30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-25-22

  1. Good Morning. Little Miss finally gets to start preschool.
    I am waiting on Mommy for the handoff and Papa is home making pancakes and sausage for her breakfast before we take her. She is so ready.
    I feel a lot better about this preschool. It is at a Methodist church and not as snooty as the other one.

    I found The Episcopal Day School in Pcola the other day. We are all going to have to have a conversation about that. I can’t let her go to public school there.

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  2. Morning! 20 degrees here and the snow is just beginning to fall ever so lightly. We thought we would wake to 3 inches of the fluffy white delight but it has been delayed! Schools closed in anticipation and many parents are quite annoyed 🙃

    I am thankful for Little Miss having you watching over her Kim… ♥️

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  3. We are in the -20’s real temperatures and -45 or some such wind chills. This is not the part of winter I like. Not sure who would, actually. i am blessed to probably not have to go out in it, however, today. I have a very long list for when we finally get to the store again. We are snug as two bugs in a rug. So blessed.

    Another member of my husband’s jam group has Covid. One is down in AZ. Another couple will be missing, so we are hoping it will be cancelled. That does not seem to be the case right now. It will still be very cold on top of all that. That won’t bother all the people who live in the apartment building, of course. C’est la vie.

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  4. Good morning, all.

    Lots of Covid around here, I hear. The local Christian church, perhaps the largest in the area, is not holding services due to the virus.

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  5. Is it a snow day everywhere or are the rest of you just sleeping in? We have just enough snow thus far to make driving miserable. Husband just left for his doctor appt…he had been out earlier for his breakfast date with two friends in the Springs. He said the roads were rapidly deteriorating and people were driving like “they weren’t from around these parts”!! 🙃

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  6. Oh, I have been up since about 5:30. It was my Ladies Bible study day. There were only four of us since some are traveling.

    There are lots of serious cases of Covid north of here. Many prayer requests for people younger than my peer group. I just heard of one 38 y/o man put on a ventilator within this hour, grandson to a writing group member. Covid seems like a machine gun at times mowing people down. It is such an evil weapon of destruction

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  7. Good piece on the state of our culture and politics

    ~ The most important cultural clashes in America in the present moment aren’t between right and left but rather within right and left. They’re aimed at arresting the present trends that render public life increasingly miserable and our union increasingly fragile. ~

    ~ I’ve shared this song (“Wherever You Lead”) before, but I think it’s particularly salient this week, mainly because of the first line—“I’m done trusting in what’s sinking. These boats weren’t built for me.” These political movements that command our loyalty and commitment? Those boats weren’t built for us. ~


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  8. They made potato boats and costco chicken for lunch. I just had my breakfast of onions and mushrooms and ginger and yellow peppers so I will not need to eat any. Whew. But they will enjoy it all!

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  9. Yogurt.

    It was foggy this morning but the sun is out now and we’re expecting more high winds by tomorrow (but our area doesn’t get the worst of it).

    Just listened to a city commission meeting where someone — this was a recording of an earlier zoom meeting I missed — had a very loud, whining dog throughout some portions of it.

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  10. Did I mention that after school yesterday the custodian came and installed a screen door on the front door of my classroom? That is where all of the birds have their nests and one afternoon there were three birds zooming around my class. So I am grateful.

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  11. Cowboy ate all his pills this morning, I have to continually get creative in disguising them in various food items. He doesn’t always get all of his pills taken (the capsule is the hardest), but I do my best.

    I had a bird in the house once, I think Annie brought it in and let it go. It was flying to and fro, whooshing through the house causing much commotion. Only the cat was happy.

    He finally landed in a basket in the laundry area, next to the back door. So i opened the sliding door and out he went.

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  12. Miss Bosley would love a live bird in the house. Of course she loves cooked bird but gets little of that these days.

    I had to drop a letter by the P O box and while out I decided to take a few things over to Florence. We swapped bags at her door. We were on the Bible study Zoom this a.m. by phone (not video) so it was good to see her in person. It is getting old being back in Covid hibernation, again!

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  13. We had a bird get in the upstairs portion of the house once. It ended up in Boy’s room, so I opened the window that is missing a screen, and closed his bedroom door.

    I have no idea how the bat that had gotten in another time finally got out, unless it was actually able to get back through the dryer hose that goes outside. (It wasn’t hooked up to the dryer, so we think that that is how the bat got in, and also the bird.)

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  14. We had a teenage squirrel in our glassed in fireplace. The kids sat in front of it like they were watching TV–the poor thing running around and around inside.

    The cat took the night shift.

    My husband was out to sea, of course.

    We locked up the cat, made a tunnel with boxes, opened the glass door, and shooed it down the chute and out the front door. I screamed the whole time.

    It never came back.

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  15. Good night, Chas.

    I’m still working and it’s dark out.

    I used the pet “rake” on Cowboy the Tess, you should see all the bird nest material in the backyard now.

    And coming up on 60 Minutes on Sunday, a story that’ll hit close to home for those of us in the newsroom trenches:

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Next week on 60 Minutes: The fading future of local newspapers

    On the next edition of 60 Minutes, Jon Wertheim reports on how hedge funds and other financial firms have swallowed up newspapers, closing newsrooms and slashing staff. A look at a local news landscape where headlines and deadlines have given way to bottom lines.

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  16. Good night, Chas.

    The new girl in my class is amazing. Very small and looks younger. But so self assured and well behaved I never saw the parents until she went home. She was fine just walking in by herself. Good thing I put her next to the other girl. The boys were so busy talking to her that she wouldn’t have been able to talk to her.

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