27 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-19-22

  1. Exactly….


    Don’t argue with the soy boy. You’ll just confuse him further.

    He/she/it is stunning and brave dang it!

    Shark, jumped.

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  2. It’s sad that there’s even an argument made in support of Russian aggression by a church, yet here we are.

    “Pope Francis to Kirill: Ukraine has a right to defend its land, identity against Russian “perverse abuse of power””


    “Will Pope Francis turn into a “just war” supporter after all? Not quite, but the pontiff moved considerably farther into the Ukraine crisis today — and on Wednesday in a confrontation with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill. Today, Francis called on other nations to provide aid that will allow Ukraine to “defend[] their land,” as well their identity — a pointed rebuke to arguments from Kirill and Vladimir Putin that Ukrainian identity doesn’t exist:

    Pope Francis on Friday denounced the “perverse abuse of power” on display in Russia’s war in Ukraine and called for aid to Ukrainians who he said had been attacked in their “identity, history and tradition” and were “defending their land.” …

    It came just days after Francis told the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, that the concept of a “just war” was obsolete since wars are never justifiable and that pastors must preach peace, not politics.

    Those comments, during a video call Wednesday with Kirill, seemed to be an indirect jab at the patriarch’s apparent defense of the war. Kirill, who is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, has seemingly justified the invasion by describing it as part of a struggle against sin and pressure from liberal foreigners to hold “gay parades.” He has blamed the West and a fellow Orthodox patriarch for fomenting enmity between Ukraine and Russia and echoed Putin in insisting they are “one people.”

    In his comments Friday, Francis did not mention Russia by name — evidence of the Vatican’s tradition of not identifying aggressors and its attempts to keep open a dialogue with Kirill’s church. But Francis strongly backed Ukraine.

    It doesn’t appear that the Holy Father is much concerned with further dialogue with the Patriarch in Moscow. Francis has tried to keep those lines open for the past three-plus weeks as other churches, and even some Russian Orthodox clerics (mainly abroad), took a harder line against Kirill. Signs that the Vatican had begun to lose patience with Kirill emerged late last week as Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin took the unusual step of openly and explicitly criticizing both Kirill and Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.

    However, even that appeared intended to allow Pope Francis to remain above the fray and allow room to act as neutral interlocutor for peace. That policy had drawn criticism for moral ambiguity in a morally clear moment:

    Unlike some European nationalists, who have suddenly blanked on Mr. Putin’s name to avoid reminding voters that they belonged to the Russian leader’s fan club, Francis’ motivation stems from his walking a fine line between global conscience, real-world diplomatic player and religious leader responsible for his own flock’s safety.

    Nevertheless, some of his own bishops and other supporters within the Roman Catholic Church want him to name names, and historians say the pontiff risks slipping off his high moral ground and into a murky space occupied prominently by Pope Pius XII, the wartime pope who avoided speaking critically of Hitler and the Axis powers as Germany invaded Poland and eventually perpetrated the Holocaust. …

    A recent editorial in the National Catholic Reporter, which is usually sympathetic to Francis, urged the pope to call out Mr. Putin. “Whatever is happening behind the scenes, it is time for Francis to speak the truth about the murderous assault on Ukraine,” it said, adding, “It is time to call things as they are. This is Putin’s war and it is evil.”

    The Vatican didn’t much care for that charge, coming from the firmly progressive Reporter, and made that much clear on Monday. “Francis has been subject of criticism from those who hope that in his public statements he would explicitly name Vladimir Putin and Russia,” read the Andrea Tornelli’s response in L’Osservatore Romano, “as if the words of the pastor of the universal church should reflect the sound bites of a television news program.” Tornelli, the editorial director for the Vatican’s Dicastery of Communications, also fumed that popes do not name aggressors “not out of cowardice or an excess of diplomatic prudence, but in order not to close the door, in order to always leave open a crack to the possibility of stopping the evil and saving human lives.””


  3. Of course she did. That’s what leftists do.

    “Ketanji Brown Jackson Chose To Give Child Predators Light Sentences “In Case After Case”…”

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  4. This is what collusion looks like.

