31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-2-22

  1. Good morning, Chas.
    Good morning, East Coasters. Sleep a bit longer West Coasters. Make up your mind to hit snooze one more time, Middle Americans. Good night, Jo.

    Remembering Chas and his pet rock that he spoke fondly of when we’d tell pet stories. So enjoyable!

    Miss Bosley is making bread on my shoulder again. It’s difficult to type with all that going on. If only she could manufacture the fragrance of baking bread.

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  2. I sent messenger chat notes last night to rk and kevin. Rk responded that she’s had jury duty and family obligations but was thankful I reached out. I have not yet heard from Kevin. I do recall he had a procedure that he had to delay a few months back. Maybe he is involvrd with that now?

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  3. I think one of the greatest qualities which I admire in Chas was his ability to love Elvera well. Always referring to her as TSWITW. Funny how we all can look at that and instantly know what it means, and about whom.

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  4. My Aunt Charlene called me last night. The first of my cousins died yesterday. He was 62. He has lived in California almost all of his adult life. While he is older than I am and I have had friends die from cancer and one from an ex-husband who killed her, this is “my generation” of my family to die of “natural causes”. He had a massive stroke.
    While I was on the phone with my aunt, I asked what arrangements had been made about my Uncle Darryl, who died earlier this year. His funeral was February 9th and they all wondered where I was….Well, I was not contacted by the cousin who put herself in charge of everything. I regret that I did not attend but there is nothing that can be done about it now. Charlene promised me she wouldn’t let that happen again.
    I also had a very disturbing dream about my ex-mother-in-law last night. It woke me and I made a note to remember the dream, although this morning I could not remember the details, except that we were going in and out of hotel rooms and she kept telling me how tired she was. I called SIL this morning. I told her I didn’t want to upset her, but I was upset about the dream I had. We chatted and she told me she had been having the same sort of thoughts. She was recently at a funeral and was thinking that she would have to do everything because her brother is too wrapped up in his own drama. I assured her I would be beside her and do what I could to help her.
    While it is almost Spring and a time of rebirth, I seem to be surrounded by death and sorrow. Don’t worry, it doesn’t depress me like it may have done in the past. It is just an observation of the cycle of life.

    Praying for Chas and his family as they care for him and lose him to this earthly life.

    Then I look over at Little Miss who is hiding in my office so Papa can’t find her, and life goes on….

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  5. I’m not sleeping.

    Had an early meeting to cover and story now to write — also had a bit of a scare from Cowboy last night when he threw something out in his back or hind leg/hip (worse than usual with his slipped disc and bad knee).

    I thought I’d have to get the neighbors to help me get him to the vet’s, either to an ER last night or to my own vet early today — they were on standby for a couple hours there.

    But he made it onto his dog bed eventually and things seemed to straighten back out. He was up, as usual, a couple times during the night for backyard bathroom breaks and he seemed to be doing ok.

    And he’s ok (normal for him) this morning from what I can tell, though now he’s sound asleep again on his dog bed (which is his usual excessive napping schedule).

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  6. Good afternoon to Chas’ wandering friends. We are sitting here talking about all you. Charlie told me to tell you he misses each of you. We are spending lots of time together and Rose and her ladies are here 24 hrs a day. These are some our families saddest moments but also some of the best as we sit with him and enjoy being family. We taught our kids many years ago the family includes a lot of people and you are family to Chas and he loves you. Chuck, Becky and I are thankful for you.
    We have been told that Charlie probably does not have long. We are giving morphine every 3 hours. –Linda

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  7. Amen, Kare.

    I find myself thinking of Chas also soon being reunited with his brother who died at the age of 13, I think.

    I finished my composition for Chas just now. Except it’s not truly an original composition, but more of an arrangement of a tune you all know, which encompasses the entire middle section and a little bit of the ending material.

    I’m not sure how to get a video to you. Probably I will have one of my kids record me on my phone (I joined the 21st century and got a smart phone last month!), and then maybe text it to anyone interested in hearing it.

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  8. I’ve thought of his brother as well. He mentioned him and that loss throughout the years.

    Thank you for the update, Linda. None of us can really imagine the blog without Chas.

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  9. Linda thank you for sharing this special time with us.
    We love him so much and he has meant to us. He has been the father figure to us all.
    Cherish this time.

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  10. I love Janice calling me ā€œLutheran Lindaā€ and was so honored that she remembered to keep me posted.
    Also thanks to DIL Linda for the update, sad as it is.

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  11. So thankful that the meds are available to help with pain issues at the near to passing time. Thank you, Linda S for your update. We do love him so much. It is amazing that we went through this as Charlie went through it with Elvera not all that long ago. You have all been through so much these last few years. We’d all be right there to give breaks along if we were nearby I feel sure.

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  12. Morning all. What sweet words from all of you. We all wish we could be there to say goodbye to Chas. Linda will have to do it for us. Just to think of them having these last moments together, is a joy.

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  13. We’re getting a big cool down starting tomorrow with rain in LA & snow in the mountains on Friday. It got up to 77 today but by Friday/Saturday the high will be 60.

    It’s been a chilly winter here and I have been using the heater liberally, in part for my arthritic dogs.

    But the gas bill arrived a few days ago and it was huge.

    I wish I could take a nap right about now.

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  14. Morning Jo.
    Thank you Linda for giving to us a glimpse of these special moments with Chasā€¦.we miss him already and we think of him constantly. Thankful that our Lord saw fit to introduce us all for it has been a cherished relationshipā€¦ Praying for you and yours and the precious caretakers ā™„ļø
    I am looking forward to hearing Charlieā€™s Songā€¦.and thank you 6 for honoring him with your talents and heartā€¦..

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  15. I made it through the school day but came home at noon. My back and neck were hurting. A nap and heat on my neck helped. I tend to fall asleep on the couch and it is too bright there so I now have eye shades to use. After so many flights, I have lots of extra pairs.

    I suppose that you are all asleep.

    Good night sweet Chas.

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