46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-24-21

  1. I went to the Christmas Eve service, but with every other row blocked off and you have to wear masks, it was hard to worship. I took my mask off to sing, but felt like a criminal.

    Then I was invited to one of my students homes for a get together. I guess I was trying to go in the wrong way as I later saw someone else go up some steps. I couldn’t make it up the high step over a culvert from the road, I turned back to get my balance and ended up flailing my arms as I kept falling all across to the other side of the road where I landed in the muddy grass. Then I couldn’t get up. Someone drove by and helped me up and I decided to take my muddy self home. Too bad that I don’t have a video of my fall.

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  2. Good Morning Chas! We love to see you checking in!! Merry Christmas!

    So my baby sister posted a photo of four newborn Aussie puppies. The mom Aussie captured my heart last year when I visited and I even asked sis if I could take her home with me…she said no! Husband didn’t know what to get me for Christmas…now he knows. We will be driving across country in Feb to bring new puppy home… 😬

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  3. Merry Christmas to all.
    Church at 3 or 5 this afternoon.
    Steak,crabcakes, and salad for Mr P and me.
    Our children don’t have sophisticated enough palates to have such a meal. They shall have ham and macaroni and cheese tomorrow.

    The stockings are stuffed.
    Presents are under the tree.
    Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone one but 🎅 made an early delivery. Little Miss got a tropical fish aquarium and Calico Critters.
    She really has too much.

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  4. Hey Chas, good to see you. We’re all good at reading typos around here since we all make them ourselves so often. Merry Christmas, hope you’ll be with family tonight and tomorrow?

    Oh, Nancyjill, that is so wonderful — I would really love to have another Aussie someday. But for now, just still getting these guys through their older age.

    Jo, Yikes. That sounds like quite the pratfall. You’ll probably be sore, but hoping that’s all it leaves behind. Valiant attempt at flying in avoidance, though, those arms will just have to flap a little faster and a little harder next time.

    Our Covid numbers in LA are now surging, doubling and tripling by the day. While this variant doesn’t seem as serious from all we know, it’s really spreading like wildfire and some folks will not fare so well. Since we can all catch and spread it community-wide, I’m thinking it’s again time to pull back. Sigh.

    So I’ll live-stream our Christmas Eve service at 5 today and check in with my cousin on what we want to try to do — or not do — tomorrow.

    It’s maybe not the best time to hit a movie theater as we’d tentatively planned. Not just yet, but soon I hope.

    Maybe my knee feels well enough to brave an easy walk somewhere together near the coast? We’ll see.

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  5. And I’ve already had to do some minor work this morning, attaching a late-arriving photo onto one of my weekend stories.

    My life is just not like you-all’s. lol

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  6. The Christmas tree header is beautiful!

    Wesley has been quite busy working on an article for publication in a scholarly journal, and as he works, he finds nuggets to use in another article. He is very quiet while at work. Time for me to make those chickpea patties.

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  7. Yesterday’s food was a sausage and egg breakfast casserole.

    Today we had overnight cinnamon apple oatmeal that cooked for 8 hours in the crockpot.

    Tomorrow is overnight French toast with bacon.

    We like our breakfasts anytime of day around here. 🙂

    My neighbor and I smoked a couple of turkey breasts, so smoked turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry for dinner tomorrow after we visit with my family.

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  8. A friend reminded me the other day of how much we loved our Gordon Setters (they were related), and I went home and told my husband, “How about another Springset dog?”

    I can’t believe I said I wanted a dog.

    Maybe I do.

    Then again, maybe I don’t! 🙂

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  9. We’re visiting D1 and family. D3 and our son came over last night to celebrate birthday of GD1. Today Mrs L and I took her to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. We ran into my sister and her husband there (they live in the same town a D1). We’ll be baysitting this afternoon while D1, SIL and D3 go to a movie.

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  10. I have minor bruises on my knees. I was thinking later that there were probably angels helping me cross the road to the softer grass to ease my fall. A wake up call for me about getting help. Also that was a cement culvert and landing on that would not have been good. So looking at God’s goodness, but wish I had a video.

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  11. My good friend left in mid November to go to Guam and to see family in the US. She left a gift for me and I was good and didn’t open it until this morning. It was a painting she had on her wall of the hills here. I love it and never thought to receive it.

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  12. Now I found out why Wesley worked so diligently today. He does not want to leave his article unfinished and have to tote books around with him. It makes sense. I thought maybe he was staying out of sight so as not to spread the conjunctivitis. Between that and Art’s cold I expect to catch something.

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  13. Standing in a long line at CVS today, I noticed the young guy in front of me — 20-something, tall, lean, very athletic looking, reminded me of my former physical therapist — was wearing his mask tugged all the way down to his upper lip, not covering his nose.

    He was buying a Covid home test kit.

    We all hope it turned out negative.

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  14. Yesterday Wesley had to go to four pharmacies before he could get the eyedrops. It was around 9 p.m. when he got them. He thinks they are helping. I am trying to not remind him to use them on schedule. He is all grown up, but the mama instinct is so strong!

    He is using the guitar lesson video instruction to practice now. That was last year’s gift.

    He enjoyed the lentil pear salad I made, but I used apple instead of pear . . . thanks again, Kim, for the recipe. I had some kidney been salad with chopped boiled egg and hash browns for Art. That pleased him. I think Wesley now sees that being vegan can actually not be so bad when effort is made to find good recipes.

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  15. Merry Christmas to all the Wanderers.❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚 Tomorrow may be too jam packed for me to be on here so I hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful day.

    I hear Wesley wrapping presents as I type. Nothing more motivating than a calendar deadline! Less than two hours until it is officially 12/25/2021.

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  16. Merry Christmas everyone.

    I talked to two cousins, including the one in Missouri where he said it’s very warm, tonight, watched the original and 1994 remake (which I’d never seen) of Miracle on 34th Street — unfortunately our livestream Christmas Eve service had problems with buffering on my end, but I was able to be there for most of it.

    Lit a fire in the fireplace.

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  17. I searched and searched for a version that sounded like how we sang it last night. There isn’t a version that is “fast and loud” with a piano, guitars, drums, and a violin and a church singing LOUD! This is better than nothing.

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  18. So you all know I have been dabbling in the Baptist church for several years. Covid hit and everything went online and I had enough online time for work so I got out of the habit.
    Thursday Mr P said he wanted to go to Christmas Eve services at my Anglican Church. I had to search online for the times. I couldn’t find the information so yesterday I sent a text to my priest, “What time are the Christmas services? It’s about time I come home”.
    I got an instant reply and he was looking for me when I got there.

    It was odd for me not to know anyone. Actually, it was sad. It felt good to be “home” though. I fell right back in to the order of the service and the responses.

    The homily – and it was a homily not a sermon- Christmas is a message of Great Joy to Everyone.

    So may you have Great Joy today.

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