40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-14-22

  1. Yes. The rest of us are making do . . .

    Would love that snow here. Major headline–we’re back in drought. Sigh.

    Scriptures tells us to be thankful.

    So, I’m thankful I have the Good News in my heart with plenty to share to the many forsaken around me.

    I’ll work on Valentine’s Day dinner later: goulash, asparagus, salad, and chocolate mousse.

    But, it’s Bible study prep first thing! We return, in person, perhaps maskless (Do we dare?) tomorrow!

    This is the Ephesians study I bought TWO YEARS ago, that C derailed.

    Now, back in triumph!

    But missing one woman who has had a heart attack and may not return (but she’s open to Zoom), and ready to say farewell to a 20+ year steady and abiding presence. At 91, she’s moving closer to her daughter and into assisted living. We probably won’t see her again as her new home is 3 hours away.

    Inez has been a pillar, a gentle, sweet, wise pillar, for 60 years.

    It makes me weepy to think about it.

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  2. I had a good job at Good Samaritan but wanted a change. Quit and got a job working at Circle K (like 7 Eleven). He was manager of the other store after six years in the Navy and entering the U of I. Managers got together at my store once and he noticed me, I did not notice him.

    He then came by my store while I was dusting, went up to the cash register, opened it, ruffled through the money. I kept dusting. I just figured that was how it worked. He wanted to know how I would react. He came back early from a ski trip and introduced himself. He invited me to watch him bowl in a tournament and then we had dinner he prepared, with another couple, friends of his.

    A few days later, I asked him what our future was. He said, after we got to know each other, he intended to ask me to marry him. I told him not to wait. He didn’t. So, we were engaged after five days. Married about six months later. Still married forty two and a half years, fifteen children, thirteen grandchildren, and lots of adventures around the world, later.

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  3. LOVE IT!

    (I don’t dare show this to my valentine who has complained forever that it took me 6 years to agree to marry him!!)

    Hey, I was trying to keep my options open! LOL

    Yeah, seems to have worked out at Mumsee’s house.

    Short proposals, short engagements . . . .

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  4. Thinking of you, Chas.

    Nice photo. Our temps, at least, are dropping this week, we’re only hitting 70 today.

    It’s a rush Monday for me, I need to pick up Cowboy’s pain refill which we’ve been out of since Saturday morning and I have a port meeting at 1:30 (virtual) to cover. But I’ll hopefully be able to grab a couple vacation days this week or next as I’m within 2 hours, again, od capping out on the amount of time they let us carry on the books.

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  5. I am trying to make some special food for this evening, raspberry bars and almond butter brownies. We will probably have some Beyond Meat burgers since Art really likes those.

    I was at Publix around 7 a.m., again, and found two beautiful potted azaleas in full boom, a red and white peppemint swirl color, for Art to put in the office to display today and for the two ladies who are not preparers to take home.


  6. For our special Valentine’s Day celebration, we are doing nothing. Husband takes the three in about twenty minutes for a feed run and speech therapy followed by racing home for chores and off loading. Then down to karate. And so another day will be gone. Meantime, it is school.


  7. We met in Spanish class. Then got to know each other on a CROP Walk (raising money to feed hungry people in 3rd World countries). A month later we were engaged.

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  8. I really enjoyed the Super Bowl last night. I watch very little NFL football, and the Super Bowl rarely. I was hooked this time by the combination of the Rams and their quarterback. I grew up rooting for the Rams, when they were my home team, and I admired Matthew Stafford’s sportsmanship during his long stint wandering in the wilderness with my adopted home team, the Lions. He deserves being on a better team.

    I chuckled reading DJ’s comments yesterday about the Olympics lasting forever. Maybe it’s because I *am* watching them that it doesn’t seem especially long yet. But I’ll be ready for them to be over a few days before they are.


