17 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-15-22

  1. These people are evil.

    “Curtis Bay Energy accused of burning aborted babies’ bodies for electricity”


    “Tuesday morning, pro-life activists from the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) group held a press conference regarding the recovery of five aborted children from Washington Surgi-Center, an abortion facility owned and operated by abortionist Cesare Santangelo in Washington, D.C. Terrisa Bukovinac, founder and executive director of PAAU, and Lauren Handy, director of activism for PAAU, state that they were given a box of medical waste containing the remains of aborted children by a Curtis Bay Energy driver. But what is allegedly being done with Curtis Bay Energy’s so-called “medical waste” is truly disturbing.

    One of the speakers at the press conference, Missy Smith, stated that Curtis Bay Energy is burning the bodies of aborted babies (along with medical waste) to create energy for Baltimore. “This means, tragically, that they receive, transfer, and burn the corpses of aborted babies to make electricity for the households and businesses of the Baltimore area,” Smith said. “If you live in the Baltimore area, you must know that aborted babies have been burned to keep your lights on and your house warm. We call on Curtis Bay Energy to end this barbaric practice, and confirm publicly that they have done so.”

    According to the Curtis Bay Energy website, the company has the largest medical waste incinerator in the country, and is “the only facility in the Northeast Region that utilizes Waste-to-Energy incineration to safely convert infectious/biomedical waste and non-hazardous pharmaceuticals into useful energy.” Their process begins with “collection personnel” who transport the “material” to their autoclave or incineration disposal facilities.

    It is not unheard of for aborted children to be used as an electricity source. In the United Kingdom, the bodies of thousands of miscarried and aborted babies were burned and then used to heat British hospitals. Similar practices were found to be taking place in British Columbia (Canada) and in Oregon (U.S). According to Live Science, this is a routine practice around the world.

    Yet despite the testimony of Bukovinac and Handy, as well as photos showing Curtis Bay Energy stamped on the collection boxes and the delivery truck, Curtis Bay Energy denies any involvement in transporting fetal remains or using them to make electricity.”

    “Randall Terry, who founded Operation Rescue but is no longer involved with the organization, was also at the press conference, and responded with more cynicism. “I find it hard to believe that the company that takes medical waste from abortion clinics would never put two and two together, that there are aborted human remains,” he said. “It’s absurd. What do you think — what else would they have?””


  2. And so is this.

    Do no harm?

    These vaccines break that vow.

    CONTENT WARNING! for some language.









  3. Protect babies from murder, the evil left loses their minds.

    I love how Satan’s minions always act as if they occupy the moral high ground.



  4. Of course they did.


  5. Doing the job the human smuggler ring leader Biden won’t, which is stopping the invasion of America.

    “Abbott strikes deals with two more Mexican governors on border security”


    “Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Thursday that two more Mexican governors signed agreements to boost border security measures in exchange for a halt to increased vehicle inspections at ports of entry. The latest agreements bring the number to three Mexican states so far that have come forward and signed on to Abbott’s demands that Texas not bear the burden of illegal migration alone.

    Nuevo Leon Governor Samuel Alejandro Garcia Sepulveda was the first to sign an agreement with Abbott to ease the delays at its port of entry at Laredo, Texas on Wednesday. By Thursday evening, Chihuahua Gov. María Eugenia Campos Galván and Coahuila Gov. Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís had followed suit. Chihuahua’s major border crossing is at Ciudad Juarez, across the Rio Grande River from El Paso. Coahuila shares international bridges with Eagle Pass and Del Rio, Texas.

    Inspections of all commercial vehicles will continue for trucks entering Texas from Tamaulipas. Tamaulipas shares border crossings in McAllen and in Brownsville, Texas. With Abbott’s success in getting Mexican governors of border states onboard, look for Tamaulipas to make a similar move. There is a meeting scheduled today with the governor of Tamaulipas who has reached out to Abbott.

    Governor Abbott is particularly pleased with the agreement with Chihuahua. To be fair, Governor Campos Galvan began enforcing security measures when she came into office in 2021. Her agreement with Abbott pledges to continue that work, which she called a “win-win situation.” Abbott, in response, called her security plan “the best border security plan that I’ve seen from any governor from Mexico.”

    Last month, Campos Galván met with CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus and U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar in Washington, D.C. In the meeting, she told them her administration installed cameras with facial recognition and license plate reading technology to monitor vehicles entering Juárez, where drug cartel violence has plagued the city for years. She also said she ordered the move of the police headquarters from the state capital to Juárez.

    During the news conference on Thursday in Austin, she said her administration would share intelligence with Abbott’s office over any security issues.

    Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas announced a decision to end implementation of Title 42 at the US-Mexican border in May. Governor Abbott is using enhanced measures now to better prepare for the coming influx of illegal migrants attempting to cross the border, on top of the steady stream already happening, especially in Texas and to a lesser extent, in Arizona. He said at the time that he announced every commercial vehicle would be stopped and inspected at ports of entry that this would bring commercial traffic to a screeching halt. Delays caused by the inspections are anywhere from several hours to several days for truckers. Businesses on both sides of the border are up in arms over the losses being caused, both in production time and in idle personnel. Warehouse workers, for example, sit idle as they wait for trucks to arrive. The supply chain, already fragile due to the pandemic and Biden’s slow recovery, is feeling the strain from delayed shipments. Abbott took a chance and went with doubling down to pressure Mexican border officials to do their part for border security. These agreements are the result of that pressure.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) calls the inspections “unnecessary” and redundant. Agents already conduct commercial inspections at ports of entry.

    The agreement with Coahuila is similar to the agreements with Chihuahua and Nuevo Leon. Mexican police and immigration agents will continue to apprehend illegal migrants and seize illegal drugs. Riquelme Solis stressed that the cartel crime rate is low in Coahuila because of the security measures already taken there.”


  6. Although the optics are horrible, I’m not sure aborted fetuses are treated any differently than unclaimed bodies at a hospital morgue.

    I’ve seen claims that Aboott’s actions have increased wait times for trucks by five times than normal. Choking the supply chain in this fashion probably causes more damage than the few migrants they may catch. I’m curious how federal – state jurisdiction works with international borders in both Mexico and the US.

    Can we agree Musk has too much money? And the gov’t needs to confiscate just a bit of it? After all, his offer to buy Twitter shares is a joke — $54.20 a share; take the 5 away and you have a drug reference. He spent a few extra million just for a joke.

    I’d like to welcome right wing populists to the club. The close coordination of gov’t, media, and corporations has long been a critique of modern capitalism by the left. Yes, big pharma has too much influence as does almost every major corporate sector. But does the right wing populists have a solution or will they endorse the left wing’s suggestion of intervention and regulation.


  7. Also on my weekend reading list is a very long piece (I’m about half way through) that is brutal when it comes to its assessments of Twitter.

    April 11, 2022, in The Atlantic: “Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid: It’s Not Just a Phase” by Jonathan Haidt

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  8. Well The Atlantic would be the experts on stupid……

    But they keep hiring the NT grifters, so that’s what you get. They’ve been wrong on about everything for the last 5 years at least. Russia, Russia, Russia, Jan 6th, Whitmer’s FBI orchestrated “kidnapping”, Biden, who they endorsed……

    The list goes on and on.


  9. What I could stomach……

    I’ve addressed the Atlantic and their product on todays news thread. They’re a joke. I don’t see why anyone takes what they write seriously.


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