35 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-12-22

  1. They are irreparably broken.


    Speaking of a couple 🤡🤡 who haven’t read the bill….

    Right on cue….


  2. Broken…..

    Unserious 🤡🤡🤡🤡




  3. Interesting thoughts on social media’s foolish tweeting:


  4. Obviously, but only if you are a 🤡


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  5. Elitist much?



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  6. Put up time, or are you just another corrupt Putin puppet?

    “Vatican, US, EU churches to Kirill: For the love of God, demand Putin end this war”


    “If Russian Orthodox patriarch Kirill had the love of God in mind, he might not have endorsed Vladimir Putin in the first place. Nevertheless, Christian leaders from around the world rebuked Kirill for increasingly strident homilies endorsing Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and urged him to return to his proper role of seeking peace. Dozens of leaders across the ecumenical spectrum in the US signed onto an open letter demanding that Kirill “intervene” to end hostilities immediately:

    The open letter signed by the heads of denominations and charities, as well as prominent writers and activists, is an “earnest plea” that Kirill, who is believed to be close to President Vladimir Putin, use his “voice and profound influence to call for an end to the hostilities and war in Ukraine and intervene with” Russian authorities to do so.

    During a sermon on March 5, Kirill echoed Putin’s propaganda that Ukraine was engaged in the “extermination” of Russian loyalists and described the war as a spiritual struggle against the West’s “so-called values,” including LGBT indoctrination, Georgetown University and Center on Faith + Justice noted in a statement announcing the letter.

    In response, the statement said, Christian leaders told Kirill, “We are in the season of Lent. In that Lenten spirit, we ask you to prayerfully reconsider the support you have given to this war because of the horrendous human suffering it has unleashed.” …

    The signatories include: the Rev. Walter Kim, president of the National Association of Evangelicals; Sister Donna Markham, president and CEO of Catholic Charities USA; Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton, president of Churches Uniting in Christ of board chair of the National Council of Churches; and the Rev. Teresa Hord Owens, president of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the U.S. and Canada.

    In another sermon on Wednesday, Kirill doubled down on the “mission from God” explanation and insisted that the West was attacking Russia rather than the other way around:

    On March 6, when the Russian Orthodox Church observed “Forgiveness Sunday” before the beginning of their Lent, Kirill backed separatists in Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region and suggested that an unnamed western body of nations is organizing genocide campaigns against countries that refuse to hold gay pride parades.

    On March 9, during the Lenten Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts, Kirill delivered another sermon in which he referred to Russians and Ukrainians as “one people” and accused the West of supplying Ukraine with weapons in a bid to weaken Russia out of a growing fear of how powerful Russia had become.

    It doesn’t appear that Kirill’s too concerned about the peace of Christ at the moment. It doesn’t appear that way to European church organizations, either, which followed up with a demand letter of their own. Those demands came from fellow Russian Orthodox clerics as well as Catholics and others, reports Crux’ Inés San Martin:”



    “New Reports Suggest Russian Losses in Ukraine Are Absolutely Catastrophic”


    “How many Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine? It’s tough to know. We have Ukrainian sources saying their land has become a killing field for Russian forces, with at least 11,000 killed since the start of the war. It is true that the Russian offensive has become stuck in the mud. Tanks are running out of gas. That 40-mile Russian convoy outside of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv has yet to move. What’s going on? Other estimates of the Russian war dead are in the 4,000-6,000 range which is probably a tad more accurate. Still, that’s more Russians killed in less than two weeks in Ukraine than all American losses during the entirety of the Iraq War and occupation. The Ukrainians are holding on, mounting a dogged defense against a superior adversary. We’ll see how long that lasts after the Russians clinch air superiority which they have so far been unable to do.

    Yet, let’s circle back to the 10,000-plus Russian war dead figure. Keep an eye on it. We have reports of hospitals in southern Belarus that are totally filled with Russian bodies. There’s allegedly not enough refrigeration. Bodies are starting to rot. This also circles back to the story about the Russian military wheeling in mobile crematoriums to cook the books on their casualty rates. We may never know the true death toll. There’s also the suspicion that mass graves for dead Russian soldiers are also being dug to hide the true body counts.”


