32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-29-22

  1. My goal during my next days off is to tackle my wordpress password so that I can like posts again. It is too frustrating to try to change if I don’t have time to concentrate. I have another website that uses wordpress, and I think my password is something like 12 letters long.

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  2. Morning! That looks like phlox ….. I am looking forward to ours blooming in a couple months!
    We are having a delightful rainy day here with some snow tonight but at least the temps won’t be below zero!
    Word press has been interesting lately for me too Rk….frustrating … but it is always good to see you!

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  3. There’s a nasty little bug going around these parts I’m getting over. Poor Cheryl has it now too. 😦

    It’s symptoms are runny nose, sore throat, slight fever, and general soreness. I slept like 26 out of a 48 hour period over the weekend. Skipped church too, didn’t want to spread it. It’s not Covid though, I tested and it was negative. It’s still pretty awful.

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  4. Looks like phlox to me. Yesterday it looked like crocuses to me.

    It sounds like some clever people figured out how to get more taxes from the people who either don’t read, pay attention or have someone they can pay to do so for them, than from those who do, Peter. That is kind of like the business that always has rebates you can get. It only pays with a certain sum you can get after postage and the bother of sending for the rebate. Plus, there are all the people who missed the deadline for the rebate. Thus, they never really pay out the rebate amount.

    Kizzie, I am a little embarrassed to admit that I also fixed a sink sprayer to spray an unexpecting fellow student. It was a sprayer that tended to get stuck and had sprayed a student (maybe me?) already. Unfortunately, someone watching decided to do the same with a rubber band. That did not go well with the Home Ec teacher, of course. We got a lecture out of it only, though, as I recall.

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  5. Good morning all and good night, Jo though it is nearly Wednesday morning already.

    Heavy fog here, lots of rain yesterday so the plants are happy. Around forty degrees expecting to hit fifty six. Supposed to clear for a few days with more rain and dipping to thirty or lower but definitely spring here. Robins are busy.

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  6. The seasonal flu is beginning to appear again with the relaxation of protocols, too. Last year it was a no-show, which was so strange.

    Beautiful flowers.

    Today may not be too bad, I have two fairly short stories to do and an interview for another story I’ll do later this week.

    The sun is out today after yesterday’s wonderful, dark and wet rainy day. We needed that.

    It was the gardeners’ regular day yesterday but they didn’t come, of course; they may be here today, I put the check in an envelope on the patio.


    In my morning online scan of some regular sites today I was reminded (via a link on Challies) that when I’m going through trials it is important to focus on whether I’m glorifying God. Our normal responses, of course, are worry and trying to control the situation. Yep, I’m familiar with those responses. Glorfying God as a response, especially inwardly in my attitude, was one I needed a reminder about.

    And there was this, too, from the World Magazine email on the topic of “Liberties” today:

    ~ On Sunday I was convicted by a pastor’s reminder that Jesus’ admonitions about anger (Matthew 5:21-26) don’t just apply to anger at an offense. They extend to dismissive attitudes and words toward those around us—people who are, regardless of their politics, religion, or morality, God’s image-bearers. He noted it’s easy as a young boy to obey a parent’s charge not to hit your sister, but quite another to seek her well-being and peace at all times. Loving your neighbor isn’t a simple checklist.

    Notwithstanding a Constitution that guards free speech, words are costly. We need to spend them wisely, seeking the well-being of our neighbors, especially the ones we disagree with. ~

    It made me, again, lament at some of my own moments that will sometimes haunt me — thinking of my lack of patience and critical attitude at times with Carol, or other instances where I wasn’t loving my neighbor, whoever that may have been in the moment, or glorifying God, either one.

    Grateful today for His forgiveness and the ability to always start over, learning from my own really imperfect past.

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  7. I took that photo on my walk late yesterday. I got some other nice photos which I did not expect to do since the light was dim after sunset, but the camera phone tends to give added light.

    I have finally gotten off the Zoom phone call with our smallish Bible study group, only four today. We had so much to talk about before we started, more than ever it seemed and many prayer requests so prayer time went long. It’s such a sweet group.

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  8. Good reminders, dj. All very convicting.

    I wonder if that bug might be what hit at Wesley’s campus that brought on his bronchitus. I hope/pray that Art or any of his staff does not get it. Prayers for all afflicted to get over it in a jif.

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  9. sunshine!! we don’t see it often.

    What a cheerful picture to begin the day with.
    Today we will have a celebration to end our conference. A celebration I don’t believe we have had since 2019. We will have folks march in carrying all of the portions of scripture that have been done in the last three years. It includes things like the Jesus video and everything that has been published, oh and sd cards maybe. Much has been recorded as this is an oral culture. It will be amazing. taking my camera.

