39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-30-21

  1. Happy Birthday, Cheryl J!
    May it be an awesome day,
    Filled with plesant memories,
    And the best of savories!
    May your cake be tall and bright
    Glowing from the candlelight.
    When the day grows into night,
    May you think it turned out right!

    Happy, Happy, Happy!

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  2. In a while, crocodile.

    This is the week I planned to finally get the laminate flooring laid in the living room, but plans have a way of changing. I brought in all the boxes in yesterday morning so the material could acclimate to the indoor temperature. I proceeded to prepare the floor by pulling up old wooden carpet tack strips, sweeping thoroughly, then laid the plastic moister barrier (it’s a concrete floor) and foam padding.

    When I opened the box, I read that the material needs 48 hours to acclimate. Oh well, I guess I’ll start tomorrow.

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  3. Bummer, Peter, that you have to wait. It will be so nice to have that done, I bet.

    I found it interesting to read in the link Janice shared that grocery carts took a while to be accepted. It would seem like a no-brainer to use one.

    Happy birthday to Cheryl.

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  4. Good morning, all. I see the sun is beginning to brighten the sky.

    Grocery carts are not as common as one might think. I suspect, in many cultures, shopping is done on a daily basis so a basket is plenty. Though the really big stores have the buggies.

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  5. Wait a minute here, I’m not the only one in this crowd with four children!

    During the 2.5 teenage boys years, I shopped at the commissary with two baskets–and I had to use cereal boxes to raise the sides to get in all the food they consumed! We needed a second refrigerator to handle it all–8 gallons of milk each shopping trip!

    No “trolley” as the British say, would have been a disaster.

    But then, I don’t like to shop, so I go only as needed. I haven’t been to Costco in months–but it’s about time to stock up the pantry once again.

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  6. Yes, Michelle, we have done multiple carts for many years. However, that was the commissary, not the off base stores. Sometimes there were some of those little mini carts but usually just baskets. And in northern Italy, private pull carts for bringing one’s findings home on the sidewalks.

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  7. I’ve been trying to empty my freezer these days (one refrigerator) because we have a mob coming for Christmas. But, with pork about to be outlawed in my state, I’ve been buying pork chops whenever possible while I can still get them.

    It’s a conundrum, for sure. (But at least I can get by, now, with only one refrigerator!)


  8. Good morning and happy birthday to Cheryl.

    It’s back to work for me today, there’s a news conference at noon w/the US Secy of Labor at the port — this is part of what’s been a series of U.S. Administration and state officials, from the governor on down, swinging by to weigh in on the port congestion.

    At least this one isn’t being staged on a rooftop helicopter pad deep inside the impossible-to-navigate back roads of the working port. But I’ll still have to leave early to be in place — it’s a 5-minute trip straight down the hill and I’m there, though, so that’s a big help.

    We have fog this morning, it’s even visible in my backyard. That’ll cool us down, at least, and maybe add some moisture to the air. It’s about all we’ll get this year, from the sounds of it.


  9. Mumsee is spoiled. And so is Chas. TSWITW spoiled him. Of course, he spoiled her to the point the overflowed right back on him. At least that is how it works in my house.

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  10. I think I saw Prince Charles’plane. I did not see him.
    We are at the airport to leave. We will be about midnight getting home.
    Yes it was a big celebration today. I told many Happy Independence Day. They appreciated it. Then I told them we Americans showed the world it was possible. They laughed. I did not get my photo taken with the man all dressed up as Mr Barbados Independence. He was quite dapper.
    I will post photos tomorrow

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  11. We had a really good Bible study this morning moving into the study guide’s wisdom chapter. We will have a devotion and prayer next week for our time together since the main leader will be away.

    We used two buggies at the commissary, too, when we made trips out to Fort Mac, a distance from our home. That’s
    where we went to get
    my brother’s insulin for years. Eventually we traveled to the Air Force base up north of us when they closed the Army base. Sometimes we seemed to live double lives being part military and part civilian. None of our school friends were from military families.


  12. We apparently outlawed it in 2014, to go into effect January 1, 2022. All livestock sold for meat has to be raised in humane conditions with specific sizes of yards given.

    As I recall, the emphasis was on chickens and eggs, but it apparently included hogs.

    Since 90% of the hogs in the US are raised in Iowa, and the ranchers pointed out such conditions were not cost effective, they will not be able to sell their products in CA— including bacon.

    Of course, the fact this a violation on the Interstate commerce clause mysteriously has been overlooked.

    I just paid $9 for a pound of bacon. They estimate prices will at least double, thus becoming well out of reach of normal people.

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  13. I got home to discover Tess was able to pull Cowboy’s leftover pieces of hot dogs and broth in his metal dog dish off the kitchen counter. So she got the 2 pills he wouldn’t take this morning. Sigh.

    Kim, sounds like you had a really good break, welcome home in advance.

    I only shop for one a couple times a week so my goal is to jam and balance everything in the little child-seat portion at the top. It usually works, but things have been known to fall out.

    Labor secy news conference went well, held out at the end of the dock and included mayors from la and lb, other folks.

    I managed to shout a question, thanks to one of the deputy secretaries traveling with him — tallest woman I’ve ever seen — who shifted so I could be seen. I’m short and disappear behind all the TV cameras. It was very crowded. But as luck would have it, I wound up standing next to the labor union president so was able to nab him afterward.

    (When I slacked my editor afterward on my phone about how it all went, autocorrect changed it to ‘labor sexy’ — editor said that was actually a pretty fun autocorrect, better than most.)

    I enjoyed that history of the supermarket buggies Janice posted yesterday.

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  14. Morning all. Kinder is going well as I teach outside the box. We will finish making our ladybugs today and then begin on an insect that we make out of egg cartons. Three sections of course.
    We are having our fellowship time at the school in a haus win which is very nice. However the kids all climb all over it so I will be wiping it down this afternoon.

    Enjoy your day. 8 more days until the break.

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  15. “Bind Us Together” is one of those songs I’m surprised to find everyone doesn’t know. But everyone’s background is different. Maybe it’s bigger in Baptist circles.

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  16. Many city folk have people in the country raise a steer or hog or chickens or whatever, for them. With DJ moving to Winchester, you may want to talk with her about it. She could set up with some hogs that she could tend for a few months before taking them on a little trip. Or you could drop by and help with the processing and cut out the middle man altogether!

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  17. I did find a mosquito killing machine on Amazon that’s working pretty well. (They’re getting into the house now because I need to leave the sliding back door open so much for Cowboy.)


  18. I foresee a black market for pork products in California. When will the Liberals learn that when you make something illegal it makes for more crime?

    Scene at a prison in California, 2023 –
    “What’re you in for?”

    “Selling drugs to an undercover cop. You?”

    “Selling bacon on the back market to a mother of 6 children.”

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  19. I don’t believe any of thi.
    How can you prove in a court that eating food is illegal?

    Sp,etjomg so,o;ar pm FpxMews mpw/
    Tje wpr;d os fa;;omg a[art/


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