14 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-3-22

  1. Poor babies….. 🙂


  2. I think they’re on to her….



  3. Drama queens….. 🙄

    If Prager U. terrifies you all so, you need professional help.



  4. And more….

    They’re trying to justify the overreach.


    And still, no one cares….. 🙂


  5. Indeed…. 🙂



  6. Ezra Levant is becoming a professional victim. Royal Bank won’t give his business a mortgage because its a poor bet — Levant and Rebel News have been sued several times for defamation and libel almost all successfully for several hundred thousand dollars. He’s currently facing even more civil suits — his business model is to say outrageous things, get sued and then beg for donations to pay for his legal problems. With a business model like this, a bank isn’t going to touch you — one million dollar successful law suit and the banks lose their money.

    I have to love how he hit almost every conservative American talking point — China, liberal media, etc. The Canadian media is quite conservative almost always endorsing the Conservative party. Levant has been getting more and more extreme as people no longer pay attention to him, the conservative media which used to employ him (Sun News network for example) want nothing to do with him so he’s spending more time on the US media

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  7. One side will continue to pump Jan 6 as long as the other side continues to ignore. I’m sure the Democrats have internal polling suggesting that Jan 6 is a good election tactic. According to one poll, 58% of Americans blame Trump for Jan. 6th suggesting most Americans do view the mob violence as a serious challenge to American democracy.

    “Gas lightning” “manufacturing consent” — love how the right wing has endorsed ideas which originated from actual leftist (as opposed to Democrats). You can also see this as the right and the Republicans seek to “cancel” segments of American history or otherwise silence opinions they don’t like.

    Part of this arises from their mis-perception that one sided propaganda is the norm in an education system. Most universities, for example, are more interested in teaching critical thought as opposed to feeding propagadna — critical thinking is seen by the right as denying conventional ideas and the promotion of radicalism. Instead its the acceptance that different viewpoints are acceptable as long as evidence is given. In response, the right tries to build a conservative alternative to wikipedia, twitter, cable news and even universities. In most cases, the results has been a cardboard caricature of the original. For example, parler claimed it would be a beacon of free speech — so leftist bombarded it with communist ideas and articles — they were quickly banned. PragerU is similar in that it doesn’t allow for many viewpoints. FOX news has had to tell the court that its an entertainment network to avoid libel lawsuits.


  8. Finally, schools have closed for the next two weeks in Ontario. However, the rationale is the fear that adults involved in education and health care will become sick and not be able to keep both systems going. Omricon is quite contagious but not lethal, hence, teachers may become too sick and schools would have to close any way for the lack of supervision.

    The claim that we will send children to the their deaths is pure hyperbole. Ontario’s conservative gov’t has a legitimate point concerning too many teachers and nurses becoming sick. I’d argue that its a result of their failure to improve ventilation in schools and lower class sizes but that’s a different argument. Personally, I much rather be at school than online. I would like them to continue with school until they indeed have too many sick teachers — they could use administrators (all of whom are qualified teachers) and retired teachers if possible. Unless you are immo-compromise or have other long term health issues, I don’t think Omricon has the same strength as other variants.


  9. Oh so you disagree politically, so it must all be justified, because others sued or something.

    Yeah…. all sides…. 🙄

    Something HRW is not know for any more than I am. Please.


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