52 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-2-22

  1. Good morning! Woke up at 4 and could not go back to sleep. That will not bode well for the night shift I am scheduled to work. Wishing everyone a peaceful and productive weekend.

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  2. Morning! Hoping you can get a power nap in today rk….
    Pretty flowers up there Janice….so delicate….what kind are they?
    The gathering was nice last night but I tend recoil when too many personal questions are asked. The other couples have known each other for well over 30 years and we are the newbies. I understand they want to get to know us but I find myself not being able to breathe when strangers start to press into my business 🙃

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  3. Rare is the night I don’t wake up like that or several times. However, I can sometimes take a nap if needed, so it is as bad as when one has to go to work.

    We will be going to a music show today (my husband will be one of the performers) that has started up again after closing down for Covid. It has been changed to afternoons and no potluck. I am unsure why people still have so many rules about touching things or serving food, since Covid is not spread that way. Less work for me, however, since I almost always brought a dessert item. This is put on by a senior citizen’s group and they always danced from the first song to the last–even gospel numbers for some. The latter was a surprise for us. The person who started this shindig passed away during Covid, so that alone will make for changes. Also, some of those I visited with the most also have passed away or have health issues keeping them from coming. Lots of mixed feelings there.

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  4. If you had to guess a name for the flowers, you would probably say, “Bluebells!” You’d be right.

    I got up and fixed Art’s eggs, but I was still so sleepy. I decided to get back in bed to try and sleep an hour more so I could feel rested, but between the cat next to me and the workmen next door chattering, I did not sleep. I thought that perhaps my longer walk yesterday had made me more tired. Or maybe it is end of tax season malaise, as in my empathy for Art is on overload. Like if I get extra rest it can somehow be activated for his benefit. Wishful thinking.

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  5. “I took my Brussels sprouts out to enjoy the day.”

    Please tell me you are not eating Brussels sprouts at… what is it there, 8:30 AM?

    They’re seedlings in a planter pot still, right? 😲

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  6. Correct. I don’t eat my morning sprouts until after ten, when the children head upstairs to watch a history video with husband. Then I will fix my mushrooms and onions (thinking of Chas and Cheryl here) with Brussels sprouts and cabbage and celery and broccoli. Good start for the day! It may sound peculiar to others, but it seems to have the bp held fairly steady at 110/ 75 so I will keep it up. My afternoon meal is chocolate oatmeal.

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  7. Planted cucumbers and watermelon yesterday and spaghetti squash and sage flowers today. The growing spot in the basement is starting to get full.

    Ran out of paint but at least we will have two chairs we can sit on 🙂

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  8. I went bright and early to help my friend M set up the reception for after a memorial service. The service was to begin at 10. Turns out we knew who the people were. Various finger sandwiches, roasted shrimp, cheese tray, and dessert tray.
    I have a listing that went live yesterday and already have two offers. One of my agents held an open house today, so we shall see if we get more.
    This afternoon I am off to show property with one of my former agents who does not hold an Alabama license. Fingers crossed.
    Tomorrow will be the birthday party for Little Miss. One of K eller W illiams main beliefs is GOD,FAMILY, then business, so I posted that in our FB group and told everyone I would not be available as it is her Golden Birthday. Are you familiar? I wasn’t until recently. One of the agents mentioned it and a few days later Little Miss informed me it was her Golden Birthday,
    the birthday on which the numeral of one’s age matches that of the day of the month.
    “she just celebrated her golden birthday—turning 23 on the 23rd”.

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  9. Wind. I was going to finish the raking of the late leaves (the ones from the oak trees that wait until January to fall off), but it is too windy. Oh, well. I’m reading instead. I got a pre-release book from Netgalley which is an historical account of WWII focusing on some men who escaped from the Japanese in the Philippines. It has a detailed account of the war in the Pacific. Fascinating, until you realize all the carnage.

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  10. My dad was a sailor who served in the Pacific in WWII — he never would talk about it much.