  8. Priorities people, theirs aren’t yours, and elections have consequences.


    “Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russia’s Space Agency and a close ally to Russian President Vladimir Putin, responded to Biden in a series of hostile tweets. On Feb. 26, he posted a video in Russian that threatened to leave Vande Hei behind in space and detach Russia’s segment of the space station altogether.

    Kelly said he felt compelled to speak up and engaged with Rogozin on Twitter.

    “I was just enraged that he, the [cosmonauts], said that they were going to leave an American crew member behind. I never thought I would ever hear anything so outrageous,” said Kelly.”


    But NASA’s priorities?

    Day after the news above broke….


  9. Sad. They should know better.

    And kudos to the ones who put their lives at risk trying to help the others.

    “Six West Point Cadets Overdose on Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine During Florida Spring Break

    Two overdosed while “performing life-saving measures.””


    “Six West Point cadets spring break in Florida overdosed on fentanyl-laced cocaine in a horrific incident. Reports indicate two of them are in critical condition.

    Paramedics responded to a short-term Airbnb rental home Thursday in Wilton Manors and found the six cadets in cardiac arrest from a drug overdose, according to The Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

    Two of the victims remained in critical condition Friday, Wilton Manors police confirmed to The Post. At least one of the victims was treated and released, according to NBC Miami.

    The group — all men in their early 20s — were in town to celebrate spring break from the US Military Academy at West Point in New York, officials said.

    Not all of the cadets were using drugs. Two overdosed while “performing life-saving measures.”

    Fort Lauderdale Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Gollan told Local10 that two of the people who overdosed were sickened because they tried to perform CPR on the initial four overdose victims. He said the opioid-overdose-reversing drug naloxone, which is sold under the brand name Narcan, was administered to revive the victims.

    Neighbors described seeing the spring breakers being carried out of the rental home crowded with young vacationers.

    ‘We saw paramedics pulling the kids out of the house, unconscious, just laying them on the grass,’ Dana Fumosa, who lives a few doors down, told NBC6.

    Four of the patients were taken to Broward Health Medical Center, and the remaining two were transported to Holy Cross Hospital.

    By Friday, one of the patients had been released from the hospital, two remained in critical condition after being intubated, and three were in stable condition.”


  10. Scum.

    “Liberals Launch Another Attempt to Disqualify Republicans From Office Over January 6th”

    This is why they won’t let Jan 6th go. They need it for what comes next, silencing their opposition.


    “Liberals in Wisconsin are targeting three Republicans and are trying to prevent them from running by tying them to the Janury 6th Capitol riot.

    A similar attempt was tried with Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina and failed.

    Scott Bauer reports at the Associated Press:

    Wisconsin Lawsuit Accuses 3 GOP Congressmen of Insurrection

    Wisconsin liberals on Thursday filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Republican Sen. Ron Johnson and two other GOP congressmen are insurrectionists in violation of the U.S. Constitution for their words and actions in support of Donald Trump leading up to the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

    The lawsuit, alleging a violation of the “Disqualification Clause” of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, says Johnson and U.S. Reps. Tom Tiffany and Scott Fitzgerald conspired to undermine President Joe Biden’s victory and sow public distrust of the outcome.

    That clause was enacted after the Civil War to prevent congressmen who had fought on the Confederate side from returning to Congress. It prohibits anyone from holding federal office who has taken an oath to protect the Constitution but has also “engaged in insurrection” against the United States or “given aid or comfort” to its enemies.

    It’s unclear what would happen if a court ruled that a sitting member of Congress had violated the amendment. The lawsuit doesn’t seek a specific remedy, but in a statement announcing its filing, the plaintiffs said the men “are no longer qualified” to seek reelection…

    Tiffany and Fitzgerald were among 121 House Republicans who voted to object to counting Biden’s presidential electors from Arizona on Jan. 6, 2021. Tiffany and Fitzgerald also were among 138 Republicans who voted to object to Biden’s Pennsylvania electors.

    My favorite part is the claim that they “conspired to undermine President Joe Biden’s victory and sow public distrust of the outcome.”
    If that was really disqualifying, the entire Democratic party would be prohibited from running for office for the way they treated Trump for four years.

