40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-3-21

  1. good morning! Finishing night #2 of an 8 day run. I finished paying all of the property taxes, including my mom’s house. I had forgotten the one in Elko, so it was late.

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  2. We paid $1.07/lb for the pigs we did up. I could not believe how expensive pork is in your areas. Add in a days work and you still have some inexpensive meat.

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  3. Good morning!

    We’re suppose to have another warm sunny day here, perfect for more outdoor work. It’s more like September than December.

    I do still feel physically tired from the big chore of getting all the leaves off the yard yesterday.

    I hope Chas will be around soon after Cheerios, coffee, Bible, and prayer.

    Time for my prayer and Bible study with green tea. Miss Bosley has settled in for her quiet time.

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  4. Morning! Oh what a lovely sight up there with frosty snow around the lake/pond. We so desire for that scene to play out in our neck of the woods!

    We are in the 50’s and dry dry dry. There was something outside last night that kept setting off the driveway alarm…bobcat, deer, porcupine, bear? Who knows? I didn’t get up to check.

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  5. Good morning again.
    Thanks for the Christmas music.
    It’s early Friday morning and I have alrady done what’s needed for today.
    But I can keep praying.
    Rose (the lady who comes to help) has alrady finished and left
    That means just you and me for the rest of the sweek, since it is Friday.

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  6. Good morning. Hoping to run up to Moscow today. Last visit for a while, possibly. I stay close to home when husband is off adventuring.

    Frosty this morning but the snow has melted. We are expecting more next week.

    I talked with twenty year old daughter last night. She sounded like she was doing very well. Good to hear! She is studying her driver’s manual so she can get a license. As she has done many times in the past four years (studied, not achieved).

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  7. Other twenty called a couple of days ago. He has been undeployed and is back to working for a fencing company. The lesion on his kidney has grown but is not cancerous. The doc wants him back in six months. The National Guard said he has to be deployable for a year and six months does not cut it.

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  8. You all remember George Mueller–the man who famously ran an orphanage in Bristol, England without an endowment. He taught the children to pray for whatever they needed–and God came through.

    He was the source of Streams in the Desert this morning:

    Be strong, my soul!
    Thy loved ones go
    Within the veil.
    God’s thine, e’en so;
    Be strong.
    Be strong, my soul!
    Death looms in view.
    Lo, here thy God!
    He’ll bear thee through;
    Be strong.

    For sixty-two years and five months, I had a beloved wife, and now, in my ninety-second year, I am left alone. But I turn to the ever-present Jesus, as I walk up and down in my room, and say, “Lord Jesus, I am alone, and yet not alone–Thou art with me, Thou art my Friend. Now, Lord, comfort me, strengthen me, give to Thy poor servant everything Thou seest he needs.”

    And we should not be satisfied till we are brought to this, that we know the Lord Jesus Christ experimentally, habitually to be our Friend: at all times, and under all circumstances, ready to prove Himself to be our Friend.
    –George Mueller

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  9. Janice – I was moved by your comment about Art’s reaction to Philip Yancey’s new book. I thought about that also during my prayer time this morning, and prayed for his continued growth in Christ. And that reminded me to pray the same for some other husbands I know.

    My own Hubby was a pretty dedicated Christian for many years, but God did a particularly deep work in him during that awful time when he owned that awful bread route. We both said that we would not want to go through that again, but were thankful for how God used it to so wonderfully deepen his faith and trust.

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  10. It was so warm I worked outside in short sleeves and sweated a little.

    I am so tired and stiff from two days back to back out there.

    I did not expect it to take so long as it did today to sweep/rake the street in front of our house, to sweep/rake the driveway and front walk, and to mow the little side yard.

    All.Those.Leaves. Little jobs can easily balloon into bigger than you thought.

    Thank you, Kizzie, for what you said. I am glad you have that sense of the firmness of Leon’s faith. I know Art has it in his young child and youth background, but he has not been very demonstrative of his faith. I know when he sang in the choir that his heart was touched by the words of the hymns he sang.

