40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-1-22

  1. Good Morning all….Morning Chas ❤️ Good night Jo….
    Another month to begin and it is coming in like a lamb for us. Sun shining, warmish temps and clear blue skies. Thankful for His mercies new every morning…


  2. Good Morning Everyone.
    NancyJill, thank you for taking up the the honor of telling Jo good night.
    It is cold and sunny here. Cold being in the 40’s. I don’t do cold weather well.
    The week is looking busy. I did work from home yesterday.
    Master Amos had his yearly vet visit. He either has a “Cushing-like” problem caused by the steroids he is on or he has some thyroid issues. That is why he has lost some of the hair on his tail. He has crackling in his lungs, sort of like COPD. Other than that he is happy and healthy. He had us up a little after 4 this morning. I have accomplished quite a bit, including starting back to doing my morning exercises.

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  3. Good morning,Y’all, in North America. Good night, Jo, in your distant abode.

    I have to prepare for my ladies group Bible study now. Trying to get the ladies to all submit prayer requests by 9 p.m. the night before is as the cliche goes “like herding cats.” It is still so much better than trying to do prayer requests and then also praying while in our together time. After I change churches, I am not even sure I should continue in this role. It will be easy for someone else to do this if they like to practice grace while herding cats.😃🐈🐈🐈

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  4. Good morning, Chas, NancyJill, Kim, Janice, sleepyheads.

    Good night, Jo, DJ, others.

    Rainy day here. Continuing to lose snow.

    Enjoyed the visit in Moscow, yesterday, glad I went.

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  5. Good morning.

    I was washing a serrated knife that we were given almost fifty years ago for a shower or wedding gift. It looks brand new yet. I was thinking about the woman who gave it to us. She was a close family friend, my mom’s best friend. Sadly, she passed away in a fire many years ago. She was incredibly funny and a hard worker. She worked at the same large store that I worked at for a few years and I used her as a reference to get the job. I once was hired, along with her daughter to clean up a pantry of dishes of smoke damage. We had to wash all the walls and ceiling, too. I was a teen at the time. Just washing the knife brought back so many memories of her and her family.

    So, question of the day—what gifts from years ago do you have that you remember the giver/ and or still bring you joy?

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  6. Great question, Kathaleena. I have a few well faded bath towels with wood ducks on them that a neighbor gave us. She had been my mother’s boarding roommate in downtown Atlanta before the city got so big. The pattern on the towesl did not really match much of what I was using in the bathtoom early on so they did not get used much until later when I no longer fussed over such things. Wesley probably liked the wood ducks on the towels as a boy. When that neighbor moved into a retirement home, I got quite a few things, actually more than I got of my parents things. She also would find discarded treasures from other residents at her retirement home that she passed along to me. Wesley and I sometimes went to events at her retirement home. In particular I remember when a community orchestra played there. Yes mementos do bring on a flood of memories.

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  7. Husband is off having breakfast with his friend (BTW it is National Pancake day!!)
    Pip is taking her morning nap and that afforded me time to get myself together! Thankful!

    That is a great question Kathaleena and it does cause me to ponder gifts given to me over the years. I suppose the one gift that causes me to smile it that little angel ornament my sister gave to me years ago when I had asked if she knew if any of the three survived or where they might be. She surprised me with the one lone surviving ornament. Memories flood my heart when recalling laying under the real tree with heavenly scents of pine and hitting that tiny angel causing it to ring. Oh the wonder of a little girl laying under that tree looking up at the colorful bubbly lights and shiny tinsel. I must have been three or four when Mom purchased those three little porcelain angels for her girls.

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  8. Good work on the BP, Janice Mine was 162/102 while twenty was yelling at me last night. Need to find a better way to deal with stress, or find an opening in a facility.

    NancyJill, fortunately, I made chocolate chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast this morning.

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  9. A little copper church, on my fireplace mantel, that plays amazing grace — from a dear friend who’s been gone many years now.