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  10. Our littles are back home again. We did church online, since it would have been distracting to have those two in church with us. I did have to laugh when one was told to shush when we were listening to the praise team on the iPad. She suddenly held her fingers up in the shape of a cross as if holding off a vampire and aimed them at the iPad. Apparently, she was not impressed by the singing–or the interruption to her fun. It was just so unexpected.

    We normally take the family out for breakfast after church, but that is a challenge for our one with Celiac disease. I have gotten better at figuring out what to cook or have on hand. Our daughter does bring things too, of course, like her own margarine and bags to use in the toaster. Everything has to be checked for gluten.

    If someone needs a fun game for 3-year old’s try Diggin’ Doggies. It has four cute little plastic dogs and 12 bones. Each bone has a color on the bottom of it and a magnet in it. Each dog has a magnet in its nose. The dogs walk around a circle according to the number of steps on a die. Then, if there is a bone in the ‘hole’ by where the dog stopped (which is tested by picking up the bone by the dog’s nose and checking the color on the bottom) the dog gets to take the bone back to its doghouse. There is not much else too it; just enough to add some drama and it is a relatively short game unlike going up ladders and chutes for what may seem forever. These two girls love it and will even play it on their own now. I bought it for them for Christmas and was pleasantly surprised about how simple and fun it is.

    I never knew the snow drift near our front windows could be so much fun. The girls used the snow saucer taking turns pulling each other off the peak of it. Such a little slope, but so much fun for them. That is the fun of little ones.

    I like the shimmery aspect of that photo, Janice. The little bit of rain or dew left on the flowers is pretty.

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  11. The neighbor who was on a psychiatric hold came back, and the mom called the police — he wasn’t making much noise but she was having a meltdown, she’s been adamant that she won’t allow him to live there any longer — so my guess is they were able to take him in for violating the restraining order she said she was going to get.

    I’ve had the most frustrating story to do today, just finished it off (barring editor questions) and I’m exhausted.

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  12. I’ve written out a book review of The Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, and I need to post it. I was thinking about how Wesley now does book reviews for literary journals, a completely different level than what I do, but still fun to think he is doing that.

    I am sweating after being out on my walk. It’s so hard to know how to dress. I have on a short sleeve top with a light fleece vest over it because it has been breezy lately. It felt good as I headed out, but we have some hills so that is what brought out the sweat. More people were out walking than I have seen lately. I guess the warmer weather felt like an invitation to be out.

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  13. While walking I passed the yard where Wesley had his first paying job mowing grass. I use to help him keep up that yard. Now it is sodded and looks much more professionally landscaped.

    I also remembered how at one time we set up our nice badminton set with the net across our driveway. We left it up for quite awhile because we were able to pull it up and drive our smallish vehicles under it. One time a widow (or divorced) older lady who lived two doors away came over and asked if it met county code to have it up. Truly at the time I did not know if she was serious or joking. I thought surely she is not serious, but then again perhaps she was. Whatever she meant, we did keep it up for a season. It was a lot of fun.

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  14. It’s snowing and 29 degrees..I need to bring those potted tulips in from the patio table I suppose! We already have the 3 of the 1-3 inches predicted and we are wondering just how much we shall be looking at in the morning….wet heavy slushy mush!


  15. I sat out on the front porch for a while after work, had to grab a heavy-lined jean jacket to wear over my sweatshirt it was so chilly. Saw a few dogs being walked by, always makes me smile and if the owners notice me (some are talking with partners or on their phones and the porch is set quite a ways back and above the sidewalk) I always remark about how cute or beautiful or happy their dogs look.

    We’re staying in the 60s for the rest of the week.

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  16. Long night on the porch standing watch with my neighbor across the way on her front lawn; her son came roaring back tonight, yelling and swearing at his mom and then kicking in the back door. She managed to run outside through the front door. I called police right away and she called, too, but it took them a long time to come.

    He’s off to jail for the night, it’s hoped, though they noted that violating a restraining order (which was what they arrested him for) is just a misdemeanor and we now have a zero-cost bail policy for those cases here, so no telling how quickly he’d be out. But they were taking him down to south central station instead of harbor jail so he’ll be farther away and will have no money or means, presumably, to get home easily. Guess his truck is wrecked and in the impound.

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  17. Aj, I just posted on facebook two pictures of my view, with sunshine and with clouds. If you want to share my world on here, feel free to grab them.

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