22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-27-22

  1. Good morning, Wanderers! The time is 7:11 a.m. here. That means Rise, but shine, maybe not. It’s a cloudy day here.

    Prayers for AJ.

    The nipper just bit at my elbow. Not being a wise cat. Now she is picking with her claws at my clothes trying to move me toward the food bowl. We try to herd cats and they try to herd us.

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  2. Math problem day: 27-5=22 (day-month=year)

    At any rate, It’s Friday.

    I need to talk to the boss who makes the schedule. Today is the first of 8 straight days. Tomorrow and another are partial days (5 hours or less), but still…

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  3. That’s not retirement, Peter! That’s Re-Tired day after day! Yes, you need to discuss that schedule and ask for time and a half pay if it must stand. I know businesses are short-handed these days, but some cut hours of operation rather than require so much effort from the few.

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  4. I haven’t posted anything on FB in a long time. When I looked at my timeline (both on my phone and on my Windows laptop), I still see who liked/loved/laughed at my past posts. Maybe the change affects only new posts?

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  5. I plan on repacking my things into a different trunk this morning. The other one is easier to handle. Then lunch with friends and on to report cards.
    Hard to fit work into my social life these days. Tomorrow is a farewell gathering for me in the afternoon. Yesterday was the last picnic lunch of the year when all of the parents come. They surprised us and had cake for everyone to honor those leaving.

    Last night was the high school choir and band concert. It went for two hours without a break. First in person one and it was packed. They even invited all of the attendees at the Translator Training Course. They used to do two concerts so it wasn’t so long.

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  6. Oh, Janice, I forgot to answer your question.

    School ends next Friday the 3rd.

    I leave Ukarumpa for the capital of Port Moresby on the 17th.
    I fly to Singapore on the 20th with an overnight.
    Then the longest day of the year just got longer as I fly Singapore to San Francisco on the 21st with a sixteen hour flight, landing about the same time I left.
    Then on to Sacramento later in the day where my children will pick me up.

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  7. Yes, well there are a lot of details to take care of. I am giving away things everyday and that is fun. But what to pack and how to pack. And, what to do with my small flat. I believe God is just saying to trust Him. The one person who expressed interest is my neighbor and she is not scheduled to return until the day I leave.

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