  9. Wow, I thought Mrs. B and I were quick, but big brother and big sister both have us beat by a lot.

    We met in early October the first Sunday she came to my church. I’m a rather shy wallflower type, but something about her drew me over to greet her after the service.

    I think we were both interested right away, but she waited awhile for me to make the first move. Did I mention I’m the shy wallflower type? After two months she gave up waiting and invited me to dinner.

    It turned into kind of an epic date, helping count the offering after church, going over to her place for dinner, talking for hours, going back to church for the evening service and to help open up an overnight homeless shelter, then back to my place to hang out with my roommate and a couple kids from the youth group.

    We were engaged four months after that first date, and married four months after that. Very slow by Mumsee’s and Peter’s calendars.

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  10. Yes, Stafford is a class act. All the Rams are, really.

    LA went some 20 years without a pro football team when the Rams left to wander in the wilderness. It was the promise of this new stadium that helped lure them back. We’ve covered the construction all this time — it took a very long time and was delayed a few times.

    One thing I hadn’t realized was that because the Rams were gone for so long, many LA folks “picked” other teams to root for — my friend’s future son-in-law went with SF (and still was rooting for them throughout this season rather than the Rams).

    How odd, I thought (he had no ties to SF, grew up in LA). But I realized he never grew up with the Rams like we did and they haven’t really been back all that long yet.

    It may have explained why SF fans mostly filled SoFi when the Rams played the 49ers. Seemed strange, but the Rams, I realized later, are still trying to build a hometown audience and loyal fan base.


    This column sort of captured and illuminated all of that for me when I read it last night:


    ~ Amid the blaring of blue and gold horns, on a super-sized Sunday fit for an ascension, the Los Angeles sports heavens just got a little more crowded.

    Make room for the Rams.

    Move over, Lakers. Back up, Dodgers. Everybody clear space for the oldest of friends, the newest of heroes, the prodigal sons turned Super Bowl champions.

    Six years after returning to Los Angeles with helmet in hand, the Rams raised those helmets to the sky Sunday with a 23-20 comeback victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium.

    β€œIt’s amazing,” said owner Stan Kroenke from a postgame stage littered with crying players and fluttering confetti.

    It was more than amazing. It was breathtaking. It was mesmerizing. It was perfect.

    Requiring a winning drive in the final moments for a third consecutive playoff game, the Rams got it β€” Matthew Stafford to Cooper Kupp, just like Magic to Kareem, Bulldog to Scioscia, again and again and again, pushing 79 yards downfield and ending with a one-yard touchdown pass lofted by Stafford and cradled by Kupp with 1:25 remaining.

    Then, in the final minute, requiring one more great play from the planet’s greatest defensive player, the Rams got it, again, Aaron Donald throwing Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow to the ground with 39 seconds remaining on fourth down for a game-ending incompletion.

    Boom. Done. Won. The exhausted Rams stalked triumphantly off their sidelines, falling into padded embraces as their fans began chanting the familiar β€œWhose house? … Rams’ house!”

    As the Rams celebrated on the wonderfully littered field, the stadium was filled with what has become the victory anthem shared by the likes of the Lakers and Dodgers, the strains of Randy Newman’s β€œI Love L.A.”

    Maybe now, L.A. will start to really love the Rams.

    In winning their first Super Bowl championship and second NFL title during their 54 years of inhabiting Los Angeles, the Rams also secured their spot among the local sports landscape’s elite.

    In a city of champions, they needed a title to be considered legitimate citizens. Today, they belong.

