20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-5-22

  1. Morning Aj….good night Jo

    Cool and cloudy this morning and oh so thankful for the moisture we have received over the past couple of days. The heady scent of the pines is glorious!

    Off to have breakfast with old coworkers and a couple of our favorite old customers at the shoppe….touching base with old acquaintances to reminisce and catch up will be good..

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  2. You have no idea how happy and downright giddy people can get over two days in a row of sunshine unless you live in a place that has so many days of gray skies and rain. Our April had a handful of days without precipitation. Those who work with the public on a daily basis definitely notice the change in attitude that sunshine brings out in people starved for it.

    Another day of going to an assisted living place to play music. My husband has played music on Tuesday (a community potluck, though not our community) Wednesday (regular jam) Thursday (assisted living) and Saturday (a monthly jam he has played with long before the pandemic and restarted again). For an introvert all the running is tiring. There is equipment to be handled and support needed, however. When I see the toes tapping and the smiles light up faces, I know it is worth it. It keeps my husband going, too. It is nice that people can gather for music (and whatever) again after the Covid shutdown.

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  3. It is amazing how many ways can brighten somebody’s day. My employer at Good Sam used to tell me the most important part of my job (laundry) was to stop and visit with the people.

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  4. Good late morning. Art and I went to the dealership to get more info on the breakdown of costs on the car we bought. Some charges were not transparent so we needed to be sure of accuracy.

    It’s National Day of Prayer and my new church is observing it at Noon. For years I looked for a church service to attend and found none in my area. How delightful at this late in life to find what I could not find years before!

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  5. Lots to pray about, Janice.

    Nancyjill, what a lovely day it sounds like you’ll have.

    You too,, Kathaleena. Glad you’re getting some sun.

    I just filled out the holiday “volunteer” form for work (are you still volunteering if you have to pick one?). I picked my usual, Labor Day, hoping I don’t get stuck with any others (though I’m thinking I may get stuck for Memorial Day as that’s the last day of Fleet Week, not sure how intense the editors are going to be about having a presence every day this year).

    We have some nice long holiday weekends this year for Christmas and New Years, those are rare.

    Maybe 2023 will finally give us a (mostly) Covid-free year? What a long stretch it’s been.

    I miss Chas.

    OK, almost time for the morning staff call.

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  6. Yes, that is kind of like how it is. Sort of. Less the bluebirds. But the hummingbirds are here! Mountain bluebirds are the state bird and we do have them around but they got killed out of their nesting boxes we put out for them, by blackbirds or ravens.

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  7. It was a lovely time shared with 5 other ladies and we covered all the good and the bad of the world in our conversations. We had a “show and tell” of our projects that we have been working on (I haven’t stitched much due to my preoccupation with a certain puppy in the house!). Those ladies are so incredibly talented with stitch work and rug hooking!
    Stopped at the store to grab last minute items needed for our small group dinner that I am hosting tomorrow evening. We are having breakfast for dinner. Breakfast casserole, ham and bacon will be prepared by me the other ladies will bring sides. Tomorrow will be dedicated to getting this place spiffed up before they all arrive!

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  8. Mumsee, husband has destroyed three magpie nests so far as they have built them atop of the pines we have bluebird boxes placed. Now the ravens are hovering as we try to protect our sweet bluebirds!

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  9. Those evil Bad Birds!

    The prayer service was very nice. It was not announced in advance so not many people were there. It was guided and silent prayer for the church, top national leaders, education, and our communities and households (and our own hearts). The one point where the group interacted was to say what we are thankful for in our church. I had a number of different things to say from what long term members said.

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  10. Oh, Janice, I participated in the National Day of Prayer for many years. Thanks for the reminder.
    I got approved to take money out of my reserve account to pay for my tickets. Then they also have you take out for the self employment tax on the funds. Now they sent instructions of what I need to do for that money to go to the right place. aaarrrgh.. This all gets so complex. And the funds don’t come until next payday in a month. oh, well

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  11. Praying for how to deal with one kinder boy. Found out there was an argument as he heard another boy arranging a playdate with his best friend. He told the vp that he did not want that boy to have any friends but him.

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  12. Kathaleena, I just came inside from reading in the hammock in the beautiful sunshine. It just feels so good after such a long winter and cold spring. My allergies seem to be insane this spring and the birch trees haven’t even started pollinating yet!

    People who come out here from Ontario think magpies are the most beautiful bird. I guess they are pretty, but all the nasty things they do sure make me not like them. I also don’t like crows, but I love having ravens around (I have no animals they can hurt).

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  13. I think magpies are beautiful and I think they get a bad rap, though they are clean up animals and do raid nests, like crows and ravens.


  14. I heard of a black bird that swore off raiding the nests of other birds.
    Quoth the raven, Nevermore.

    Some Poe humor for you.

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  15. Nightingale had texted me this morning, asking me to get the pork roast going in the crockpot, which I did at 8:15. When she got home from work (and working out at a gym), she asked when I had put it in.

    “8:15,” I replied, and then joked, “And I turned it on at 2.” 😀

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  16. Sounds good, Kizzie. As in mmmm good!

    I’ve been working all day on getting candidate surveys out for the races (2) I’ve been assigned. Strange how many of the campaign websites have no contact emails included.

    I finally found most of them, just waiting on the incumbent assemblyman’s “people” to respond, I’ve left two voicemails on their Google phone line.

    Feels good to finally get that done, I’ve been doing it in bits and pieces between stories and today was the first time I didn’t have a daily story which helped.

    Hate election season.

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