49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-26-22

  1. Probably “just a weed”, but there has to be a deeper meaning there. Are we all “just” something?
    PaPa wanted Little Miss to have a Butterfly Garden, so off we went to buy the designated butterfly attracting plants. While there and purchasing the requisite plants: Lantana, Coneflower, Floss Flower, Joe Pie Weed, Butterfly Weed AKA Milkweed, Salvia, and Yarrow, I ran into an old farmer I know (Ex-mother-in-law’s cousin). He asked what we were doing and I told him and what plants I was buying, “Well, if you want to plant WEEDS that’s your business”, he said. So as I got to the check out I bought two bags of “wildflowers”–THAT’S another name for weeds.

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  2. Off to do a prayer walk at church this morning. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one.

    What glory to have a deadline off my head–for at least the morning.

    (Must start Bible study prep for Tuesday!)

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  3. Good to see you, DJ! I got another letter written to another grandchild and took it up to the box because I can do that now. Fourteen was busy picking up rocks in the yard and putting them in the chicken run. Fifteen was repairing a raised bed. Nobody needed to be watched. I also sent twenty a letter.

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  4. Good late afternoon, here at least. Art worked all night so I did not get up and cook eggs this morning. I slept until about nine which seemed decadent.

    I shopped at Marshall’s for some items for a baby shower at church tomorrow. I have bought things for three babies this week and a bag of the ‘good stuff’ Easter candy for the egg stuffing. Going to a larger church has many more opportunities to practice generosity.😀

    It was fun shopping for baby things. I found the cutest little Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar soft ring toy for a baby to hold that when squeezed gently makes a crinkle sound. I also got a soft fabric baby’s first number book (an accountant could not resist), and I found a handy gadget, a large snapping hook that moms (or dads) can use to hang things from strollers, grocery carts and such. I did not get anything on the registry at Target. Is it okay that I went with some things off list? I am not planning on including a receipt either. Is that okay? I have not given such gifts in a long time. Previously at the other church I crocheted little baby blankets for gifts, but I did not have the luxury of time in this case.

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  5. I am unfamiliar with that plant in the header photo. I tried once many years ago to grow lupine here. It did not like our weather at all. I think the south is typically too warm for it, but I was young and optimistic about having a green thumb back then.

    The wind is really bad today. It will be in the upper thirties tomorrow morning. All the poor blooms and blossoms will suffer😢 Glad I got some photos when I had a chance.

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  6. I went to the mechanic who said to come sometime this morning to get the tires rotated. No one there. I tried the phone number, but got a message that the voice mail wasn’t activated. I could go somewhere else, but since I bought the tires there I get free rotations.

    Later I mulched some of the leaves left over from the fall. I didn’t do those then since there is little grass there and I wanted the rotting leaves to feed the soil.

    Then I finished my taxes. Now to print them off and mail them. I e-filed the federal for free, but don’t feel like paying to e-file for two states.

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  7. Seen on Next Door today:
    “I was robbed at a gas station in Decatur last night. After my hands stopped trembling..I managed to call the cops and they were quick to respond and calmed me down….. My money is gone.. the police asked me if I knew who did it..I said yes.. it was pump number 9…”

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  8. And I just got robbed at the grocery store.

    Honestly, it’s getting kind of scary, these prices. I’m terrified to “retire” ever.

    I hope my taxes made it to the tax guy, I emailed them over a week ago but hadn’t heard back yet so I emailed again on Friday, I think just to make sure they received them. Still nothing from them.

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  9. We got all of our tax stuff together this morning, too. i wanted to do it sooner but was overruled. However, my husband had started, and the papers were all over the table. He realized the grands are coming this evening, so we better get it finished. He is a procrastinator, and I am a “let’s get this finished so I don’t have to think about it anymore” person. Pretty sure the Lord is trying to teach me patience. I think I am a slow learner.

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  10. Ah, good thing I checked, tax guy said the email never showed up from a week ago so I re-sent it; if there are still problems I may have to go old-school and drive down there to drop them off this week, or over-night them; but I’d feel better about dropping the info off, I think.


  11. Kathaleena – Nightingale is the procrastinator, and I am like you. (Hubby was a procrastinator, too.) I recently actually became depressed because of a certain issue that she has procrastinated on for far too long. Then I realized that I needed to reset my own expectations, and try to have patience and trust God to do the nudging. (I think I may have written about this before.)

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  12. 1.Janice, being new to the church I would think any gift would be appreciated.
    2.There is an app you can put on your phone to ID plants and trees. I don’t have it but the landscaper did when we we talking about my yard.
    3. Mr P and I were robbed at the Piggly Wiggly yesterday. 1.3 pounds of ground beef was $9. I asked the “Goat Man” for his smallest container of tabbouli. You can never get exactly what you want from him. He is the best salesman on earth. He chatted me up about what I was going to have with it, then tried to sell me hummus, then tried to get me to taste everything he had- sorry I have braces in. Anyway the tabbouli was $11 and some change. I wanted enough for the two of us yesterday. I have enough for all next week too.

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  13. Good night, all. There is a nice steady rain falling here. So nice, we truly needed it. All of the rocks have come up out of the roads making it dangerous for walking.

    I have been praying for all of California to have a rain like this.

    Earlier, when I wanted to take my walk, there was a lot of thunder and lightning, so I decided to skip walking outside today.

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  14. I see God continues to place Himself before the other twenty’s eyes. Son sent pics of himself at one this morning. Pics look like they were taken in an ER or some such, of his seriously burned legs. Apparently, he was attempting to pour fuel on a fire, not realizing the container was leaking onto his pants leg. Oops. I am sure we will hear more later.