    In a city where the sports fans demand excellence for their dollars, they needed a title to attract a larger share of the attention. Today, everybody is watching. … ~

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  11. It was not love at first handshake for Art and me. I started working for state government on April 1, 1980. Being new in the accounting office, my boss had planned to take me over to the Garden Room to show me where to get lunch. He got tied up and asked Art to take me over there. Being new on the job and knowing no one I feel sure I was quite nervous. I don’t have any real memory of it except I probably noticed Art smoked and thought how disgusting that was. At the time, I was in love with my long time boyfriend . . . all the way through college and beyond and expected we’d get married. Art was married at that time, too. There was no romantic spark, of course, when we met. It was an exciting day for me simply because I had a new job. That is how we met, on April Fool’s Day, 1980. We married in March 1985 which was awhile after I had dated other people between splitting up with the long term boyfriend and getting together with Art. His ex had relationships with other guys and she did some really bad financial stunts so they got divorced. We were both on the rebound as I think it is termed. It’s not the sweet romance that many of you had. I was not a true Christian at the time, but Art and I started attending church together at the landmark Presbyterian church across from the state capitol before we married. Our small wedding was held in its chapel.

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  12. On New Year’s Eve, 1984 into 1985, I went out to dinner with my friend Maggie and her friend Christine.

    Christine joined a dating service, and went out with Hubby-to-be. She liked him a lot, but didn’t click with him, so she suggested that he ask out her friend Maggie.

    In early March, Maggie went out with Hubby-to-be, and she also thought he was a great guy, but she had met someone a shortly before that date whom she thought was a better match for her. But she thought he would be great for her other friend (me!).

    So on St. Patrick’s Day, 1985 (pretty sure it was a Sunday), Hubby-to-be gave me a call, and we talked for two hours that evening. We made a plan to meet the next day and go out to dinner. He came to pick me up at my parents’ house, where I was living at the time. After dinner, back at home, we sat at the kitchen table and had coffee or tea, and talked for a long time more.

    He had that week off for vacation, so we dated a few times that week. That weekend, silly me said, “Let’s be secretly engaged!” He thought that was cute. (He thought I was cute in general, sometimes saying, “You’re so cute you should be illegal.” πŸ˜€ )

    On June 22, after a day walking around a fair, and even with me getting a little grumpy for some reason, Hubby-to-be got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I started to cry, and he quipped, “Does that mean yes?” Yes, it meant yes. πŸ™‚

    We were married March 15 of the following year.

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  13. Janice, husband smoked when I met him (he had been in the Navy you know). When he got back from the ski trip to introduce himself, he tried to impress me by smoking. I was not impressed. When he asked me out, I told him I could not date anyone who smoked. He quit on the spot. Then I was impressed.

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  14. I don’t talk much about when Art and I met because it just seems boring, and some might speculate that I broke up a marriage. Art’s mother said she did not think he and his first wife were ever truly married because she, the bride, had laughed when it was time to say the vows. Art was her second husband and then she had a third. I can’t be a judge on if she and Art had a real marriage, but I know I did not break up their marriage. But people like to make something out of any little thing.

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  15. I did get a messenger note today from college boyfriend wishing me a happy Valentine’s Day to his “first love.” Sweet.

    But he wound up marrying his old high school girlfriend, so there you go.

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  16. I do not know what happened to that long time boyfriend. He moved to Houston and was there for awhile before he went adventuring around the world. I think he was an auditor for an international insurance firm maybe. I got a postcard from Paris once and a birthday card once that was in Spanish. He called occasionally from various places until I had Wesley. Ha! I think the last time he called I could not talk because I had to take care of my sick child. His parents both died young so he may have also. I have no idea if he ever got married.


  17. I thoght a lott. but didn’t mention to you that a year agi tidatm nt wufe dued,’I thought
    about it quite a bit. She was a good woman.
    I see the mistakes. I just can’t wee well wwnough to correct them
    She was a good woman

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  18. She was a good woman. We have been praying for you especially today. You are a good man. Better, you are both children of the King and will be together again.

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  19. Husband and I met in Chemistry 30. Then we got to know each other talking and rolling an orange back and forth across the table in the dining hall after many, many meals. We were 17 when we met and married at 19.

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  20. Our raspberry bars are good, but brownies did not materialize tonight. The Beyond Meat burgers were GREAT! I do not know how they manage to make them so good. I probably don’t want to know about all that processing.

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