27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-7-22

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    We had great thunder and lightning in the night so I am still tired this morning.

    Yesterday the new My Pillow arrived. I had to put it in the dryer for fifteen minutes to fluff it up from its sad state after being shipped in a vacuum pack. It still has a odor that needs to clear out. I will then test it out to see if it is the best pillow I have ever had. At least it is made in the USA so that is a perfect starting point for being best.

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  2. Good morning, all, and good night Jo, though it is nearly Friday morning.

    Sciatica: a couple of good recommendations above with Janice and Kim. In my own experience, significant sciatica while pregnant with third child. Went to the doc, no relief. Went to the chiro, no relief. Went to a pfys therapist in Germany. Fixed. She told me not to stand up tall like a Marine. Our backs have natural curvature and when we straighten them out, it puts undue stress on the nerve. So stand more naturally and let the curves curve. I had to remind myself at times but it quickly took care of it. Generally, when I have a repeat, I can just go back to standing intentionally and have relief.

    Last summer, or was it the summer before? I tripped over the chicken gate and did something to my hip. Same pain. When it starts to act up, I make certain I am standing correctly but it usually hurts when I am in bed. So I have to review my eating and get rid of any inflammatory foods (especially sugar) and make certain I am using my bike or walking well. And take my turmeric. Helps a lot.

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  3. Catching up from yesterday: I have read both those books, Kevin, and agree they are both good. I hope you are feeling better soon, Kizzie.

    I hope your pain goes away soon, too, Jo. So many health issues right now.

    We both have dentist appointments and then have to go to play music at an assisted living place we have never been to before. It is actually in a former hotel. One of the residents is a man who is a big fan of the group but developed Alzheimer’s and has been living here now for a few years. We hope he will be able to enjoy the music and the group will play some of his favorites. It has been difficult to have visitors there because of Covid. His wife was able to visit outside during Covid and back inside now. Like most people with that disease, he has his good days and bad. He lived with it for several years before having to go here for more care than his wife could give him.

    I see that tree branch that fell did hit the roof and leave some twigs behind. It did take a small chunk out of the rain gutter. Some thought maybe a bear was on the branch, but I see no tracks around the tree.

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  4. Morning! Pretty Springy flowers up there again. My tulips bit the dust but I wonder if I can save their bulbs for a planting? I might try

    I too have a dental appt…routine cleaning. 6 months sure does seem to fly by when it comes to dental cleanings! Feels like I was just there!

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  5. Thoughts?

    Olasky replied on his own reaction:

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  6. DJ – I don’t know how widespread it is, but I have seen some of it on Facebook from at least a couple of my Christian friends (whom I know in real life). Back when Trump was still president, I would see them sharing posts by “prophets” who insisted that God was telling them all sorts of positive things about Trump, including that he would win the 2020 election by a landslide. One went so far as to say that if Trump did not win the election, it would not be His will.

    My thought was that God has more important things to be telling His children.


  7. No dentist here, so no matter what I have to wait until July.

    Okay, please pray for peace. I am very tired. Checked my taxes and one thing wasn’t right so sent an email. Now I am being told that the funds I just moved from the Roth to the traditional ira, can’t go there either. aaaarrrrrgggghhh.

    Doing all of this from over here is just so stressful.

    Dj, I am so glad that you are there for your neighbors.

    Kim, I am glad that you asked the questions and showed that you care.

    Just got another email alert from my cpa. I don’t even want to look. Maybe I will just wait until after school. Not quite 7am here.

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  8. Good news is that checking my account, many folks just gave gifts. I am being taken care of. I need to rest in His care instead of this topsy turvy world.

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  9. Janice- we got 2 My Pillows a year or so ago. We like them.

    As for marrying Christianity and politics- DON’T! Remember the Puritans and how they persecuted anyone who disagreed with them? I am so tired of otherwise well-meaning Christians saying Trump is the answer for America. No, God is the answer. He places whomever he chooses in authority and sometimes it’s a Trump, but sometimes a Biden, Putin or Hitler to remind us that we need to trust in God, not princes.

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  10. Thoughts: We are supposed to have God in every aspect of our lives. We are not to be directing Him. He should be welcome in politics as everywhere, and Christians should be thinking of Him when they are voting and otherwise politicking. And should be following His commands: Love God and love your neighbor.
    We have no business thinking we know His plans for this country. We have excepted the murder of the children and now the permanent maiming of them. I could see He might well be done. But He will continue to use us for His purposes and we need to be listening for His direction.
    And we have no business calling out the servants of Another. If we see actual sin, sure, but not just because they are serving Him in a different way than we are called.

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  11. I will post tomorrow’s stuff later tonight. Yes it will be early, but since I don’t need to be up early tomorrow, I will try not to be up early. 🙂

    It usually doesn’t work, but I will try. 🙂

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  12. Your dinner looks delicious Aj!! I might just have to try that. I have made the sliders with ham/cheese/mayo on the Hawaiian buns then putting them in the oven. The little kids at church loved them!

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