44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-20-21

  1. Am I first? I was searching around for where the first comments were.
    Turns out. I’m it.
    Goood morning again.
    A cold, but clear day in Grensboro. I hope each of yu has a good day.
    I prayed for my Blog Friend again today. Some by name, most not. God knows.
    A blessing on each of you.

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  2. Good Morning Mister Amos makes sure I don’t sleep the day away. This morning we were up by 4. It works. I drink a cup of coffee, exercise, get dressed, etc.
    It was finally cool enough today that I could wear the sweater dress I have had for two months. I put a belt and a pair of boots with it. I had bought some earrings Saturday.
    Back in October I asked for a raise or bonus or something. I explained it wasn’t about the money as much as it was a measure of how I was valued around here. November there was nothing. December nothing. I asked again last week if it had been discussed. I walked in this morning to find a very nice Christmas card with a check in it. My contract will be reviewed and updated next week.

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  3. Morning. Wonder if those birds are cold…they look cold!

    It is to be in the 50 ‘s around here with no snow in sight…sigh….
    The sky is looking a tad bit pink so the sun must be rising somewhere…I just can’t see it through the trees. All is calm…all is well…thankful

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  4. I am very tired. I am so tired, or sleepy without caffiene, that I told the two store clerks, “Have a blessed day, Y’all.” In return I received, “Happy Holidays.” Only then did I think I should have said Merry Christmas, but I had already said the other and did not want to seem confrontational by saying Merry Christmas at that point. Life is complicated!

    I think I will make some coffee and see if my brain will start functioning.

    Art’s cold lingers without a fever. It has meant a delay in some plans, but all in God’s good timing.

    Trying to get a gift together at the last minute for someone at church who has done so much for the older ladies. How could she be forgotten at Christmas? I shouldn’t be the instagator of the gift giving, but it needs doing. I am not the one she has helped immensely, I have only witnessed from the sidelines. I hope people gave individually so the group gift will be a bonus♡

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  5. Good morning. Another four inches of snow or so. Looks like I will cancel that doctor appt for today.

    Husband was back on American soil early this morning but then bounded into the skies to head west. We hope to see him tomorrow. I will have the young ones out shoveling again today so his car will make it in.

    It is not supposed to be snowing tomorrow.

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  6. I’m hitting the ground running (well, walking) for work today, we’re under some pressure to produce as much copy as we can to keep the usually lean holiday pages (news seems to stop this time of year with no regular city/county/port meetings to rely on) over the next 2 weeks. The bar gets lowered during these times.

    But I do have 2 stories to do today, plus a followup virtual meeting with my GP at 12:30 which should be quick, so I’m also trying to wake myself up. We’ve had the staff call and I’m going through a dense environmental report now on a project I’m writing about.

    The gardeners should be here today, I’ve left their regular monthly check + some extra for Christmas on the patio as usual.

    We’re expecting rain late this week, Thursday through Saturday. My cousin and I are trying to decide what to do on Christmas day, we’ve talked about a movie but I don’t think I’ve ever tried going to a movie on Christmas Day and I think it might be crowded (though I also believe one needs to reserve seats now so they can limit audience size).

    In the past we’ve taken walks but now my knee is bugging me and she has a heel that’s bugging her, so … yes. life is (gets) complicated.

    Then again, if it’s raining much, plans may be limited anyway.

    Christmas day for many years now (for me) have been quiet anyway, something of a postscript to Christmas Eve which was when I did more things with friends, including a church service an usually a dinner out. Covid, of course, has disrupted all of that.

    Our church has a service at 5 p.m. Friday — again, it may depend on rain and other things for me this year, I think.

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  7. I did get the string of blue twinkle lights lighted on the mantel, along with getting the flickering battery candle sticks going again — batteries all needed changing from last year.

    The candles all come on automatically for something like 6 hours every night after you set them.

    The copper-and-brass angels from Mexico (who are holding up 2 of the candles) stayed on the mantel all year long so they were ready to go.