    Peter, did you see my question about the “pour” site? I was trying to find who complies it, who’s behind it, and can’t find anything that says “who we are.” I always like to know.

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  11. Watching an Adorable play soccer.

    It apparently never ends.

    Though now, at least, I can listen to a podcast while I watch—except my phone is refusing after happily playing 2 in a row. Ah, technology. 😦


  12. This is a good piece about taking a look at what believers in other parts of the world believe. . .

    “Christianity Is Big
    I could multiply the examples. Get to know Christians in other parts of the world and you’ll be surprised to see some taking more conservative positions than you do, to the point they may appear legalistic to American eyes, and then you’ll find Christians whose political affiliations seem “leftist” when you try to squeeze them into America’s two-party system. Why is this the case? Because Christianity is bigger than the political frameworks of any one country.

    The response is not to throw your hands up and say, “We’ll never know what’s really true.” It’s not to become apolitical. I’m a National Review–type political conservative in most areas, but I don’t raise my political calculus to the level of “orthodoxy” when it comes to the Christian faith. . . .

    A Bigger Perspective
    The global church puts many squabbles in perspective. Too many of us have been discipled by political pundits to the point we confuse the non-negotiable, unchanging, and foundational truths of Christianity with any number of other matters. We begin to think that even the slightest deviation from a partisan political perspective is a surefire sign that someone can’t be trusted in any area of doctrine or practice. Everything is a slippery slope to apostasy. If you’re patriotic, you must be a Christian nationalist. If you believe in systemic injustice, you must be a woke social justice warrior. This is ridiculous, and the global church exposes such silliness. What’s more, churches in other parts of the world, when in contact with us, are better able to see their own blind spots and areas of capitulation to cultural expectations.”


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  13. Morning all, Sunday morning here. I think I will do church online again. School begins on Tuesday and it is so nice to have a break. I went in yesterday and got some more things ready. Still waiting to see who will teach next year, plus we need a principal for next year as ours goes on furlough.


  14. Good morning, Jo. Happy Sunday. We are still trudging through Saturday.

    I have made cookies and am working on my next letter to the editor.


  15. I ventured out to walk to the main street that my street runs into. It is six tenths of a mile to that point so for today’s walk I know I walked a mile+. I am so thankful I am able to do that when I could not a few years back.

    I would love to have breakfast with Mumsee and Mrs.L. Good fixin’s for good health and once you adjust to not eating the typical fare it really makes you want that fresh food all the time. I would enjoy bacon and eggs with grits at least once a week but I don’t. I think I got an egg biscuit at Chick-fil-A when Kim and I traveled. It was good.

    Mumsee, I am thrilled to hear your BP#s. Good job!!!

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  16. Thanks Peter — I though it odd that it’s not part of their home page. A “who we are” tab perhaps?

    I did sign up for the free email delivery to check it out, but then was stumped by not being able to find out more about them. 🙂

    What led to this endeavor, who are the writers/editors/compilers, what are their backgrounds, any come from journalism pasts either professionally or by way of studies? (and what are their Christian/church connections or backgounds?)


  17. I make Cheryl a fruit and milk smoothie for breakfast on her 5 work days.

    Peaches, pineapple, mango, strawberries, cherries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. Add some milk, nutri-bullet for like 30 seconds. Put the lid on and stick in a straw. Done.

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  18. Smoothies are so good, I used to make those for breakfast, usually would throw in some protein powder.

    I just ate a humongous, crunchy salad, I used up all the veggies that were in the refrigerator from shopping last week. It was now or never. So into the bowl they all went. Shredded lettuce, red cabbage, radishes, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli. Probably something else.

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  19. I’ve heard that it is good to have some protein with breakfast, as it is more satisfying to the hunger in the long run.

    No, I don’t always do that. In fact, I often eat lightly for breakfast, or have cereal. But maybe I should, especially when I get back to trying to lose some more weight.

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  20. Happy early golden birthday to little miss, Kim. Our eldest grandson turned 23 today. We can scarcely believe it.