    A lion-and-lamb carving, a Christmas gift years ago from my oldest friend, Shirley, who died a just a little over a ear ago, sits in my living room bookcase.

    A framed tile image of Santa Fe, signed on the back by my mom who gave it to me on the Christmas after we’d spent some time together in New Mexico. It hangs in my kitchen.

    Another Southwest-themed tile also hangs in the kitchen, a gift from a long-ago friend who lived in NM.

    A tiny carved turtle from a former reporter I worked with and briefly dated — one of the smartest people I knew; he lived on one of the islands off Washington state by then — after I moved into this house sits in my old wooden dish cabinet with glass doors in the dining area. He’s also gone now.

    I could go on.

    I know gift-giving has fallen out of favor in our society where we do, admittedly, have too much “stuff.”

    But I’ve always had the habit of keeping and displaying one special gift from treasuredl friends — not really intentionally, but it’s just worked out that way. I love looking up and seeing and newly appreciating those token items, smiling and remembering the people behind them.

    Oh, and my grandfather’s old hand-carved wooden cane. That leans up against the fireplace where it sort of reminds me of the closing scene in “Miracle on 34th Street,” one of my all-time favorite movies (the original, not the remake).

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  10. My husband had pancakes, but then he often does. He makes sourdough ones and then freezes them between sheets of wax paper, so that he can take them out whenever he wants. I usually have them freshly made and then eat toast most mornings. Today I had a cranberry orange muffin that I still had in the freezer from when I made them. What a wonderful invention the freezer is! Not to mention the microwave which can make some food taste freshly baked.

    I love the stories, btw.

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  11. I’m wondering why mumsee wished me “good night.”

    I wish I could just go back to bed, but work calls, and it’s only Tuesday.

    Cowboy also had lost some hair on the tip of his tail, but it’s grown back now. He’s hanging in there, as is Tess. Holding their own.

    I was up late watching the news out of Ukraine, praying for a stop to the violent attacks there soon — and Putin’s removal from power in Russia.

    Praying off and on, too, for our friend Chas and family.

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  12. Nancijill, loved the little angel story. Angels were a favorite Christmas decoration when I was growing up — some hears ago I found some simple glass sun-catcher angel window charms, they came in various colors, so I ordered a few as simple gifts for neighbors. And one still hangs in my front window.

    How’s Pip fitting in?

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  13. Good day to all of you. Good afternoon, Chas.

    The tears have been coming and going lately throughout the day, contemplating Charlie’s impending departure from this vale of tears that is our earthly home, to the unspeakable joys of being Home with our Savior.

    I don’t have adequate words to describe what Chas means to me, so I’ve decided to let the language of music speak for me.

    Today I began writing a composition for solo piano that I dedicate to Chas. I don’t know if he will still be with us when I finish the piece, but I wanted to compose music that conveys the mysteriousness of the Lord’s creation of the universe, particularly the moon; that celebrates the gift God gave Chas for mapping that very moon; and to musically imagine the glorious splendor of heaven, where our dear brother will soon arrive.

    Thank you, Charlie.

    Thank you, Jesus.

    To God be the glory, great things He has done.

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  14. 6 I am in hopes that you will share with us your composition honoring our Chas …. ♥️

    Dj … Pip is fitting in well and is settling in after her 2 weeks home. She will be 10 was old tomorrow and even though it still proves to be exhausting at times, the frequency of exhaustion is lessening!! 😂 ( she takes a nice long afternoon nap and it is then that I can mop, vacuum and get some cleaning accomplished. She loves to chase my mop which makes mopping impossible when she is awake! Today I decided to come upstairs to my sewing room and finish a pillow while she naps. Lulah is tolerating her and even plays with her outside…when she grows tired of all the excessive activity imposed upon her, Lu promptly sits on her letting Pip know “I’m done”!!

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  15. Raining here this morning. So grateful that I had decided not to go to market. My friend will get me the things that I need.