    I may at least get the front-door winter wreath with lights on it put up in the next day or two, I usually keep that up through January/February anyway so we still have time.

    Last year was hard but so is this year for me. Absent friends, another covid uproar — it’s all made me feel just really tired and unmotivated for much of anything.

    It’s actually a good thing that I’m working. I keeps me busy and the days and weeks fly by. The mornings are the hardest — I’ve never been a “morning” person and lately it’s been especially hard for some reason, I have to drag myself up and out.

    After an hour or two, I’m fine.

    My old dogs are still moving and eating and seem stable (kinda like me).

    I have much to be grateful for.

    Thank you, Lord.

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  8. Miss Bosley is heavy. It has happened from when we leave bowls of food for her when we go on short jaunts.

    It has made me aware that she never upchucks the food when she has bowls aplenty. I guess then she is not motivated to eat so quickly that she gags. So she is no longer bulemic and keeping her weight down.

    I think she has gained at least a pound this fall.

    It’s the difference between Texas and SC. Good for us, bad for her.

    The phone changed Miss to My Bosley. Even without spell check.

    Phone Gremlins are working overtime, racking up double time holiday paychecks no doubt.

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  9. Mrs L has had a cold for over a week and a half now. No fever, just coughing a lot. She even spent two days in bed. For her, this is serous, but she still presses on with as much norm as possible.

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  10. chas, it will take an engineer.

    Flying issues to solve.

    I can’t leave Annie Oakley’s food out as Tess will raid it – yes, she can still manage to stand on her weakened hind legs to pull the dishes down from the pet-territory butcher block table. Lost a ceramic dish last week, now we’re on the last one.

    But it all keeps Annie within her weight goal.

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  11. she eats a few bites at a time and is finished. So it’s all whisked away until she starts meowing again — she usually demands the most feedings in the mornings and nights, reserving the long late mornings and afternoons for a much needed cat nap.


  12. Sorry to hear that, Peter. Art has not had much coughing. He started Mucinex early on so not much accumulation in his chest. My brother had lots and lots of coughing with his that’s better from antibiotics but still not totally clear. I had the two day cold.

    I love that header photo. A really cool or’cold’ picture!


  13. Funny. The two were out shoveling the driveway. It is about two hundred feet of wet, heavy snow, between seven and fifteen inches deep. They headed up to get the mail. The snowplow guy pulled in with a pickup and plow and finished it for them. They will be so happy when they get back! I wonder if they will try to convince me they did it all themselves???

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  14. Well I was thinking those birds need some socks on!! That is metal and look at that snow/ice below…you don’t think that’s cold?! Hmmmm

    It is 53 degrees here and I just got home from driving into the Springs. It was 58 degrees there and felt downright Springlike! I half expected to see the crocuses and forsythia blossoming in town!

    I stopped off at Sprouts in Monument before heading back. I grabbed an herb seasoned rotisserie chicken, salad and veggies. Of course they have that display of handmade in Nepal wool hats right by the checkout….the gray one made of New Zealand sheep wool and fleece lined is now mine! 👒

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  15. Our numbers may be fewer on here, but it hasn’t slowed the conversation.

    It is so nice to have a vacation day. Tomorrow is the helicopter ride. I found someone to go with me. I got an email telling what time the flights are. It is so sweet to see whole families going together.

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  16. Good idea, thanks.

    I’d forgotten about our virtual Christmas party after work tonight, so was summoned online by the senior editor — the parties were broken up into several groups and mine was tonight.

    I have to say I’m just not a ‘party’ person where games are the focus. Bridal and baby showers were always hard for me to get through. So this was similar to the one he put together for us last year with holiday trivia questions about food, popular movies, songs.

    Everyone gets a gift card at the end ($20).

    There was a live party planned for last Saturday but they canceled it as omicron rose to prominence.

    Good of him to put it all together, though.

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