35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-28-22

  1. Good morning, to all but Jo. To Jo I offer “Sweet Dreams!”

    I have been online shopping for printer paper. I had to pay a lot more than I use to pay. Of course, I usually try to wait until there is a good sale, but that strategy does not work this close to April 15th.

    The workmen are at the home next door. They have been filling up that dumpster and working over there for several weeks now. That home is an endless source of curiosity for me. For what was paid for it, I can not imagine having all this work done. Wonders never cease. And money grows on trees or in other words, the neighbor’s lot is greener than our lot.

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  2. Busy with two little granddaughters here this morning. They keep me hopping and laughing. The room looks like a tornado recently passed through.

    We have ridiculous temperatures here this morning. -4 in one of the nearby towns. -11 reported by a fellow jammer. Not nice for the end of March. The snow we will get shortly will not be unusual but is at least waiting until the grands get home. The sun is deceptive. It was warm enough for the little girls to walk around outside long enough to be able to come in again and get hot cocoa. πŸ™‚

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  3. Good morning, all, but Jo. Good night, Jo, though it is nearly Tuesday morning for you. It would be fun if you could help train your replacement.

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  4. Morning! Anyone know what those lovely flowers are up there? I am still very curious about the ones from the other day! 😊
    Tomorrow we shall have rain turning to snow but not those frigid temps you are experiencing Kathaleena! Brrrrr Come on Spring rains and warmish temps!

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  5. Though it sounds like fun to train your replacement, it can be scary. If that person does not perform how you think it should be, it makes you want to stay on to get the job done the right way. But then, often what you consider the “right” way is only the way you do it, not the way it can be done.

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  6. Here is a QoD:

    Friday is April 1st. What is your favorite April Fool’s joke that you or someone else did?

    Mine involved my son. One year, he created a fake Facebook profile for a young woman, then friended her. Later, he marked his status as “engaged” to her. We didn’t have FB in those days, but a friend contacted Mrs. L and congratulated her on the future “daughter-in-law”. Needless to say we got a good laugh out of that one.

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  7. That’s the problem we have to overcome with children and chores, isn’t it, Peter?

    I’m finishing up several projects today, but the most important one comes in a few hours–I’ll spend time with the three Adorable granddaughters while their mother takes her 21 year-old cat to the vet to be put down.

    Not looking forward to it, but this really is a task for a grandmother who will cry with them and maybe answer a question or two.

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  8. Peter, an older friend who is now passed away told me about when she and her daughter played a trick on her husband. The daughter had gotten one of those trinkets from gumball type machines that had those little clear pop open containers with tiny toys. She had gotten a miniature dentures set. While my friend’s husband’s dentures soaked overnight, friend and daughter replaced the real dentures with the tiny fake ones.

    This lady was my mother’s friend and former boarding roomate when they first came to Atlanta for secretarial jobs. That was when my mother worked at the Army base typing releases from service for WWII soldiers. She actually got to type her brother’s release. (Rabbit trail from the denture’s story!)

    This lady was the one who told me about the house we live in back when I was looking to buy. We were neighbors for quite a long while.

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  9. I’m asking if I can cover it via the livestream as you can also ask questions that way — going out there will be complicated and sort of a time-kill, with media having to be shuttled form one place to another in the rain. I honestly don’t know what more I’d get going out there. And it’s a joint news conference between Baltimore & LB announcing port projects in the budget so just taking notes will be way easier not juggling notebook & phone to try to get it all.

    That’s my rationale, anyway, we’ll see if it works for the editor. If not, I’ll have to head out there — photographer already set to be there.

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  10. Morning all. So peaceful here to get up just before daylight and be entirely fogged in and then slowly watch the fog leave and the view open up. Very thankful for the rain we have had.

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  11. One April Fools Day many years ago, Nightingale put a rubber band around the lever of the sprayer on the kitchen sink. (Including a photo here in case anyone doesn’t know what I am referring to.) That way, when an unsuspecting person goes to merely turn on the faucet, they would get sprayed by the sprayer.

    But what makes this story funny is that it was Nightingale herself who got sprayed – twice! – because she had forgotten about it. πŸ˜€

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  12. Almost giddy after six weeks of deadlines and pressures and a calendar maxed out with things written everywhere.

    Tomorrow I’ll start up again, at least with blog posts and Bible study, but I feel like I’ve got a breather and it’s so lovely . . . I think we’ll have takeout for dinner! Why cook?

    Either that or leftovers, tee-hee.

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  13. Lovely trip to Moscow. Husband and two children went along, then took my car to speech therapy and errands and came back for me. Now they are off to karate. It is a travel day. Fuel was 4.07.

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  14. I think we do not get into April Fool’s tricks because of tax season. Uncle Sam plays plenty of tricks on people that day when he squeezes blood out of tutnips getting every last drop owed to him.

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  15. I’m not fond of pranks myself. With this boy in the house, I am always nervous on April 1.

    But one year, he did an April Fools prank. . .sometime in the fall. Nightingale thought that was clever. Who’d expect it?

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  16. Canada is, sadly, getting an April Fool’s joke of an added 11 cents per litre on gas. That’s an extra 45 cents per gallon! We are not happy.

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  17. News conference today was a bust, off-topic from what we expected. But still is a busy week. I’m trying to get up more frequently from the desk and walk out to the front porch to spend some time, just stretching, praying, taking in the fresh (more or less) air, clipping dead heads from the now overflowing geranium flower baskets than hang over the porch. It’s making a difference, I am definitely dealing with some stress these days and I’m feeling it spiritually, mentally and physically.

    We got a good amount of rain from just before dawn until mid-afternoon or so. More expected tonight, but that’ll be it. We’ll take whatever we can get.

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  18. Typical government “this makes sense” but doesn’t really: Missouri increased the gasoline tax 2.5 cents as of October 2021, and will keep increasing it by that much for 3 more years. The nonsensical part is that we can apply for a 2.5 cent per gallon purchased. Of course, not everyone will do so, especially since it involves saving all the receipts every time we get gas.


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