51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-14-22

  1. We got closed yesterday. This buyer had come to me as a referral from one of my agents. Because I had several doctors appointments schedule for yesterday I had her on back up to go to closing and I would be available by phone. She isn’t licensed in Alabama, but we worked it out. LUCKILY she has also gotten her license as a mortgage lender, so she was exactly the right person to send. She was able to jump in with solutions from the perspective of a lender and get things fixed, even driving one of the buyers to another town to go to a branch of her Bank to get a cashiers check that the other lender had not prepped these people for. All communication with the lender broke down yesterday. We didn’t get a closing statement until 2:15 and closing was scheduled for 3pm. That violates a few lending laws AND the JERK put private mortgage insurance on the loan even though the buyer was putting $50,000 to avoid PMI.
    I will be getting everyone involved in this to write up what happened so I can send it all to the mortgage company. This was the worst closing I’ve ever had.
    Thank you all for praying for them.

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  2. Morning. On my phone still attempting to fix dumb Word access on iPad! I hate typing on my phone! Kim there were sneaky add ons at our closing with the house we sold in town and we were none too pleased but in the end we put it behind us and the buyers came out ahead. I hate closings!

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  3. Good morning! I encountered a Friday funny of my own. Late yesterday I stepped out to get the mail, and someone was outside my door leaned down with a bag, and when he stood up he handed me a container of pimento cheese from his mother, my friend, Florence. I thanked him and dragged the bag in assuming it was bedding, sheets and such, for the twin bed she had given me. This morning I had a message to call her. She said she guessed I’d figured it out by now, but since I had not looked in the bag, I had not a clue. It was a bag of blouses, and along with the pimento cheese, had been meant for delivery to another of her friends Now I am going to take it to the other friend, and I may add a few more clothing items to the bag! Florence said this is what it is like when you give up driving. If so, let the funnies keep doing their job!

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  4. I wonder how many times Florence explained to her son what he needed to do and say? 😀

    I think cardinals are so pretty. I have never seen one on our property. We have a huge birding area that is in an area not very far away from us. My husband grew up in that area. There is a Christmas day count of birds in our area every year. I saw that this year two cardinals were spotted on that day in a small town about 20 minutes from us. I was very surprised.

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  5. You’re all so blessed to have red birds!

    Our daughter is taking us to look at a house today she will not be buying. She wants to experience what it means and how to look at a house.

    Fortunately, her father is an engineer and her mother is a professionally trained snoop (no offense, DJ). Together, along with her, of course, we’ll demonstrate how to assess and analyze before walking away politely.

    Feeling really old.

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  6. I am listening to Christmas music while working on a puzzle. The Light of the World by Lauren Daigle. Husband has the children so I am off this morning. Good for me as daughter was way off this morning. She should be fine for husband as they are in Lewiston. But she will likely talk his ear off and do what she can to annoy the younger two.

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  7. On my iPad and Word Press has taken me on a journey around the world it seems. I think I’m back home but we shall see if this posts! Grrr

    Morning Chas…check in when you can…the clouds are moving in and the wind is howling. We are now predicted to get the lions share of wet heavy snow…oh that it becomes a reality! I need to make a snowman at least once this winter! ⛄️

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  8. Had no clue, really, what I was doing when I bought a house.

    How wonderful not to be getting ready with a story list fo the morning staff call. Just lying in bed at 9 am …

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  9. As you probably can tell by what I write about her, my Nightingale is a very busy lady. In trying to juggle everything, she often feels like she is not doing well in her life.

    Recently, she came up with an idea (similar to my own philosophy) of doing things in halves (her word) if you must. IOW, it is better to do half of a project (cleaning the house, exercising, etc.) than to not do it at all. Realizing this has helped take away some of the anxiety or sense of “failing at life” that plagued her.

    Along with that, she found out that the Bs she thought she had earned in her last two college classes were actually As! Those two classes were particularly tough for her, so she was especially pleased to find out that she did better than she expected. 🙂

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  10. The lady with whom daughter stayed in a test run in December called. Seems she moved the bed in the room daughter had stayed and found daughter had managed to tear a big hole in the carpet. Daughter will be buying her a new carpet.

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  11. I really have no problem on my phone when I use the Word Press App. But I do not get to see graphics and some links in its reader mode. However, never a login issue with the app.

    I had nice visit with the lady I carried the pimento cheese and the blouses bag to. She is in two of my ladies groups at church.

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  12. My poor friend K, she’s back teaching for la unified in special ‘catch up’ classrooms but she’s high-stress by nature so had basically a week of hardly sleeping at all, she was so nervous. Now she has 4 days off and is going to “work in the yard” and finish painting the eves on the outside of the house.

    She did say 70% of her students were out all week long (last week was LA’s first week back from winter vacation).

    I need to pick up dog meds today but they close for 2 hours for lunch and I don’t think I have time to make it up there now before then — so I’ll have to go later this afternoon which means more traffic.

    mumsee, hoping a placement can be found soon. She sounds like she’s simply more than any family setting can effectively handle, and is potentially dangerous, so downsides all the way around — although I’m sure she’s learned through her stay with you and she seems to have some bonding with you all.

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  13. This afternoon I prayed to God: Oh, God, help me to be a good old person. That was my prayer when I accidentally pulled a curtain rod apart and hald to leave half hanging down in front of the window. Because I had recently injured my self by over extending my arm, I could not reach up to remedy the curtain situation. It sure is messy, this getting old line of business.

