caused her to think that they are more accepting of who she “really” is and have more in common with her.

    My Nightingale, although wonderful in many ways, can be quite terse and abrasive at times, which is painful for my very sensitive Chickadee. As for me, I think both of my daughters consider me to be sweet and loving. (It’s strange to say that about myself, but I am going by things that they have said.)

    But beneath the sweetness and encouragement in the McK household, there is indeed a lot of dysfunction. So I am hoping and praying that Chickadee’s eyes will be opened to recognize the dysfunction beneath the apparent sweetness, and also that she would feel more of a draw to spend more time with us.

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  8. I guess I would consider the “sweetness” in their home as counterfeit….telling her lies which seeks to kill and destroy her. In your home there is the sweetness and peace of the Holy Spirit Who dwells within you. Oh that she would be drawn to Him through the outpouring of the very meaning of Love through you. ❤️
    I have told my own nephew that I love him more than he will ever know. I have been the only family member to not validate his behavior as a homosexual. When he was a teen he was committed to a relationship with Christ. He threw that away and embraced a life that I know he knows is sinful. He is now “divorcing” the young man he “married”. My prayer is that he will come back to the One who loves him most and live a life totally surrendered to Him.

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  9. Here’s something some of you might be interested in, taking a look at why God rejected Abel’s sacrifice.

    “At this place in the story, anyone following closely has a question: Why did God approve of Abel’s offering, but not Cain’s? It’s not a simple question to answer, especially if you limit yourself to the facts of the story as told in Genesis.

    I remember learning in Sunday school that God accepted Abel’s offering because it included the shedding of blood, and foreshadowed Christ’s death, which would one day be God’s solution to all the problems his parent’s sin brought into the world. Cain, with his grain or fruit, brought the wrong kind of offering, so God rejected it. While we can’t rule out this answer to the question, the text of the story doesn’t mention it. What’s more, when God eventually instituted the Old Testament sacrificial system, he included both animal sacrifices and grain offerings. If God permitted grain offerings after the law was given, why would he not accept one from Cain?”



  10. I had an interesting day at the Diversity and Inclusion Symposium I attended earlier today. A lot of good information. Building a relationship with others gives you the grace to make a mistake.

    I experienced that Tuesday. I went to my coworker and apologized. I promised her with tears in my eyes I would not hurt her for anything in the world. She told me we were way on down the road on that issue and we’re OK.

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  11. Churning away at work, as usual today.

    I fear there will be many confused young people — and adults — as some of these popular cultural issues take root even more than they already have.

    Nancyjill, I was sorry to read about Pip’s needed surgery. Yes, I’ve had dogs that just start out “expensive.” But they don’t always stay that way. One that did was an Aussie who had allergies, needed a benign thyroid tumor removed at one point, was diagnosed early on with a “luxating patella” but never needed surgery, thankfully, and by age 6 was diagnosed with diabetes requiring insulin shots for his last two years (but he did well on the treatment before the anticipated complications set in). He was just a really complicated animal, in my vet’s eyes.

    Tess broke a toe shortly after I adopted her (doing one of her sharp turns at the dog park) and was in a full leg cast for that but that got resolved and there really weren’t issues beyond that with either her or Cowboy.

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  12. It’s looking as if it might storm here.

    I have a Zoom meeting in an hour. It’s with the group I did the writer’s retreat with a month or so ago. The speaker will be by Zoom, but the group will be hybrid, part in person and part by Zoom.

    The pandemic sure increased possibilities for meetings, for speakers and attendees.

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  13. I suppose we all knowing going into it that we had better budget for our furry babe’s care. Babe had cancer and arthritis along with a degenerative spine disease later on in her years. We would have paid any amount to have her well. They do capture our hearts even if they begin their stay as quite the stinkers!
    Pip’s surgery is set for this coming Wed. I had to put a call into my vacationing vet to get an anti nausea med for Pip. She throws up every time we have her in the car. It’s one thing for a 30 minute drive but 2 hours up to Boulder I just don’t think I can stand! I should hear back from the fill in vet tomorrow to see if he approves of the pills!
    I feel like I have been on the phone all the live long day trying to schedule stuff…and when I told husband I took the later in the morning time to drop Pip off he yelled at me….I’m done….sooooo done!

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  14. That problem Aussie I adopted — he was about a year old, had been turned into the shelter about an hour away by his family who couldn’t keep him; So Cal Aussie rescue group picked him up — he threw up on the ride back to my house (about an hour’s drive). Lovely. He’d also survived a bout with parvovirus while he was still with the rescue group (former owners failed to vaccinate him).

    probably the healthiest dog I had was the medium-sized shaggy dog Heinz57 mix I got out of the Long Beach shelter. Very few, if any, problems with her throughout her entire life with me — she came down with lymphoma when she was 13 (which I chose not to treat).

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  15. Re: Abel & Cain’s offerings – I heard a preacher say that since God cursed the ground due to the Fall, that He rejected Cain’s offering because it came from plants.

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