39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-25-22

  1. The pic is Jackson Hall at CSU, which is a fine name for a building. 🙂

    I took it from in the car, since it was cold and snowy. You can see a faint reflection of the dash in the bottom left. 🙂

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  2. Love that, Jackson Hall, header! Beautiful old building that has much charm.

    The other CSU I know of has palm trees and newer looking buildings because it dates from the 1960’s.


  3. Good morning, Wanderers. I know Peter will be around to remind of the distinctive fun offered on this day of the week.

    As I started out to walk yesterday evening, I noticed my crop of weeds growing by the curb. I began pulling them up. They were mocking me as I have been noticing such things in the yards of others. I have let the teenage mutant weeds grow since I did not want to disturb the cute violet tolerable weeds. That made these taller weeds stick out and oh so easy to pluck.

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  4. So, what do the letters CSU stand for? Connecticut State University? Central State Univ? Collective of Socialist Uniformity?

    You know, “university” used to imply “unity in diversity”, but lately they should change to “disunity in diversity”, since those who disagree with the woke minority aren’t allowed to have our say at many institutions of higher learning.

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  5. Good Morning Everyone. Good Night Jo. Because of you, on Wednesday when a little boy asked his mother when it would be Saturday in Australia, I told them Friday night.

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  6. I know we have all been thinking of Chas and Elvera and how he wanted to be with her. He told us he knew there was no marriage in heaven but hoped they would know each other.
    I’ve been thinking a lot lately, mainly because Ancestry dot com kept sending me hints to the point I renewed my subscription and have been playing around in it. @Michelle I am going to need some tutoring.
    In looking at census records, marriage, and death records, I was reminded of my mother’s first marriage in 1959 to the man I think might have been the love of her life. Years ago through Ancestry I contacted his nephew and BG and I were grafted into their family tree under my mother. I thought it was one of the kindest things a person could do.
    While Janice and I were together we talked about various things, my mother included. My mother had a whirlwind of a year and a half. She was widowed in July, remarried in February and I was born the following January. Her story was always that she wasn’t supposed to be able to have children. I now know not to tell that story because whatever she said has become subject to suspicion.
    I do know that as her first husband was dying, one of the last things he did was send her to buy a new car and bring the documents to him in the hospital to sign. He looked after her until the end. It doesn’t matter really, but since attending Chas’ funeral and talking to Janice, I really do hope that you can know people in heaven and I hope that when my mother died, she found Jennings. I hope he was happy to see her. I’m pretty sure my father hasn’t looked her up.

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  7. Husband should be able to get home today. Daughter had somebody else call in sick but was able to find coverage instead of stepping up herself.

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  8. CSU = California State University, of course.

    A busy Friday ahead, but I’m not anticipating it to be as busy as yesterday was with two meetings to cover and write up.

    The harbor fog horns are busy, from last night through this morning (and they’re still sounding off at 9 a.m.). We’re supposed to get rain overnight Sunday into Monday and temperatures, which have been in the low to mid-80s in coastal LA this past week, have dropped quickly, we should be in the mid-60s all through next week.

    I saw the mom from next door the other day, she was walking the dog down to her sister’s house around the corner. Her son remains hospitalized, she said, which I think is probably still part of the “hold” they have him on for an assessment. I asked if he was better, she said no, adding that she wasn’t going to allow him to come back to live with her (though keeping him away may be tricky).

    I didn’t get all of what she said as it seemed like the dog barked at every other word, so I lost a lot of what she said (I was on my front porch, she was walking by on the sidewalk below so there was a distance between us — and the dog, a black retriever, is a loud barker 🙂 ).

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  9. We are mid forties with possible sixty today. Possible rain but more likely in a few days. I may have to begin watering my carrots and beets and lettuce and spinach and chard and potatoes and onions.

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  10. Nightingale and Chickadee will be here soon. We will be having fish tacos from a local restaurant for lunch, and Nightingale picked up a cake for dessert.

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  11. Whew! Finished the big deadline and sent it off to the pastor for “doctrinal review.”

    I’m the Bible study teacher at a convention in June and my talk on Psalm 62 (two 1/2 hour teachings) is due on Monday to the synod review committee.

    It should not have been this hard, but I’ve not spoken before for them and I needed to make sure everything was Scripturally sound–with links in my case–so our pastor is going to take a look before I turn it in.

    I’ve had umpteen interruptions this week which only added to the stress.

    But! God is my hope and salvation, all power belongs to Him!

    Right out of the text. 🙂

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  12. Adorable granddaughter turned 3 yesterday and shows no sign of ever being premature.

    I bought her a series of Pet Patrol DVDs as a gift and when she opened the package she kept exclaiming, “Books, books, book!”

    Her mother laughed. “I don’t think she’s ever seen a DVD before!”

    Ah, technology!

    Now, to wade through 72 emails . . . . grrrrr

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  13. another foggy morning here.
    When I’m ready I will head down the hill to the craft market. They used to be a weekly part of the market time, but now we only do them every 3 to 6 months.

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  14. I’m writing about sensory overload conditions and the blue economy today.

    Sensory overload is in, just embarking on the blue economy story.

    And I’m so sleepy I can barely keep my eyes open.


  15. There is also Colorado State University. I went to a CMSU -Central Missouri State. It has since changed its name to UCM. Funny, it’s 90 miles East of Kansas City in Western Missouri, but they call it Central.

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  16. We had a nice time. After Boy came home from school, we watched The Karate Kid together upstairs. Hubby and I had seen that way back in the 80s. Pretty good movie.

    Does anyone here watch Cobra Kai on Netflix? The reviews have been good, so I have thought about giving it a try. (Boy likes it.)

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  17. I never watched it either. Glad your day was good, Kizzie.

    Nasty windy, snowy, cold weather here. I didn’t have to go out. 🙂

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  18. None of that weather here. However I am not excited to return to California with the extreme drought situation. Here everything is always green and we can use all of the water that we want to. And, if it gets too hot, it only lasts for an hour, then it cools off. I have some adjusting ahead.

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