    I got my costume for the book festival. But when I tried on the hat, which should have been a sun bonnet, it was terrible. The worst looking thing I have ever put on. So I will see if I can get back in and find something else.

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  16. Mumsee,

    Regarding the email conversation yesterday. Are these emails with my name coming from my email addresses, either the blog’s or mine? Or do they just have my name attached. There are several types of issues out there. One hijacks your email, another exploits contact lists, address books, and the like. Others exploit your email to make you think it came from an email you already have in yours.

    I need to rectify this if it’s on my end. Some new ones may be in order.

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  17. Thanks, NancyJill and Janice. I’ll share the piece when it’s finished. I have 43 measures so far, but have students coming soon and will finish teaching about 4 1/2 hours from now. I think I’m about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through the composition, so I probably won’t finish it tonight.

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  18. The real, I just delete them when they arrive. Not a lot of them but it seems Peter L got one recently and mentioned it. I will let you know next time I get one. Sorry I can’t be more help. Does anybody else still have one and can report back?


  19. AJ – The last one I got with your name on it in my spam folder, a while back, had a different email address. Though maybe that doesn’t help answer the current issue.

    For those who may not know, if you hover the pointer over the name, the email address will magically appear. Well, not really magically, but it will show up. 🙂

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  20. I’m awake, really I am.

    Had a long interview earlier, sort of a stream-of-consciousness type thing, but I’ve known the person a long time and am used to the drill. 🙂 Always a challenge, though. But I like her, she’s one of our port personalities.

    I keep thinking today is Friday. I thought last Thursday was Friday.

    I’m beginning to think every day is Friday.

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  21. Have I mentioned that Nightingale has to go to occupational therapy for her left ring finger? She broke it while trying to catch a football thrown by Boy, several weeks ago. It was only a minor break, but it did not heal right, so that her finger is bent at almost a 90 degree angle, and cannot be straightened out. As a result, she is losing strength in that hand, and she needs both hands to work well in her job, not to mention in life in general.

    But the idea of needing occupational therapy for one finger sounds kind of funny. 🙂

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  22. Nightingale took Boy out to eat earlier this evening. I texted her and asked that if they were going to get dessert (which they don’t often do), could she please get a piece of cake for me. (They did, and she did. 🙂 )

    She knew that I would be having something for dinner, but she still brought a dinner home for me, so that when they have their leftovers tomorrow, I can have something special, too.

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  23. Finger therapy.

    Got a form letter today from my GP whom I’ve only had for a few years. She’s leaving. Sigh.

    So on to yet another doctor. My last one I had for 30 years. Guess those days are over.

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  24. DJ – I jokingly demonstrated, with my hand resting on the counter and the palm of my hand facing up, that her therapy would be lifting a tiny barbell with that finger. 😀

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  25. No fun trying to find a new GP…we went through that a couple years ago and thankfully she is great!

    What a sweet girl you have Kizzie …. Finger exercises? Hoping it works to straighten her bent finger.

    Have we heard from RK lately? Or Kevin?

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  26. Those days have been over for years where we live, dj. I truly hate that we don’t have doctors that really get to know us. I don’t think the care can possibly be as good.

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  27. I only haven’t experienced the new medical landscape because I had a hometown GP who just hung in there for so long. We were spoiled. It was a one-doctor office, all the front-desk folks knew you by name. When you called the office, they’d say “Oh hi Donna.”

    Now when I call the new office, some fast-talking young person asks in a clipped tone, “Your birthdate?” That’s how the ID you.

    I get it, we now have a medical practice with several doctors and it’s just a much different atmosphere. I hate the “vibe” there — but did like the GP, she seemed genuinely interested and knowledgable, probably more thorough than the former MD.


  28. Thank you, Janice. Life has been quite busy. Family stuff and jury duty tipped the edge to not getting to the blog. I am sad to hear about Chas, but am glad that he will get his desire, which is to be with God, and to be reunited with Elvera.

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