Our Daily Thread 3-11-22

Good Morning!

With everything going on the last few days I neglected to note Janice and Art’s anniversary. So happy belated anniversary Janice. And tell Art happy birthday too!


Anyone have a QoD?

43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-11-22

  1. Good morning/afternoon/evening Fellow Wanderers.

    Way back in WMB days, one of the moderators started posting a link to the WORLD political cartoons, and called it Friday Funnies. Leadership changed and the link stopped appearing. Chas could not find the link, so I started posting it for his benefit, then continued the tradition here when AJ opened this venue for us.

    So, in honor of tradition and in Chas’s memory, here are your Friday Funnies.

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  2. Morning dear wanderers!! And Happy Anniversary to Janice and Art and Happy Birthday Art!! However on time or belated you are dear to us and our hopes are that your day is/was enjoyed! ♥️ (thanks for the reminders Aj….the older I get the harder this memory portion of the brain must work! 😊)
    And thanks for the Friday Funnies Peter…..how our Chas looked forward to them and at times would let us know they weren’t so funny.
    Warming up to the 20’s today and dinner out this evening with dear friends…..thankful!

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  3. Good morning! Tax season anniversaries and birthdays do not amount to much, as you can imagine.

    I bought a chocolate mint loaf cake and chocolate mint ice cream that we had a serving of last night. I told him to take the rest of the cake to the office to share with the three ladies who will be in there today. I bought some Fudge Stripe cookies, his favorite from childhood, to have some tonight crumbled over the remaining ice cream. That will be a surprise for him. We don’t have many sweets so it really is a special treat. But as far as big celebrations, no time for that.

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  4. Sounds delicious to me, Janice. Happy anniversary and happy birthday to Art!

    I wish I could stay home today. We have horrible wind chills this morning with lower temperatures than normal for this time of year. I know many of you will also have cold. This time of year, it just gets tiring. I have a haircut, then off to help husband haul stuff for a program at a local assisted living place. Then a bunch of the group is going to go out to eat after, so we will join them.

    I am looking forward to seeing one family of grands tomorrow, too. I should be doing other things, rather than running, but it always works out and what is essential will get finished.

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  5. Good morning all you folk.

    A beautiful day here. Sun is shining somewhere behind the clouds. Snow may melt some more today as it is supposed to get up around forty today.

    Thanks, Janice, received.

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  6. Good morning.

    Thanks for the Friday Funnies, Peter. I laughed out loud at the appalling / obscene / holy guacamole sign, and again as I’m typing those words. 🙂

    Happy Anniversary, Janice.

    I don’t know about any of you, but it seems so unreal that Chas is no longer with us. For some reason, today I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around that, even though his passing wasn’t unexpected.

    What a blessing for him to be home with Jesus, out of this fallen world with all the evil that is present here.

    Lord come quickly.

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  7. I’m taking a vacation day today, mostly to keep my vaca hours below capping out, but it certainly also was a day off that was needed mentally. It’s been a whirlwind week, multiple stories.

    The day off also — finally — gives me time to go up to the vet’s to pick up dog meds that have been ready since sometime last week. Good thing I order early, before we completely run out, but now we are out of a couple of them. I literally couldn’t find even a break in any recent work days to get that done.

    I see it’s time also to get the property tax and homeowners’ insurance both paid. And I promised myself I’d take care of the income tax gathering task this weekend. A refund would be nice, but I’m not really counting on much of one.

    Looks like things will be tight for everyone with the expanding inflation expected to continue on for some time — and prices expected to go even higher. I haven’t checked our gas prices in a couple days, but I passed one station where it was about $5.50 for regular — that was a few days ago, though, I’m guessing it’s shot up from there.

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  8. Happy anniversary, Janet & Art.

    And I feel like Chas is lurking sometimes, that he’s not really gone from us. But really, I don’t think folks on the other side are much bothered with all of “this” anymore.

    I’ll have to check out the funnies, I need something to perk me up.

    Coffee? Haven’t had any in weeks.

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  9. Can’t the vet mail you the meds since it’s such a distance?

    I learned earlier this week that all my notes AND a Bible study need to be turned into a doctrinal review committee by March 28.