    Democrats know they’re going to get pummeled by voters in November, so they’re trying to disqualify Republicans with this nonsense.

    Furthermore, in 2017 multiple Democrats objected to electors certifying Trump’s election:”


    Hypocrites of the highest order.


  11. 😀

    “Texas Supreme Court Ruling Ends Remaining Challenge To “Fetal Heartbeat” Law

    For now, the Texas Fetal Heartbeat Law is alive and kicking.”


    “The Texas Supreme Court just answered a Certified Question from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals which likely forecloses the last remaining federal court challenge to the Texas Fetal Heartbeat Law.

    The legal issue revolved around whether abortion clinics and other private inidividuals or groups had “standing” to sue. The law was structured so that no government entitities or officials had enforcement authority. Rather, the law provided private causes of action against persons and entities involved in abortion after a fetal heartbeat is or could be detected. Since government ostensibly had no role in this, suit for alleged constitutional violations arguably could not proceed.

    We last covered this case in late January 2022, Texas Fetal Heartbeat Law Lives, As Lower Court Challenge Process Is In Limbo:

    I’m so old, I remember when the pro-abortion supporters snickered about a partial victory at the Supreme Court, which back on December 10, 2021, Left The Texas Fetal Heartbeat Law In Place, But Allowed Limited Future Lower Court Challenges.

    The Court didn’t rule on the constitutionality of the law, but whether anyone could challenge it. The Court ruled that state court judges and clerks could not be sued, but left open whether medical license officials could be sued, a narrow road forward. We we wrote at the time:

    In a complicated decision by Justice Gorsuch, the Court has left in place the Texas Fetal Heartbeat Law (the validity of which was not directly before the court, only whether pre-enforcment challenges could be made against state officials where those state officials had no enforcement power under the law), dismissed most defendants, but left an avenue for challengers to pursue on lower courts….

    Rather than remanding the case directly to the District Court, the case was remanded to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals for a decision as to the next procedural steps. That was a big blow to the plaintiffs, and their worst fears are coming true.

    The 5th Circuit decided that it was premature to give the case back to the District Court, what was needed was an certified opinion as to state law from the Texas Supreme Court. That’s a prodecure federal courts sometimes use where there is a disputed issue of state law; state courts decide state law, not federal courts.

    Separately, the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed its prior acceptance for review of a suit by the federal Department of Justice challenging the law.”


  12. It’s been happening already, now it’s picking up steam.

    Gotta love them Bidenomics, huh?

    More for less…..

    “Get ready for more shrinkflation”


    “This is something you’ve probably noticed before even if you didn’t know the name for it. If you’ve ever gone to the store to buy a favorite product and found yourself wondering ‘Did this get smaller?‘ they you already know what shrinkflation is. Now that inflation is hitting 40-year highs, you’re likely to notice a lot more of it.

    Producers of branded products only have a few choices when faced with inflation. They can raise their prices for the same sized item or they can shrink the contents and charge you the same amount. That latter is shrinkflation and it’s a common way to deal with price pressure. The Washington Post ran a story about this last summer was inflation was only about half of what it is now.

    Product sizes are shrinking — even if it isn’t always evident. Many manufacturers, experts said, keep packaging the same height or general shape to avoid drawing further attention to the changes.

    Walmart’s Great Value paper towels, for example, went from 168 2-ply sheets per roll to 120. The price, at $14.97, remained the same for a dozen rolls despite the nearly 30 percent drop in product. Both versions remained listed on the retailer’s site until last week…

    “Most people know more or less what a box of cereal — or a container of ice cream or a package of coffee — should cost,” said [marketing professor John] Gourville of Harvard. “But ask them how much is in a box, and they’re relatively clueless. That’s not something they pay attention to.”

    Since the 1970s, he said, conventional packages of coffee have gradually slipped from 16 ounces to about 12. Standard sizes for tins of tuna, cans of tomatoes and bottles of orange juice have all gotten smaller, too. Even the bar of Dial soap Gourville has been using for decades has become more concave, he said, in a bid to disguise its shrinking form.

    Quartz published a story yesterday looking at a bunch of other products that have recently shaved off some weight.”