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  15. Sounds awful, mumsee.

    It’s dark and cool here this morning, rain expected to start after midnight and go through Monday morning.

    Staying home from church this morning, woke up not feeling the best, better now, but it felt like I didn’t sleep all that well last night and was up late texting my “progressive” liberal friend, still trying to build a foundation there but we generally fall into different viewpoint camps (not religiously, specifically, and I’m somewhat avoiding “going there” for now until I feel there’s more of a foundation between us as friends).

    Also avoiding politics, she’s especially committed to the new views on sexuality, a strong supporter of gay marriage. She also has a very hard-edge or sharpness to her discussions on areas of disagreement, not a lot of grace there, either inward or outward, I’m picking up.

    Anyway, it was a fairly late night and I woke up today just not feeling my usual, go-get-em, upbeat self (haha).

    Reading an interesting article about how the world has historically seen, overall, more peace since the end of the cold war than it has ever, pretty much. Now it appears we could be moving back into a more “normal” state with what is going on with Russia, China etc.

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  16. Meant to say my progressive Christian friend. Raised Methodist, her parents were super involved in church and it was all very important in her growing up years, too; she reconnected with the faith later, but remains very liberal on a number of social issues so she is adamant about only going to what she calls an “inclusive” church.

    Some of those issues loom so strong for her that I wonder sometimes if it might have a lot to do with her being sexually assaulted by a neighbor as a child, an event that seriously threw her into a major life tailspin with years of counseling and even dropping out of high school (she later went on to college and became a city librarian).

    My sense, admittedly from afar, is that the victimization she experienced may make some parts of the Christian message more difficult for her now (as in self-examination and daily repentance; she “seems” more ready to strike out at others).

    She and I share one favorite Christian author, David Paul Tripp, though in her case she was introduced to him via a grief counseling program she once went through. I suspect that theologically she’d not be that aligned with him these days.

    Only God knows someone’s heart, but my sense is that she is a believer but one who’s become confused on a number of issues — and that, unfortunately, keeps her in more unorthodox churches. (She’s not attending church at all right now, she moved to the desert area this past year and has cataract surgeries coming up in the next 2 months; after that, she said she’s hoping to find a church.)

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  17. I have the Plant Snap app which is pretty good. Use it a lot when I see something I like but have no clue what it is.


  18. That sermon sounds wonderful, dj.

    So sorry to hear about that bad burn, Mumsee. Horrible. It takes quite a while to heal something like that.🙏

    We had a wonderful sermon on Revelation 2-3. Last Sunday night that visiting pastor spoke on Revelation 1 which the regular pastor did not know was his plan. The sermon today fit well with the sermon last Sunday, but the pastor was concerned at firat that it might not and he’d have to plan something else.

    In Sunday school the teacher mentioned that he is currently reading a book by Tim Kellor. I was glad to hear that. In class we read and discussed verses in 2nd Timothy and Psalm 119. I keep meeting new people in that class. I was able to give the baby shower gift to the couple there.

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  19. We’re going straight through Revelation — now in Rev. 11 (“part 30,” to give you an idea how long the sermons have been ongoing — today’s sermon was by a guest minister so we took a break).

    I still haven’t heard back from the tax guy regarding whether I need to fax or drop off my information — I emailed the attachment email I’d sent on 3/17 again last night.

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  20. It’s a cloudy Spring day here. We went to church and the long winded elder finished up 1Peter ch. 3…..he wasn’t so long winded today 😊 Dogs and husband are napping and I have been trying to read through my Bible Study notes for Tuesday…three more chapters and we are done…a 15 chapter book we started in September…. 😉

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  21. First time back to in person church for me. ‘Twas good to be there. Our pastors both had Covid the last two weeks. Today was the continuation of Jacob – finishing well. I wonder what we’ll be studying next, now that Jacob has died. I’m going to guess it will be going through a New Testament book.

    I was able to help a friend out whose whole family is sick. We rarely get the opportunity to help others personally as we live so far out of town and the situation just doesn’t arise (to my knowledge or ability). It was good to be able to pick up some groceries for her and drop them off on our way home from church.

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  22. Jacob . . . the Deciever. Hmmm . . . I heard someone, a man, referring to himself like that sometime not too long ago. Finally I remembered it was Phillip Yancey in his memoir. I think he was saying that was how he related to his mother or maybe that was how she saw him, pointing out a shortcoming. I think he was not so outright rebellious as his brother, but he was well practiced at being deceptive.

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  23. That is great that you could help the family get some groceries, Kare. I know it meant a lot to them. It warms the heart of the giver to do such things too.

    I loved finding out today that the pregnant lady I gave the baby shower gift to is a preschool teacher so she will probably appreciate the little Eric Carle Hungry caterpillar toy more than someone else might.

    The church plans to open up the coffee bar on Easter Sunday. That will be nice.

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  24. Kare – That was nice of you, and I know that you, the giver, were as blessed as the recipient was. Isn’t that neat how God made it to work out that way?

    I’ve also noticed that our gratitude for a blessing increases the blessing.

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  25. Listening to a lovely rain falling here. I also saw that California is getting rain. Praying that all of the reservoirs will get filled there.

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  26. How nice to find 49 waiting for me.
    Talked to a friend at conference today who is a teacher. She was so pleased that next year she will be an aide instead as that sounds good. Then I mentioned that the plans for a Kinder teacher had fallen through. She is really a fourth or fifth grade teacher. But she was considering kinder and knew that she could have a chance to come learn from me. She would be excellent. God knows who he has chosen.

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