    I’m teaching two half-hour sessions on Psalm 62: 5-6 at the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League in Reno on June 10.

    Obviously, I’ll be talking about the whole Psalm.

    I had planned to get all that organized in April. I’ve now got two weeks, less a 5-day business trip with my husband.

    It shouldn’t be a problem, but the early deadline wasn’t mentioned until two days ago, so I’m spinning a bit.

    Yesterday I had a totally disastrous talk on FB Live that didn’t work. Zoom failed. I apologized. Turned off FB. Ran to my room and cried.

    Then I prayed, returned to the fray and after five attempts, filmed it in Zoom for later distribution.

    Chas, of course, died yesterday. Another friend’s mother died. A close friend’s father went into hospice. I hadn’t slept more than 5-6 hours in 10 days. Pretty frazzled.

    But! 11 hours of sleep last night has restored me.

    Crazy days and now to work.

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  10. Multiple meds for two dogs, it’s complicated; along with a super-short handed staff at the vet’s office now makes the mail order process complicated and somewhat unreliable.

    When they had Saturday morning hours it was a breeze to handle med pickups and even appointments if needed. But those fell by the wayside when the pandemic hit and their staff shrank. They were hit hard with Covid in the beginning, all of them wound up out and very sick through those initial months. I’m not sure the 2 other vets are still there, I never see them, only the owner/head vet who does non-stop rounds in the parking lot, dashing from car to car. but maybe the two others are working inside the clinic, not sure. They also now have reduced weekday hours to allow for a 2-hour lunch break where no phone messages or any other contact is available.

    Early on in the pandemic I actually had one of my cousins, who lives near the vet’s office, pick meds up for me; she was able to bring them by the next day, a Saturday. We were in need of a visit anyway — on the porch, masked, as I recall. Fun times.

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  11. Charles Walter Shull, 91, of Greensboro, NC died Thursday, March 10, 2022 at Beacon Place. Born August 17, 1930 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, he was the son of Charles Floyd and Juanita Steadman Shull. After graduating from North Charleston High school in 1949, Charlie served in the United States Air Force before pursuing higher education. With a passion for learning, Charlie graduated from University of South Carolina, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Purdue University and the Naval War College. On June 9, 1957 he married Elvera Collins (whom he called the sweetest woman in the world) and remained devoted to her until her death in 2021. Charlie was retired from the Army Map Service where he was branch chief for the team that created lunar maps for the Apollo program. He was a member of Friendly Avenue Baptist Church and the Gate City Lions Club. Charlie often said he lived an immensely blessed life and is now at peace, reunited with his beloved wife and his Savior.
    He was preceded in death by his wife, Elvera Collins Shull, his parents, and a brother, Frederick Boyd Shull. Surviving are a son, Chuck and wife, Linda, of Greensboro, NC; a sister, Velma Durant of Rockville, MD; three granddaughters, Becky (Brian) Muller, Mary (Tom) Harris, and Jennifer (Jeremy) Smith; eight great grandchildren, Caden Muller, Addison Muller, Collins Lea Muller, Graham Harris, Ellie Harris, Tolliver Smith, Charlie Harris, and Caroline Harris; as well as other family, his beloved Wanderers and friends of the Lions Club.
    A memorial service will be held Monday, March 14 at 11:00 am at Friendly Avenue Baptist Church with Dr. Daniel Dickard officiating. Burial will be at Summerville Cemetery in Summerville, SC at a later date. The family would like to thank the caregivers who cared for both Charlie and Elvera in their last years, as well as Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro.
    In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Friendly Avenue Baptist Church Building Fund: 4800 West Friendly Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27410.

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  12. I have been busy this morning. I have checked flights and everything else, so now I will be driving to Atlanta Sunday and Monday Janice and I will be at Friendly Avenue Baptist Church to say our good-byes from The Wanderers.
    My biggest regret is that I never got to see Chas on this side, but I do want to say good-bye. Janice is kind enough to keep me company on the way.
    He really was a special man. There can be no doubt of the legacy he left.

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  13. So glad to hear that Kim and Janice will be there.