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  14. They say gettting old is better than the alternative.
    I’m not so sure aabout that. All my loved ones are over there. I am anxious for them, and the Lord.
    Just saying: When I go, don’t weep.

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  15. So nice to see Chas around.

    I agree about getting old. I can walk around fine, but my knee seems worse. Of course my classroom is on the second floor and I go up and down those stairs all day long. At least I have a job that keeps me busy.

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  16. Kizzie: Happy belated birthday! Sorry I wasn’t here for the party yesterday.

    Pauline: Happy birthday today, if you’re here (or even if you’re not!).

    Chas: We most certainly will weep when your time comes, sad to be separated from you, but happy for you, and looking forward to seeing you again when our times come.

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  17. I remember Carol telling me that once, some years ago – not to cry when she’s gone because she’ll be with the Lord. And I do rejoice in that, that we still weep because a good friend is, for now, lost to us.

    Happy Birthday Pauline, the other red-headed girl. 🙂

    Grocery store was packed, after picking up the dog meds and getting my glasses adjusted I got to the store at around 3, probably, and couldn’t believe the crowds. It’s Friday, so that’s a big part of it, but I figured the crunch wouldn’t hit until a little later when folks were out of work.

    Everything’s so upside down anymore.

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  18. House was sobering. It probably would take only about $100K to get it to work properly.

    But it still would be in an unsafe neighborhood with only one bathroom a long way away from the only bedroom.


  19. We weep mingling sadness and joy.

    I did a Zoom with high school friends last night. There were suppose to be more than the four of us but others could not be with us. I Zoomed with three who were in the graduating class behind mine. One is a jazz singer. Talk turned to putting together a class reunion. I never wanted to attend a reunion in the past, but said I might go. It has seemed too much about alcoholic beverages and dancing for my taste in the past, but now I am seeing it more like, these are the ones who have survived the traumas of life. Whole new perspective at this age.

    Another big topic for the three who don’t live in Atlanta was how they go all out to avoid going through Atlanta traffic. They hate Atlanta traffic. I wanted to hide in shame since I live here! But they will come back for a reunion, lol


  20. I committed to doing a review of the upcoming movie, Redeeming Love. I watched it this afternoon. It is quite a movie . . . you may need a whole box of Kleenex. I think it could be an R rated movie for content. It’s been some years since I heard it on Audible. I know some things were changed. Trying to figure how to write a review to do it justice.


  21. Up at 4. Out of the house by 7. Taught class until 11 drove to Gulf Shores. Met buyer, looked at 1 house and several condos, had Mexican food while we reviewed the properties, drove home, went to pick up the gourmet cookies that were delivered to a business instead of my house. Got home at 7:20. Sent more information to the buyer. Did not have a gourmet cookie as they need to be baked. Sent more information to the buyer.
    I am tired.

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  22. Driving through traffic like that is very difficult for those of us who just are not used to being in so much traffic and/or are unfamiliar with the area. Nothing for anyone to be ashamed of.

    Nightingale sounds like a perfectionist. That makes life difficult. We need to be reminded that none of us are perfect or get it right all the time. None of us are God and able to accomplish it all. As for doing things in halves, that sounds like a good idea. I learned to use minutes. It is amazing what one can accomplish in a few minutes here and there. Of course, having goals and priorities are even more important. It will be nice when all her extra classes are finished, and she reaps the benefit.

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  23. Goodnight Chas.
    Yes. This year is off to a busy start. I am determined to get ahead of taxes this year so that is what I will do tomorrow if I don’t have to go out and show.
    I got a “coach” this year and have to have my numbers ready to meet with her on Monday. Then if I am home and a Little Girl is here, she and Papa seem to think I stayed home to entertain them.

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  24. Tired just reading it, KIM.

    It felt so good not have to work today, seriously. The editor did call once, was in the car so answered it there, with a question on one of my stories. He sounded wiped out, too.

    We’re staff-challenged as it is, but now we have folks out related to Covid, either sick or waiting for tests or under quarantine.


  25. Michelle, that house sounds like it had challenges, though they all do at some level. Many aren’t always visible up front. But a bad neighborhood is pretty much a deal breaker for single women living alone. I knew whatever I bought it would have to be “above Gaffey” (you’ll get that, and my realtor was a Pedro guy so he got it, too) … but now more like above Cabrillo. Or south of say 20th Street.

    I think Bluff Place is about the best street to live on around here, with its views of the harbor and the beach, historic homes, and tree-lined, winding blocks.


  26. But I would have loved to have an engineer to house-look with me. Or maybe a whole little cadre of people with a wide range of skills, from electricity to plumbing to landscaping.


  27. Shepard and Carolina are other great stress, wonderful old homes, literally across the street from the ocean cliff parks and trails.

    I looked at a place on Shepard, a duplex from the early 1900s that had been turned into a single residence but with no shortage of architectural awkwardness inside (though probably nothing that couldn’t be fixed?). It was dirt cheap but also had a too-small backyard (as in barely there) and would need a whole lot of cleanup and rehab right up front which I really didn’t feel able to tackle, either financially or otherwise.

    It was picked up by someone who did good by it, though, and through the years I’ve always liked driving by to look at how pretty and nice it looks.


  28. For a while, reading this thread, the song “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” from the musical “Evita” wouldn’t leave my brain.


  29. Well so far we have about 7 or 8 inches of wet snow! Lots of accidents, cars in ditches, traffic stopped on the interstate…not a night fit for man nor beast!


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