26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-26-22

  1. Morning! That cute little birdie appears to have found his breakfast!

    Driveway will be poured later this morning….we will capture puppy prints on one section but not the whole way down the drive…hopefully! 🐾

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  2. Here we are, nearly the end of May. Bible done. Exercise done. School, chores, driving, feeding. Life goes on.

    Meanwhile, convincing two folk they really need help. I think father in law sees it but mom in law is not there yet. She was explaining to husband, who was asking about the expired meds for grandpa, that she had put different meds in that bottle for whatever reason. Challenges. She still does not believe they need twenty four hour care, though the dr assured her she was going to not feel well next week. I think she feels she is still a sprightly seventy who can conquer the world. Don’t we all?

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  3. Mumsee–that would be true of some friends, but while I love her, she steps over boundaries SO far I’m just hoping I can cook stew for dinner without correction. 🙂

    OTOH, it might taste better if she cooks it . . . LOL

    House clean, everything read, and now I’m going to work at my desk until they come.

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  4. I feel sure that Michelle is a good regular stew maker, but she might not be too much of a Brunswick stew maker. I am thinking that is a down home in the south type of stew. I imagine Kim to be an expert on it.

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  5. Nightingale recently had a court hearing on Zoom. X is petitioning the court to have unsupervised visits, for a 24 hour visit each weekend. For now, the judge has ordered an investigation (I guess you’d call it) by the guardian ad litem, which will take a few weeks.

    Nightingale, although on Zoom, was dressed nicely and had her make-up and hair done nicely as well. She told me that X had on an orange t-shirt, and his hair and beard looked unkempt, and he was walking around his apartment during the meeting rather than sitting still.

    After the judge made the decision about the guardian ad litem, X rolled his eyes and shook his head. She’s not sure the judge saw that, because he (or she) had gotten off the meeting quickly. She said it probably wouldn’t make a difference in the judge’s eventual ruling anyway. But it’s more “evidence” to us that he is not as back on his feet as he claims.

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  6. Ah, that was just on the internet. In reality, according to my soups and stews book: squirrel and/ or rabbit, being careful to remove all or most shot.
    But according to my American Woman cookbook from 1938, it is squirrel.

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  7. Nightingale went straight from work to the gym where she has been participating in a “challenge”, and is planning on taking two different classes there, so Boy and I are on our own for dinner. That’s usually not much of a problem, but since she hasn’t gone shopping yet to refresh our food supply, I decided to order delivery from a local restaurant. Boy and I decided upon Red Potato Pizza.

    I was tempted to also order dessert, but the desserts were too expensive ($6 for a slice of cake).

    Full disclosure: It’s not that we don’t have any food to cook, but nothing in the quick-and-easy category other than sandwiches. 🙂

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  8. Also from online:

    ~ Is Brunswick stew a Southern thing?

    Brunswick stew is a Southern staple, especially in barbecue restaurants around the region. It’s made with a tomato base and features lima beans, corn and pulled pork. In the early days, all forms of game were used, including squirrel and opossum, with whatever vegetables were in season. ~

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