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  11. I just cooked biscuits and need to figure out something to have with them. I am also cooking beets for myself which I snack on like apples but Art does not like beets. When I work outside and get so tired, my brain can hardly think about what to cook for dinner. Maybe I will scramble some eggs with some salmon mixed in. We have not had that lately. It is a quick and easy fill ’em up. And I have a pack of frozen almond green beens. Sounds likr a plan!

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  12. Today was doctor day. But for a change, I wasn’t dreading this one.

    3 months ago my A1C was 7.9 and my weight was up to 271.

    I decided some major changes were necessary. I don’t want to end up on insulin and with extreme diabetes like my father.

    So I made several dietary changes. I cut out almost all the sugar in my diet that I added, except a small amount in my coffee. I stopped eating candy, bread, and most things like carbs that turn to sugar. I still have an occasional piece of “candy” but it’s Russell Stover’s sweetened with Stevia. I also tried to increase my steps to double what they were.

    This morning, I got my results, and even a smiley face and FANTASTIC! on my lab results from the Dr.

    My weight is now 244, and my A1C is now 6.0 🙂

    I want to lose another 15 to 20 lbs and shave another .5 off the A1C, but I feel like I can. I’m thanking and praising God for helping me get here. 🙂

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  13. Wow Aj…that is fantastic!! So thankful for your tenacity and good results! 😊

    I “got my hair did” today and then stopped off at Sam’s on the way home from town. I looked at their pork and the cheapest cut was 2.09 a pound. I don’t purchase much pork..only when we are having company…then I will get a roast and make pulled pork. Their boneless chicken breasts were 1.89 a pound. I then filled up my car with gas at Murphy’s…3.29 a gallon. It was 3.09 a gallon at Sam’s but the line of cars waiting was ridiculous!

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  14. Good job AJ.

    I had to make another run to the credit union and then to the vet’s to pick up dog meds and flea meds for the cat. Felt like I was on the road forever, neither place is very close — and add to that Friday afternoon traffic.

    I didn’t have lunch today so I up a fish filet sandwich at McDonald’s on the way home. Kinda bad, but could have been worse, right?

    “The blob” — our marine layer w/fog — was rolling in from the ocean when I got back to town.

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  15. The corner Christmas tree lot was packed with cars as I drove home.

    Time to get moving if one is getting a tree this year, I suppose. I’d like one, but it can be complicated and I think I need some extra energy to get motivated. Too many supply chain stories and harbor commission meetings.

    On Saturday, the port is hosting a holiday bash on the waterfront with crafts, live entertainment, a tree lighting and an “Elf” pet costume parade. Later, the annual holiday boat parade happens. And on Sunday the marching parade through downtown happens. There’s also an outdoor movie night in the waterfront park a little ways away, but it’ll be chilly — “Jungle Cruise.”

    None of it happened last year, of course, so people feel very ready to celebrate.

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  16. Woo hoo the real! Great job! Stick with it!

    I am on the same journey, to whip this blood pressure issue. Down thirty five pounds from the all time high, though you do not need to know what that is.

    What is an A1C?

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  17. But that said — I really do need to take off some weight and exercise more. Now that my dogs don’t walk briskly (or far), neither do I. And work, of course, is mostly sedentary for me.

    I need to start moving more. And it would help the knee, too.

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  18. Did anyone else watch the live performance of Annie last night? Pretty good, and there were the favorite songs we all know so well, plus some impressive dancing by the kids.

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  19. Aj, thanks for sharing your good news. I know that was a lot of hard work. And to change your eating is even harder. Good job, keep it up, we are all proud of you.

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  20. So, I just had the joy of listening to the London symphony singing “Unto Us a Child is Born”

    You see I was back in Dec 2014 looking for the secret thread and found some beautiful music.

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