    “How Dem officials, the media and Big Tech worked in concert to bury the Hunter Biden story”


    “Everlasting, undying, soul-rending shame be upon you, Facebook and Twitter and Politico and all the others who covered up, denied and suppressed this newspaper’s true and accurate reporting about Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020. You should be hurling yourselves at the feet of the American people, begging forgiveness. You should be renting billboards saying, “WE LIED.”

    But most importantly, you should be hauled before Congress to answer humiliating questions.

    These and other information purveyors owe us — not just this paper, but this country — restitution for what now looks like the most egregious and willful fake-news scam of our time. This paper’s scoops on Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020 were labeled “Russian misinformation” (Politico), a “hoax” (Steven Brill of “fact-check” site NewsGuard), discredited by “many, many red flags” (NPR) and a “hack and leak” operation that had to be throttled (Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg).

    It was infamously snuffed out on Twitter, as was The Post’s Twitter account, because of a policy about hacked materials that only seemed to apply to this one case.

    Twitter didn’t bar the New York Times’s stories about Donald Trump’s tax returns, which could have come from hacked materials for all we know, and almost certainly were the product of a criminal act (leaking tax returns is against the law), but the Times never even told us how it got the returns, so we don’t know.

    The Post acted with transparency in explaining to readers how it got the Laptop from Hell. Moreover, nobody on Team Biden denied The Post’s report, because they knew or suspected it was true. Every news outlet in the country should have fronted the story at that point: “Biden team refuses to deny Hunter Biden laptop story.” A few months later, Hunter himself said the laptop “certainly” could be his, and the media shrugged instead of apologizing.

    Even in the presidential debate where the matter came up, Joe Biden’s comments were not a denial but simply a deflection, and everybody who reported that he denied the laptop story was guilty of propagating fake news all over again. What he actually said was, “There are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what he’s accusing me of is a Russian plant. Five former heads of the CIA, both parties, say what he’s saying is a bunch of garbage. Nobody believes it except his good friend Rudy Giuliani.”

    Joe (who later said “Yes, yes, yes” when a reporter asked him if he “believed” the laptop was Russian disinfo — the question allowed him all the wiggle room in the world) pointedly wasn’t denying the laptop belonged to Hunter, and wasn’t denying the material on it was genuine. He was simply referring to the now-infamous Politico whitewash of October 19, 2020, which was fake news about fake news: The headline “Hunter Biden Story is Russian Disinfo, Dozens of Former Intelligence Officials Say” didn’t even accurately relate what was in the story. Those officials simply said they were “suspicious” about Russian involvement, admitted they had no evidence for this and pointed out (this was buried in the 10th paragraph of Politico’s story), “We want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails … are genuine or not.”

    In other words, the notorious liar James Clapper et al. (as far as I can tell, every signatory who made his opinion known about the election was a Biden supporter) were simply peeing in the dark. Their rank speculation was unworthy of being published.

    Yet Politico’s fake headline on this piece of partisan fan fiction gave the media and its Democratic Party enforcers all the cover they needed to treat the whole story like it was a ruse planted by Vladimir Putin.

    Say, geniuses, if Putin had simply fabricated the whole thing, don’t you think Hunter Biden would have said, “That’s not my stuff”? And wouldn’t Putin have planted material that would have nuked Joe Biden’s presidential aspirations rather than merely raising questions about his son’s dealings?”

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  5. Liars, every single signatory.

    As were the lying media outlets that pushed this false narrative.


    Those who remain in govt employ need to be fired, for our country’s security.

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  6. All fluff, no stuff.


    “Ketanji Brown Jackson: A+ Credentials, D- Judge
    For Brown, politics trumps the law.”


    “Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett could only wish to have experienced a fraction of the media praise being heaped on Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

    If anything, it should be the other way around. President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appointees showed immense legal ability and fidelity to the rule of law before joining the Court.

