27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-12-22

  1. Morning All!

    Goodnight Jo.

    That’s my attack tiger Gemma. 🐅 I give the command, you become prey. 🐯

    Isaac is her latest victim. 🙂

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  2. Morning and uh oh…what did Isaac do to deserve the attack command?!! I’m guessing he reached for the last brownie!?? 😂
    Good night Jo

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  3. Cute, cute kitty!

    Goodnight, Jo. Sweet dreams.

    Good morning to the rest of you whenever you join in!

    I accidentally left the soup I made out of the fridge all night so I will have to get rid of it and make another batch. I slept like a log last night which was good, but then that discovery this morning . . . I will blame it on the racket in my head from next door all day yesterday.

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  4. I have learned to set a timer if I have something still out of the fridge. Not that I do that all the time. My sympathy, Janice, about the soup and the noise.

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  5. We got what looks to be eight to ten inches of snow on the deck picnic table, yet husband made it down to Kamiah for the highway district meeting. Go Hyundai!

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  6. When things get left out here, we generally eat them anyway, unless it is July or August. And then only husband eats them. He has a cast iron stomach.

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  7. We’re getting unusually strong winds this morning, one of the hanging flower pots came flying down, hook and all, onto the front porch — I’ve taken the other two down before the same happened to them, they were both wildly twisting and swinging in the wind.

    The rocking chair on the front porch is ghost-rocking away and the empty trash bins, from what I have heard, have all tumbled and crashed down onto the driveway.

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  8. Janice – (re: Miss Bosley and your Bible) – When I read my Bible in the morning, it is on top of my closed laptop, which is on a “tablemate” in front of my spot on my couch. (For those who aren’t familiar with it, a tablemate is like a tray table, but the legs are made so that they slide under a couch or chair, so the person doesn’t have to sit on the edge of the chair/couch to reach it.) Rudy often comes up and gets in my way, even sitting on the open Bible.

    I sometimes tell him, as I did this morning, “Rudy! You are supposed to stand on the Word of God, not sit on it!” 😀 Although this morning I did acknowledge to Rudy that we should also rest in God and His word, so maybe he has a point. 😀

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  9. Here’s a photo of a tablemate. Mine doesn’t have the little cup holder off the side, though (which is fine by me). And I keep a black, velour-ish towel over mine, like a tablecloth.

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  10. There go the trash cans again (after they were put back so neighbors to use the driveway for a doctor’s appt.



    Ukrainian Seminary Professor’s Plea—Please Don’t Tire of Praying
    APRIL 12, 2022 | JAMIE DEAN

    ~ In the meantime, he grieves his separation from his family, mourns his country’s suffering, and hopes in the gospel. “I believe the Lord is using this terrible situation to advance his gospel,” he said. “That’s the only hope for the world.”

    Minakov also hopes Christians around the world will continue to pray for Ukraine. “People get tired of bad news, and they forget,” he said. “So my request would be to please continue praying. You know how to pray—we want this war to end soon.” ~

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  11. We prayed this morning for Ukraine and Russia among many other things.

    I was still pondering about the resurrection of those who die without Christ mentioned in Sunday school. I brought it up in our group this morning. I got the impression there was a reluctance to believe it so I checked out that common source of info, Wikipedia, and found this:
    “Traditional Christian Churches, i.e. ones that adhere to the creeds, continue to uphold the belief that there will be a general and universal resurrection of the dead at “the end of time”, as described by Paul when he said: “He hath appointed a day, in which he will judge the world” (Acts 17:31 KJV) and “There shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust” (Acts 24:15 KJV).”

    It seemed relevant because I had been to Kroger this morning about ten minutes before group time. In parting I wished the cashier, “Happy Easter.” She responded, “I don’t celebrate Easter.” I must have looked quizzical so she repeated, “I don’t celebrate Easter, but thank you” I asked if she minded me asking why; was she of another faith? She told me a lot of people don’t celebrate Easter (I was at Kosher Kroger so not surprised to hear that although she was not a Jew based on appearance). She said she is Nondenominational, and I knew she did not have a clue about what that meant! I told her I like to celebrate what Jesus did to save us. Then I said, “I can pray for you.” She was positive about that so I left on good terms and did pray for her in the car. We also prayed for her in the group. Who knows how God might answer? Somehow thinking of the physical bodies of the unjust in eternal hell fire seems to make it all a bit more urgent to tell the lost about Jesus and to keep praying for them.

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  12. It does indeed. And the thought of it is probably why a lot of people, though they believe in Hell, do not believe they will go there. We do not understand the gravity of our sin or the gravity of the Sacrifice that was made to redeem us

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  13. The fog is burning off and bits of sunshine are peeking through.

    So nice that there was no market this morning. Friday is a much better day for me.

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  14. Since it’s so cold up here, we’re working on our stairs to the basement. So far husband has cut thin plywood for the risers (just ugly old plywood there now) and I’ve painted them so they are ready to be installed. I’ve painted the lower drywall – the upper walls are gorgeous old wood planks and they are staying the way they’ve always been. Husband is making the treads out of old church pews that were going to end up on a burn pile and we salvaged them. I’m excited to find a nice stain and to finish them for a nice looking stairwell. Usually all inside house Reno-ing stops once it warms up outside so I’m hoping we make good progress and get those installed this spring yet.

    We numbered each tread and riser as this house is well built if not straight. :). It’s kind of fun having numbered steps. 😄. I think I’d like to do something fun on each riser but can’t think just what…

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  15. I listened to Michelle’s recommended book while walking. I am now sitting on the porch. Besides hearing the birds, I heard shufflings in the straw and leaves under the azaleas. A very cute black patches on white cat came out from it’s shopping for birds expedition. Such a darling cat would be so cute with Miss Bosley until they both had hissy fits.

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  16. DJ! I love it!

    Also, the treads will be fir and that’s a very red/orange wood so I need to find a stain that will tone that down. I wish MIM was here to suggest something…


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