25 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-1-22

  1. Good morning!
    Good evening!
    Good 24 hours that the Lord has made to rejoice and be glad in wherever we may be.

    Another lovely header. Such a magnificent view. I do notice one home is on stilts and the other is not. I know there is a story about that.

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  2. Good morning, all. And good night, Jo, though it is nearly Saturday morning there.

    Clear blue sky letting the sun look in as it rises. But cool here, not yet up to sixty in the house by the fire.

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  3. This morning I read Psalm 92. The last four verses reminded me of the recent death of Chas and an elderly man who influenced many our circle of churches, as well as many others.

    12 The righteous flourish like the palm tree
    and grow like a cedar in Lebanon.
    13 They are planted in the house of the Lord;
    they flourish in the courts of our God.
    14 They still bear fruit in old age;
    they are ever full of sap and green,
    15 to declare that the Lord is upright;
    he is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in him.

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  4. Good Morning Everyone. Another thing that happened this week….
    We are having a class called B O L D in Pcola. We had the first class this Wednesday and will skip next then start again on the 13th and have it each week for 6 weeks. A coach flies in to teach it. After the class Wednesday he, one of the sponsors, and I went out to lunch. We were chatting about various things and he shared his story…. You KNOW how I love a good personal story.
    In 1973 his girlfriend became pregnant. He graduated from high school and a month later the baby was born. Fast forward and some years ago he posted on FB that it was his son’s birthday and had been given up for adoption. At the same time a man went camping with some friends and told them he had thought about trying to find his birth parents. One of the friends asked if he could try. A few months after that the Coach received a call from the friend of the son. They have now had a relationship for close to 10 years.
    The similarities between them are scary. Both in real estate, both play a certain sport, etc. I told him about studies of twins who did not grow up together and how the same things happens with them because they are who they are without trying to NOT be like someone else. He asked me, so it’s like two magnets. Had we been together he would have been repelled. Yes!
    THEN, and this gave me chills…The son said to him, “You had choices in 1973. Thank you for choosing life”.

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  5. Morning! Dark ominous clouds up there….and that’s why it is so green in that region! Water!
    Chas meant that he knew Peter would be entering into the blog with the Friday funnies! You have been ever so faithful to deliver the funnies Peter and we cherish you faithfulness….and we miss Chas…..
    It is a cold 34 degrees here and cloudy. We begin a small group dinner gathering tonight so we must drive into town to meet with two other couples from church. Honestly I am not looking forward to it and praying the Lord changes my outlook on this….husband is the one who agreed to it without my prior notice….and I am taking a gluten oat free salad. We will be required to host next month…..there is a long list of dietary restrictions from one of the attendees….

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  6. Peter, thank you for that reminder of Chas. It reminded me of what I ready yesterday morning in Prayers in the Night.
    “Christian teaching and practice calls us into a life and death story– a story we ourselves did not writ. So when we ask God to bless the dying, we are leaving it up to God to decide what that might look like. Of course blessing might mean that they dying are mde well. But it might also mean that they die well– that their death, like their life, might be part of God’s beautiful story, and that even in their dying moments they might find flourishing”.

    I have “seen” two men die well. My father-in-law in 2003. He died of emphysemia. He was put in a hospital bed in the living room on Friday, family and friends poured in Saturday. He sat up in bed and had a party. That night he went to sleep, slept all day Sunday, and peacefully died Sunday evening.
    Then from afar I watched Chas die. There is no question that he “died well”.

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  7. NancyJill, before your turn, let them know that is your night for fasting and they are welcome to fast with you or bring their own food.

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  8. That reminds me of a line in a song, Iowa Stubborn, from The Music Man, inviting the new guy in town to the town picnic: “You can eat your fill of all the food you bring yourself.”

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  9. Those Iowans.

    “Music Man’ was everywhere when I was growing up, we sang the songs in school choruses and I knew the music long before I ever saw the movie.

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  10. Peter, do you know who writes the Pour Over news site? I can’t seem to find any information about it anywhere on their rather bare-bones website. I understand it’s more of a newsletter, but I like to see who’s producing it, what their backgrounds are, etc.

    Maybe I’m just not seeing it but the website isn’t the most user-friendly. I signed up for it and am interested in the concept, but just wanted to know more about it.


  11. Times must be getting back to normal, or whatever that was, I’m off for an actual “in-person” news conference in about an hour. Called up the location and it looks like a dirt lot in the middle of the port complex, but maybe makes sense as it’s a port trucking site.

    Ready, knee?

    But FIRST …


    The cat wants to be fed. Again.

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  12. I am doing a different kind of pour over with my kitchen sink drain. I am boiling a pot of water, putting bleach in it, and pouring it into the kitchen sink drain in hopes it will help clear out the slow motion of the system.

    A concerted effort is being made by the ladies in the office and me to get Art to eat meals there instead of letting the hours pass by while he works nonstop.

    I thought, again, of mowing the yard, but I have all these floorishing patches of flea bane which produce a smallish white flower with a yellow center. The plants look very tacky right now sticking up all around before they bloom, but once blooming they will be cute (at least to me).


  13. Yes, we get the clouds, but clouds and sun can come on the same day. The weather moves through, so even rain rarely lasts for more than a few hours. I always carry an umbrella.

    Notice the hot water solar panels on the roof and the water tank behind the house. The stilts are just the way the hillside goes. Too many stairs to those homes for me. I walk down a slope, but no steps into my place.

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  14. I noticed the water tank, wondered if that’s what that was.

    We had a visible, billowing mass of the marine layer moving in over the peninsula late yesterday. Keeping things cool.


    Back from the news conference, lots of port and city officials, including the mayors of LA and LB. And some shiny, new battery-electric trucks that cost $1 million each.

    It’s always like being in the land of behemoth trucks, trains and ships when you’re “down” in the port, everything else is dwarfed. City Jeep made it through, though.

    Now I’m listening to the transcription recording from my phone just get more thorough quotes — I like it because I can slow down the speed — so everyone sounds drunk but I get every word that way. 🙂


  15. oh, my, got an email from my cpa who is working on my taxes. It does not look good. Not sure what I will owe. Oh well. last year I owed nothing and got refunds, so I can’t complain. Turns out not enough self employment tax was taken out. My employer does that and they must have goofed.


  16. Time to head for school to do a bit of Saturday work. The power was off yesterday while they fixed some power poles, so I couldn’t update any of my plans on the computer.


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