    The politically incorrect truth is that President Joe Biden’s nominee, who is set to face Senate questioning on Monday, is a mediocre judge whose politics trump the law.

    Let’s look at two cases Jackson handled as a district court judge, her job for eight years until being elevated to the D.C. Court of Appeals last year. The cases are among the highest-profile to have reached her court. They also involve immigration law, an area I write on.

    Make the Road New York v. McAleenan, our first case, involved a Trump administration notice applying “expedited removal” to aliens apprehended up to two years after illegally entering the country by land.

    In a nutshell, expedited removal shortens the time between an inadmissible alien’s apprehension and removal, and otherwise makes it harder to stay in the country illegally.

    By law, the Department of Homeland Security must apply expedited removal to certain inadmissible aliens arriving in the country.

    DHS may designate other inadmissible aliens eligible for expedited removal — up to and including those covered by the notice.

    Here’s the key statutory language. “Such designation,” reads the law, “shall be in the sole and unreviewable discretion of the Attorney General [or DHS Secretary under The Homeland Security Act] and may be modified at any time.”

    Now a question for the reader — and feel free to don an imaginary judicial robe. Given DHS’s “sole and unreviewable” discretion, may a federal court interfere with the designation?

    If you answered no, good work. You also may be more qualified to serve on the United States Supreme Court than Jackson — who blocked the designation. (READ MORE: Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Judicial Off-Roading)

    “There could hardly be a more definitive expression of congressional intent to leave the decision about the scope of expedited removal, within statutory bounds, to the Secretary’s independent judgment,” observed Appeals Court Judges Patricia Millett and Harry Edwards in their opinion reversing Jackson’s ruling.

    Millett and Edwards are both liberals, incidentally. The panel’s best judge, Trump appointee Neomi Rao, agreed with her colleagues that the law prevents judicial meddling, but dissented on the grounds that the designation is among the class of decisions over which Congress has stripped federal courts of jurisdiction.

    Jackson, Rao convincingly explained, made the threshold error of not dismissing the lawsuit for lack of jurisdiction.”

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  7. Nixon was an amateur compared to these professionals.

    “SpyGate 101: A Primer On The Russia Collusion Hoax’s Years-long Plot To Take Down Trump”


    “As Special Counsel John Durham continues to expose more details of the “SpyGate” or “Russia collusion” scandal, it can be difficult for any apolitical, non-news-junkie member of the public to grasp the ongoing developments.

    After all, for more than five years, the corrupt legacy media has refused to report on scandal or done so with a slanted portrayal of the facts. So most Americans remain unaware of the Democrats’ years-long duplicity that sought to destroy first candidate and then President Donald Trump. Add to that reality the overlapping conspiracies and sprawling cast of characters involved, and it can be difficult to follow the story.

    That the scandal is dense, however, does not mean it should be ignored. To the contrary, the duplicity must not be disregarded because what Trump’s political enemies tried to accomplish over the course of five years represents the biggest threat our constitutional republic has seen in the last century.

    So for those who care about our country and her future but don’t want to be buried in the minutia of the scandal, here is your big-picture primer.

    DNC Emails Are Hacked
    While every thread of SpyGate could be unraveled more, April 30, 2016, marks the cleanest point to pin the start of the intrigue. It was then, amid the contested presidential primaries, that the Democratic National Committee learned that its computer network had been breached. The DNC then hired a company called CrowdStrike to investigate the hack, and by mid-May, CrowdStrike concluded that Russian actors were responsible for the hack, which the DNC then reported to the FBI.

    The public first learned about the DNC server hack on June 14, 2016, when The Washington Post broke the story. Then, on July 22, 2016, after Trump and Hillary Clinton had been declared the presidential nominees, WikiLeaks released a trove of documents, purportedly obtained through the DNC hack.

    These documents included emails in which then-DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other party officials disparaged Clinton’s primary opponent, Bernie Sanders. The behind-the-scenes communiques also revealed that the DNC, which should maintain neutrality between primary candidates, favored Clinton, with top officials plotting ways to harm the Sanders campaign.

