23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-31-22

  1. Same flower patch, but interesting white flower amidst all the shades of red. God does provide us with variety instead of making all things alike. Imagine a world of all the same color. Even a pretty hue would get boring if that’s all there was.

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  2. Ooh I like that with the highlight on white and the surrounding muted raspberry colored background. At least that is how my eyes see it😀 Beautiful photo, Peter.

    I lost some of my email addresses and wanderingviews was one so I need to put it back in and send some photos.

    After we got home from our hike at Emory last night I noticed some icons had been switched around on my phone screen . . . WordPress had moved way down from the top. So someone had to do that since I didn’t. I just have to laugh at such things. God knows the bigger and overall picture.

    I spoke with a friend from my former church who said her daughter got married in my current church and had been a member for awhile. She said back in those days that every service ended with the church singing Victory in Jesus. I had noticed we do sing that frequently and on Sunday it was intermingled with another more current song/hymn.

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  3. Peter – Years ago, I heard a man talk about his claim that he had died and gone to Heaven. He claimed that there was only one kind of flower because everything is perfect in Heaven, and so there is only one kind of perfect flower. That in itself made me doubt his story, because I figured that God had created so many different beautiful flowers on earth, and that each kind can be “perfect” in its own beauty.

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  4. I’m not a follower of Beth Moore, and the world has surely seen worse times. Maybe it’s just me, but I think she struck a chord on Twitter with this today:

    ~ Anybody else notice how the old niceties that meant nothing have taken on new meaning? Like for instance, “how are you?” And, “take care of yourself.” I can’t recall ever living through longer, more unrelenting, unforgiving global & societal turbulence. Fear, anxiety, despair. ~

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  5. Angel has crossed the rainbow bridge, as they say. The vet has a special room for putting a pet to sleep, in which the family can take their time saying goodbye and be with the pet as the procedure is done.

    First, they gave her a sedative to calm and relax her, and then about five minutes later, the lethal shot was given. It took only a minute or two for her heart to stop. So very sad. All of us were crying and stroking her fur. We brought her body home to bury out in the backyard, where some other pets are buried.

    After Angel had died, Chickadee asked if we could get an imprint of her front paws, and I said yes. (They do that there.) She can have that. Angel had the distinctive extra thumb on each front paw.

    This is such a sad situation, but I am glad to have my family gathered today, going through this together.

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  6. I woke up to the lovely sounds of the cat ready to throw up on my freshly cleaned bedding — I tossed her off in time — and that was all followed by various issues with the dogs and issues with my own upset stomach, facing what will be a busy week and navigating ongoing stressful situations, including needing to schedule that knee surgery.

    I take some comfort in knowing that mornings are my hardest time of day, mentally and physically and spiritually.

    The day will (usually) get better from here.

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  7. I got my ztrack stuck. It is heavy. We tried pushing, we tried levering. Now we are waiting for the mud to dry a bit and then disable the engine and try again. I do need my husband around.

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  8. 2 and 1/2 days of teaching left. Yesterday after a science lesson at the end of the day we had 15 minutes left so I took them outside to play. They were running around and then I heard the most popular, and kind, boy call to the forgotten girl, ‘C’mon Shakainnah…” I could see that she was totally startled and then ran to catch up. Oh, to be noticed.

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  9. question:

    My good friend’s younger daughter is getting married and I ordered a set of dishes from the registry list on Amazon. But I failed to arrange shipping to her (and wrapping if that was available, it used to be; but I was in a hurry). So it came to me and the dishes are simply packed in the actual packing box, no pretty box.

    At this point I think I’ll just ship it to my friend (mom of the bride) or to the bride’s house if my friend says that’s easier.

    I was going to take it to UPS story to get their suggestion on wrapping (do I just wrap this shipping box and let UPS maybe put the whole thing in *another* larger shipping box that’s well padded?) Or?


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