    The music show was very nice. It never ceases to amaze me how these senior citizens are out on the dance floor from the first song to the last. Single men ask a variety of the women to dance with them. I am always reminded of how my parents were wonderful dancers. The show was much more relaxed, but it was as good as ever. There is very little rehearsal, but everyone sings old, classic country so the band members can wing it. There was one original song done, but it was in classic country style, so no one missed a beat. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

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  21. I’m not being quite as healthy this week as I skipped going to market last week. Okay, who here would do well at buying all of their fruits and vegetables between 6:30 and 7 am on only one day a week??

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  22. We’re doing a review of Rev. 1-11 today as we continue to make our way through the entire book in our sermons.

    Kizzie, good share at 4:46 yesterday, thank you. Perspective.

    I’m catching up on the early Sunday news shows before getting ready, war in Ukraine continues, terrible overnight shooting in Sacramento and … Will Smith slapped Chris Rock!? We’re shocked (over and over again, how many times can we see that?).

    And what can one even say about the sad state of our unraveling domestic political landscape? Shaking it off this morning, as best I can.

    Ps 20:7, Some trust in chariots and some in horses (and politicians), but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

    Lord, hear our prayer.

    Blessings on the Lord’s Day, everyone.

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  23. We are on a new series at church, The Grace Campaign, so we were in the book of John this morning. A wonderful service leading up to Easter. In Sunday school we are in Joshua for a bit with today focusing in on the walls that tumbled after doing exactly as God commanded, and Rahab’s part in the story along with proof that Rahab changed her ways.

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  24. Boy passed his virus on to me, so I woke up with a sore throat, a headache, and a general sense of “not feeling good”. Thought it best to watch church online so as to not pass this on to my friends there, one of whom is older and one of whom has a medically fragile husband.

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  25. Monday morning here and my last day of break as school begins tomorrow. But my haus meri comes today and I need to be up and ready for her. Then she won’t come for four weeks because in two weeks it will be Easter Monday which is a national holiday. So for Easter we have a four day weekend.

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  26. Perhaps I should have mentioned, if anyone is wondering, that Boy had a Covid test which was negative. So this is probably merely a cold virus.

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  27. We sang this, this morning…We had a guitar and a piano. There were probably 20 of us. I am now officially an 8 o’clocker. I have also been drafted to the alter guild….it was only a matter of time before someone remembered I knew how to do it.

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  28. Little Miss had her birthday party today. She and mommy and daddy had on t-shirts that said Hey Barbie, let’s go party. Mommy had a friend who has a 6 yr old daughter. At the first birthday party she tried to open all the gifts and again today she tried. She kept saying M said I could help her. M is FOUR. Her mother did nothing. Her grandparents were there and finally they took her away for a few minutes. Really! You aren’t doing YOUR child any favors allowing them to act this way.
    The party was in a really nice park near the water. It was a beautiful day and a little girl got waaaayyyyyy too much but that’s OK.

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  29. My phone is not showing the song videos. Not sure why. We were trying to learn a new song, His Mercy Is More, today. One of the writers of the song will preach a sermon and do a concert sometime in the near future. It will be nice to know one of his songs😀

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  30. DJ- I like the Indelible Grace version of that song. We sing it to an older tune. Good thoughts: All will be well, All is well; All must be well. From hope, to faith, to assurance.

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  31. I read a bit and then I fell asleep for what became a 2-hour nap. I thought sure it was Monday morning when I woke up.

    Strange dreams including one about a port official’s divorce proceedings the editor said I had to cover. Sixty of his girlfriends were going to have to testify. 60!?

    And I also dreamed the supermarket got these cute round metal baskets you pulled or pushed along on wheels (rather than the push carts).

    I must have been really tired.

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  32. Oh, dj ! Pulling wagons in the grocery store makes sense. Then children in the wagons are not so close to mama’s watchful eye and can have all kinds of fun behind her back😳


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