    Clinton Campaign Plots to Convert DNC Scandal into Trump Scandal
    The timing of WikiLeaks’ release of the DNC emails couldn’t have been worse, with delegates poised in Pennsylvania to officially nominate Clinton the Democratic candidate for president. But by Sunday evening, the Clinton campaign had devised a strategy to respond to the scandal: blame it on Trump.

    “I’m Jake Tapper at the Democratic Convention in beautiful Philadelphia, where the state of our union is exposed emails just published by WikiLeaks showing Democratic Party officials actively discussing possible ways to sabotage Bernie Sanders, even as they were insisting publicly that they were staying neutral during the primaries,” the CNN host opened the video segment that launched the Russia collusion hoax.

    Tapper introduced Clinton’s then-campaign manager Robby Mook, asking him the campaign’s reaction to the leaked emails. After responding that the DNC needed to “look into this and take appropriate action,” Mook pivoted to Trump, premiering the Russia conspiracy theory that would consume the country for the next five years.

    “What’s disturbing to us,” Mook began, is that “experts are telling us that Russian state actors broke into the DNC, stole these emails, and other experts are now saying that the Russians are releasing these emails for the purpose of actually helping Donald Trump.”

    Mook continued:

    “I don’t think it’s coincidental that these emails were released on the eve of our convention here, and that’s disturbing. And I think we need to be concerned about that. I think we need to be concerned that we also saw last week at the Republican Convention that Trump and his allies made changes to the Republican platform to make it more pro-Russian. And we saw him talking about how NATO shouldn’t intervene to defend — necessarily should intervene to defend our Eastern European allies if they are attacked by Russia. So I think, when you put all this together, it’s a disturbing picture. And I think voters need to reflect on that.”

    When Tapper asked Mook for evidence to support his claims, Mook cited unnamed experts and press reports “that the hackers that got into the DNC are very likely by to be working in coordination with Russia.”

    “If the Russians in fact had these emails, again, I don’t think it’s very coincidental that they are being released at this time to create maximum damage on Hillary Clinton and to help Donald Trump,” Mook reiterated.

    “It is a very, very strong charge that you’re leveling here,” Tapper interjected. “You’re basically suggesting that Russians hacked into the DNC and now are releasing these files through WikiLeaks to help elect Donald Trump.”

    Again, Mook deflected to “a number of experts,” saying, “Experts have said that it is the Russians that, in fact, went in and took these emails. And then, if they are the ones who took them, we have to infer that they are the ones then releasing them.”

    Clinton Campaign Co-Opts the Russia Collusion Hoax”

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  8. Sure rubes, you need a fourth, extra special, super charged, but still not really protecting you from Covid booster.

    This one is the charm, we swear.

    And we just happen to have millions on hand too…..

    “The boosters will continue until morale improves
    Surprise, surprise: Pfizer’s CEO thinks a fourth shot is ‘necessary’”


    “What better way to mark the two-year anniversary of “fifteen days to slow the spread” than by getting a fourth Covid shot?

    In an interview with CBS’s Face the Nation, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told Margaret Brennan, “Right now, the way that we have seen, it is necessary, a fourth booster right now.”

    Bourla, who made $17.9 million in 2019 before the pandemic, wasn’t even wearing a white lab coat as he made his diagnosis. No stethoscope from the studio prop room either.

    “The protection that you are getting from the third, it is good enough, actually quite good for…”

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  9. The National Review reported on Alexandria with its own agenda, putting the dispute in terms of politics which is unfortunate because there’s a serious issue and problem and it has nothing to do with politics. But it appears Americans can only view things as us vs them. Perhaps its self-serving individuals making mistakes, perhaps the behaviourial procedures and philosophies have swung to far on the pendulum, perhaps its the Harvard business model which is the basis for an M.Ed and a principals job, or maybe they’re just incompetent.