  13. How the U.S., Ukraine and the media have thrown a wrench into Russia’s disinformation machine

    ~ Weaponizing all manner of media is a specialty of Vladimir Putin’s, but now, two weeks into his unprovoked attack on Ukraine, Russia’s president is losing the information war.

    Putin’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, drove the point home Thursday when he claimed, absurdly, that Russia had not attacked Ukraine at all. But that was just the latest, if most pointedly Orwellian, in Russia’s bizarre missteps as it has tried, and failed, to control the narrative of the war. …

    … It’s not the propaganda campaign the Kremlin envisioned on the eve of its Feb. 24 attack on the Eastern European country, when Putin characterized the invasion as a “special operation” launched to save Ukrainians from the “band of junkies and neo-Nazis” that was their government. The false claim would have been laughable if deceptive messaging, red herrings and false flags weren’t deadly weapons in Putin’s arsenal, used to redirect attention as Russia waged wars on- and offline — or invaded a neighboring country. But this time around, Moscow’s attempts to cloud the picture have been thwarted.

    Instead, the Ukrainian people and an army of international journalists are there to counter the spin, bearing witness to Russian aggression (bombing residential buildings, targeting refugee corridors) and civilian resistance with a speed and ferocity that has outpaced, and in many cases overshadowed, Moscow’s disinformation campaign. Their tenacity and bravery, and the vast resources news outlets are allocating to cover the war, are breaking a propaganda machine that — while not the only one of its kind on the global stage — appeared too practiced and successful to fail. … ~


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  14. I don’t know if you looked at that series of tweets above from Jack Murphy, but he points out there’s a problem here–the same brands that have isolated Russia are under no one’s control and could very easily be used against someone else.

    They’re, in a sense, running what used to be diplomacy, only using entertainment and control.

    It is a dangerous slope–particularly if people assume the brands have any idea of military stratagems.

    Which they don’t.


  15. Indeed Michelle.

    Same goes for the Tik-Tok “influencers”…….

    They’re all easily manipulated and have no expertise on the matters they’re pushing.


  16. For once, she’s not wrong.

    Enjoy you clueless rubes!

    You built this.


  17. State media doing as they’re told and spreading the Biden propaganda verbatim….



  18. Of course she would be in favor….

    She’s wrong on most things.


    Jen’s a clown with a clown take.


  19. Where’s Bozo?

    Remember this is happening as he tries to ram thru a Russian orchestrated nuclear treaty with these terrorists.


    Yes. Yes they are.


  20. Can’t wait to see how the gaslighting queen Psaki explains this. They’ll say the Iranians were targeting Kurdish TV, and just happened to mostly miss.

    “Multiple ‘Iranian-produced ballistic missiles’ smash into US Army base and Kurdish news channel office’ in Erbil in Iraq

    At least five ‘Iranian-produced ballistic missiles’ smashed into Erbil early Sunday

    There was ‘no victims or casualties’ from the attack, Kurdish health minister said

    Missiles hit US army base and Kurdish news channel office, state news reported”



  21. Michelle, I checked that out — really very interesting.

    “The swarm,” indeed.


  22. Not sure what can be done about any of it, though, Michelle. The world has changed, communication has changed. Good to be aware, but controlling “the swarm,” as they put it, may largely be impossible — we just need to be aware of the unintended consequences, hope our leaders also are aware of that, and then we live with the uncertainty of it all.

    I do agree that this is unchartered territory in many ways.


  23. The gaslighting from Democrats continues….



  24. Yep.



  25. How’s that working out?

    Elections have consequences. What is happening in Ukraine is one of them.

    “Ukraine Worked With Democrats Against Trump in 2016 to Stop Putin.
    The Bet Backfired Badly.”


    “Six years ago, before Russia’s full-scale invasion of their country, the Ukrainians bet that a Hillary Clinton presidency would offer better protection from Russian President Vladimir Putin, even though he had invaded Crimea during the Obama-Biden administration, whose Russian policies Clinton vowed to continue.