    There is a drop off for the everything sale today so I have all of my books and other things boxed up to get rid of.

    Then we will begin moving the community library, but I don’t feel up to doing much to help.

    A way overdue news letter needs to get done.

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  14. Thanks for posting the obituary. And thanks to Kim (and Janice?) for being our emissaries.

    On the way back from the vet I stopped at the eye doctor (again, I’ve had a lot of trouble getting the new sunglasses to fit right). I finally told them I can’t live with them — I’ve had the same kind of frames in the past but these were just bad from the start, with the earpieces way too wide (they got those mostly fixed at the eye doctor’s office where I ordered them, but they still were too loose); also, a lot of the fixing wound up making them sit too close to my face, my eyelashes brushed against the lenses unless I wore them down on my nose.

    So we’re getting more substantial frames this time.


    I realized that driving up to the vet’s office was as close as I get anymore to a road trip. So sad.

    Life certainly does take sharp turns now and again.

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  15. This was the 4th time I’ve been back to the eye doctor about the glasses. (Had trouble with the main pair also as they’re the rounder shape and I need them to sit up off my cheeks, otherwise it’s really annoying; they also fog up a LOT with masks on, but thankfully those occasions are become more rare now.)

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  16. Jo, is this part of the down sizing for returning this way? Does everything go or do you have to bring stuff back to your house at the end of the day?

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  17. You take things in sealed boxes and it is gone. Then they have everything sales and you never know what you will find. I only took three items of clothing, the rest I will give away to my aide or take with me. But books are hard so now they are gone. Just saved some cookbooks that I am pretty sure folks at school will want.

    Yes, I am clearing out my place. I am only trying to sell one thing, as I prefer to give things away. It gives me joy to find someone who can truly use something.

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  18. In the next week or so someone will come from the construction department to inspect my place. Then I can put it up for sale. When you sell your home you say when it will be available. Please pray that it will sell as there are many on the market. Mine is only for single women, but with four small flats here we only pay half the usual fees.

    For the curious, I paid 7000 for it and hope to sell it for 6000.

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  19. I like the idea that they are gone. So often, a few things don’t sell and keep coming back.

    I am with you on finding people to take it who can use it. We did that a lot. Much prefer to the selling idea. Which may explain why we have so much stuff!

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  20. I think I’ll just put a bunch of our stuff on an old ping-pong table in the driveway with a sign: “Free, even the table”. Probably won’t have to bring anything back into the house.

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  21. I may drive by someday, mumsee.

    Looking for Winchester.

    In my city Jeep.

    I normally donate things to the Salvation Army, they used to pick things up which was a great service (but they discontinued that during the pandemdic, they may start it up again, though).

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  22. I picked up a magazine rack from in front of a neighbor’s house last week. That’s how it works around here, too. Navy housing did the same–which was perfect.

    I don’t know how many things I picked up or set out over the years!

    And of course, I get and return all my puzzles to the Redwood Gospel Mission (where we bought a romba last time. Works great. And I can feel self-righteous about owning it, now).

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  23. I am looking forward o going with Kim. At first I thought it would be out of the way for her to pick me up. What a joy to find out it is along the path she would travel anyway. I just realized this means she loses two hours on Sunday since she is traveling East on the day the clocks get set forward😳

    We will leave very early on Monday, about when roosters crow or earlier.

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  24. Thank you all for Birthday wishes for Art and Anniversary wishes for us. I just spoke with him and he did not have a moment to spare to have cake with the ladies. I feel certain he had no lunch. It’s crazy busy, and the adrenaline keeps pumping and the appetite is suppressed as long as he drinks some cola occasionally. When I worked there at times I could not get to the bathroom which was only about fifteen steps away.

    He will be delighted to have some fudge stripe cookies with ice cream after his kidney bean salad and cole slaw. Don’t cookies count for bread?

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  25. That comment was in regards to the milk can comment.

    We just finshed the treat of Fudge Stripe cookies and mint chocolate ice cream. I crumbled mine which was wonderful, similar to Girl Scout thim mints, but Art chose his method of taking a bite of cookie and then a bite of ice cream.

    Art said he liked this even better than the cake last night so I was happy about that.

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