    Most teachers I know refuse to become principals — its not worth the extra 15-20k (gross) in exchange you lose your summer, your evenings, your union and you work alone or with a VP. Thus the trend in the last 10 years is teachers who want out of the classroom becoming principals, not exactly a good omen. A few of the principals I worked for tended to cover up any problems at their school to avoid superintendent visits and discipline and to keep a clean record in hopes of a promotion. So when I informed a previous principal that the boys were using the crowded hallways to “cop a feel” she dismissed my concerns and when I mentioned the school had a drug problem, she said it was impossible, they were too young and we couldn’t smell any weed (but perfume and cologne were real popular,,,). It wasn’t politics — she just wanted to avoid responsibility and work. And unfortunately she’s not the only principal with that attitude.

    Another issue is principal interpretation of the right to information. When a boy with a restraining order on him from a girl (in the Catholic school next door) was in my class, I was not given any information. The same principal didn’t think she could share that information. In any case, the girls in my class told me….so I moved him to a corner next to boys only.

    Behaviour management has also swung far to one side in terms of treat the behavior and “fixing” the misbehaving child. In this way, the school somehow becomes responsible for changing the child’s behaviuor no matter how severe. The idea is to limit their interaction with criminal justice system when they get older — ie cure them before they are jailed. This is well intentioned but school is the wrong place for it unless its a well funded program with specialist hired for each school. Obviously not, and teachers and admin are left to implement some behaviour management program (there are far too many on the market) without training or time. Thus the misbehaving child is left without structure and consequences because supposedly the principal is implementing the program while in reality they just have a minimal discussion. And that leads to a breakdown of discipline school wide and the safety of behaved students is in danger. A good principal would note the limitations of the program and the need for structure but the incompetent ones gloss over it.

    I do think the Alexandria school board missed the boat by not sending an information letter home outlining the police investigation. Our boards does this as a matter of course. And to refute the Review if any school board, administration staff, and teachers are left wing, its my school board and its employees. And we do inform parents, not withstanding the incompetence of the one principal. That’s a lot of writing to say its not politics its incompetence


  10. The right is still digging Hunter Biden stories — why? The Biden children, unlike the Trump children, don’t work at the White House. The weird thing is bringing up Hunter Biden reminds people that Trump was impeached because he tried to Zelensky to dig up dirt on Hunter in exchange for weapons.

    The real collusion right now is some Republicans who still support Russia, voting down increased aid to Ukraine. Not to mention Cawthorn and Carlson being featured on Russia television as pro Putin supporters.


  11. The Thomas saga is interesting. The NCAA rules are quite lenient in comparison to international rules. She is post-surgery and has taken a year of hormone blockers, so she has followed the rules but rules may be scientifically outdated. Past puberty prior to surgery gave her a male frame, including feet, hands and greater lung capacity. Given the Olympic and Aquatic rules I doubt she will qualify internationally unless years of hormone blockers change things…. (one wonders what’s going through her head racing against women, does she really think her accomplishments are legit?)

    I view booster shots as no different than the annual flu shot — useful if you’re old or have underlying conditions but not necessary for those of us who are healthy. I’ve had three shots — the last one just to keep my employer happy and avoid extra tests etc. Similar to masks, it really doesn’t matter to me — if it makes people around me more comfortable, than sure I’ll wear a mask. If my employer requires it, sure I’ll get a shot — the air I breathe has more chemicals than a vaccine.


  12. The other day you said I treat you like a stereotypical leftist.

    This is why right here.

    “The right is still digging Hunter Biden stories — why? ”

    How about because one party pushed fake news that put this country thru hell? How about because our media lied to us, told us our president was a criminal when he wasn’t, and that in fact the side they biasedly supported was in fact, the liars and criminals, as the laptop showed? How about using our FBI and DoJ as their stooges? How about the fact that they colluded with actual Russian and British stooges to affect our elections? How about because they accused Trump of being beholden to foreign actors, when in fact it was the Biden’s, including “the Big Guy” Joe Biden, who was and is beholden to foreign agents? How about because the sordid details of all these Biden family crimes, up to and including incest porn, where all right there to see all along, yet leftist like you and the media stooges called it fake? How about because they only now tell the truth because it can’t hurt Biden’s election chances?