    Working with both the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign, Ukrainian government officials intervened in the 2016 race to help Clinton and hurt Donald Trump in a sweeping and systematic foreign influence operation that’s been largely ignored by the press. The improper, if not illegal, operation was run chiefly out of the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, where officials worked hand-in-glove with a Ukrainian-American activist and Clinton campaign operative to attack the Trump campaign. The Obama White House was also deeply involved in an effort to groom their own favored leader in Ukraine and then work with his government to dig up dirt on – and even investigate — their political rival.

    Ukrainian and Democratic operatives also huddled with American journalists to spread damaging information on Trump and his advisers – including allegations of illicit Russian-tied payments that, though later proved false, forced the resignation of his campaign manager Paul Manafort. The embassy actually weighed a plan to get Congress to investigate Manafort and Trump and stage hearings in the run-up to the election.

    As it worked behind the scenes to undermine Trump, Ukraine also tried to kneecap him publicly. Ukraine’s ambassador took the extraordinary step of attacking Trump in an Op-Ed article published in The Hill, an influential U.S. Capitol newspaper, while other top Ukrainian officials slammed the GOP candidate on social media.

    At first glance, it was a bad bet as Trump upset Clinton. But by the end of his first year in office, Trump had supplied Ukrainians what the Obama administration refused to give them: tank-busting Javelin missiles and other lethal weapons to defend themselves against Russian incursions. Putin never invaded on Trump’s watch. Instead, he launched an all-out invasion during another Democratic administration – one now led by President Biden, Barack Obama’s former Vice President, whose Secretary of State last year alarmed Putin by testifying, “We support Ukraine’s membership in NATO.” Biden boasted he’d go “toe to toe” with Putin, but that didn’t happen as the autocrat amassed tanks along Ukraine’s border in response to the NATO overtures.

    The Ukrainian mischief is part of Special Counsel John Durham’s broader inquiry – now a full-blown criminal investigation with grand jury indictments – into efforts to falsely target Trump as a Kremlin conspirator in 2016 and beyond.

    Sources say Durham has interviewed several Ukrainians, but it’s not likely the public will find out exactly what he’s learned about the extent of Ukraine’s meddling in the election until he releases his final report, which sources say could be several months away.

    In the meantime, a comprehensive account of documented Ukrainian collusion – including efforts to assist the FBI in its 2016 probe of Manafort – is pieced together here for the first time. It draws from an archive of previously unreported records generated from a secret Federal Election Commission investigation of the Democratic National Committee that includes never-before-reviewed sworn affidavits, depositions, contracts, emails, text messages, legal findings and other documents from the case. RealClearInvestigations also examined diplomatic call transcripts, White House visitor logs, lobbying disclosure forms, congressional reports and closed-door congressional testimony, as well as information revealed by Ukrainian and Democratic officials in social media postings, podcasts and books.

    Prelude to Collusion
    The coordination between Ukrainian and Democratic officials can be traced back at least to January 2014. It was then when top Obama diplomats – many of whom now hold top posts in the Biden administration – began engineering regime change in Kiev, eventually installing a Ukrainian leader they could control.

    On Jan. 27, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt phoned Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland at her home in Washington to discuss picking opposition leaders to check the power of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, whom they believed was too cozy with Putin. “We’ve got to do something to make it stick together,” Pyatt said of a planned coalition government, adding that they needed “somebody with an international personality to come out here and help to midwife this thing.”

    Nuland responded that Biden’s security adviser Jake Sullivan had just told her that the vice president – who was acting as Obama’s point man in Ukraine – would give his blessing to the deal. “Biden’s willing,” she said. But they agreed they had to “move fast” and bypass the European Union. “@#$% the EU,” Nuland told the ambassador, according to a leaked transcript of their call.”


    No, you @#$%@& Ukraine.


  26. Interesting closing line from our sermon this morning:

    ~ What the children of God must realize is that all of history, as someone said, is a “string of God’s triumphs disguised as disasters.” ~

    Keep the faith.

    Doesn’t mean tragedy and disaster don’t occur. But there is a much bigger picture also at work.

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  27. Sad.

    And a war crime, not that anyone will ever stand trial for it.

    “1 American journalist killed, 1 wounded by Russian forces near Kyiv – police

    The slain journalist was identified by Ukrainian police as a 51-year-old US citizen and media correspondent.”




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