    Really, you don’t understand?

    You clearly have a reading comprehension problem then.

    What a joke that you even needed to ask. You should be embarrassed by the fact that you continue to play dumb on why.

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  13. More 🤡 theater from the Jan 6th committee of 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    They deserve to be openly mocked.


    Because it is.


  14. Why you ask?


    Any of this ringing a bell?


  15. They do, which is why they won’t.

    Being a leftist liar means you never have to apologize for being a leftist liar.


    Yep, they should. But see above…..


  16. I’m still not sure of Hunter Biden’s relevance — he doesn’t work in the White House.

    The stories seem to all merge in one big mess from the Clinton’s accusation during the campaign, Comey and accusations of Russia involvement which were found to have some substance no matter how the Trump admin tried to downplay it, the attempt by Trump to extort Zelensky, and then finally Hunter’s laptop. Trying to sort the mess is a full time job and by the looks of some stories some people aren’t working. My own conclusion is the Clintons exaggerated and manipulated the truth (its the Clintons), the Trumps downplayed it, there was quid pro quo and Trump should’ve been convicted (which would’ve been to Ukraine’s benefit and probably the long term health of the Republican party) and Hunter’s laptop and behaviour isn’t relevant. And throughout all of this Trump and his family made millions leveraging the Presidency for personal gain. Although I am amused the right wing commentators call the FBI corrupt and political — so lets defund the FBI — the left has said this for decades.

    And moving on — what is the Republican party and FOX going to do about their party’s and the network’s contribution to the Russian disinformation campaign — this is an issue that is current and relevant. Cawthorn was featured on RT, Carlson is being quoted almost daily. Not surprised the Jan 6th cmttee is using multi-media presentation. Society has changed from the days when the Starr report was a best seller. Anyone under 30 needs multi-media. Its interesting the right will call this propaganda but be largely silent when Carlson and Cawthorn create propaganda for the Russians.


  17. How about now?

    Getting thru yet?



  18. You miss my point entirely. Its not an important story; no matter how the Hunter Biden story played out it would not have influenced the election. Hunter Biden was not going to have any role in the Biden admin — unlike the Trump children. The election was about Trump not Hunter. Trump lost because people rejected him — he was corrupt, his children were corrupt, etc.

    I do wonder how the right completely ignores the real story of the moment — elements of the right still supporting Putin and even creating propaganda for him.


  19. AJ – You wrote to HRW, “You clearly have a reading comprehension problem then.”

    Since you opened this door, I am going to walk through it. This is something I have noticed, but was reticent to comment on, but here goes. . .There have been times when I have noticed that the way you have replied to HRW was not according to what he had actually written, but according to what you seemed to assume he was saying.

    IOW, a comment of his would have been nuanced and moderate, but your reply was as if he had expressed the hard leftist view that you expected. HRW himself has commented a few times that you have not read him correctly.

    Please note that although he may be on the opposite side of the political spectrum from yourself, he generally expresses his views politely and respectfully.


  20. Death panels?

    So much for the Hippocratic Oath…


    “When the 39-year-old Air Force veteran went public recently about being turned away by a North Carolina hospital for a desperately needed kidney transplant because he refused to get a COVID-19 vaccine, he was attacked on social media—with some even expressing their hope that he would die.

    The good news is as many people posted support for Carswell, enough for the coordinator at the Medical City Fort Worth Transplant Institute in Texas to learn about Carswell’s plight and offered to get him on her facility’s candidate list for a transplant.

    The hospital is now going through the process of finding a donor match for Carswell, whose kidneys have slipped down to just 4 percent functionality over the course of time he has searched for a hospital that would accept him without a COVID vaccine.

    The Fort Worth transplant facility’s support is a far cry from the unwavering position the Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center took in Winston-Salem, that it would not consider Carswell for a transplant until he was vaccinated against COVID-19.

    “They told me either take the vaccine or you’re going to die,” Carswell told The Epoch Times.

    Other hospitals have made similar decisions.”


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