9 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-30-21

  1. He’s right, but sadly we don’t live in a sane country…..



  2. Pretend journalist caught lying again….


    Irresponsible journalism is his specialty.


  3. While the media played along….

    “A President Betrayed by Bureaucrats: Scott Atlas’s Masterpiece on the Covid Disaster:


    “Im a voracious reader of Covid books but nothing could have prepared me for Scott Atlas’s A Plague Upon Our House, a full and mind-blowing account of the famed scientist’s personal experience with the Covid era and a luridly detailed account of his time at the White House. The book is hot fire, from page one to the last, and will permanently affect your view of not only this pandemic and the policy response but also the workings of public health in general.

    Atlas’s book has exposed a scandal for the ages. It is enormously valuable because it fully blows up what seems to be an emerging fake story involving a supposedly Covid-denying president who did nothing vs. heroic scientists in the White House who urged compulsory mitigating measures consistent with prevailing scientific opinion. Not one word of that is true. Atlas’s book, I hope, makes it impossible to tell such tall tales without embarrassment.

    Anyone who tells you this fictional story (including Deborah Birx) deserves to have this highly credible treatise tossed in his direction. The book is about the war between real science (and genuine public health), with Atlas as the voice for reason both before and during his time in the White House, vs. the enactment of brutal policies that never stood any chance of controlling the virus while causing tremendous damage to the people, to human liberty, to children in particular, but also to billions of people around the world.

    For the reader, the author is our proxy, a reasonable and blunt man trapped in a world of lies, duplicity, backstabbing, opportunism, and fake science. He did his best but could not prevail against a powerful machine that cares nothing for facts, much less outcomes.

    If you have heretofore believed that science drives pandemic public policy, this book will shock you. Atlas’s recounting of the unbearably poor thinking on the part of government-based “infectious disease experts” will make your jaw drop (thinking, for example, of Birx’s off-the-cuff theorizing about the relationship between masking and controlling case spreads).

    Throughout the book, Atlas points to the enormous cost of the machinery of lockdowns, the preferred method of Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx: missed cancer screenings, missed surgeries, nearly two years of educational losses, bankrupted small business, depression and drug overdoses, overall citizen demoralization, violations of religious freedom, all while public health massively neglected the actual at-risk population in long-term care facilities. Essentially, they were willing to dismantle everything we called civilization in the name of bludgeoning one pathogen without regard to the consequences.

    The fake science of population-wide “models” drove policy instead of following the known information about risk profiles. “The one unusual feature of this virus was the fact that children had an extraordinarily low risk,” writes Atlas. “Yet this positive and reassuring news was never emphasized. Instead, with total disregard of the evidence of selective risk consistent with other respiratory viruses, public health officials recommended draconian isolation of everyone.”

    “Restrictions on liberty were also destructive by inflaming class distinctions with their differential impact,” he writes, “exposing essential workers, sacrificing low-income families and kids, destroying single-parent homes, and eviscerating small businesses, while at the same time large companies were bailed out, elites worked from home with barely an interruption, and the ultra-rich got richer, leveraging their bully pulpit to demonize and cancel those who challenged their preferred policy options.””


  4. What!

    The media fearmongering about the new variant is overblown again?

    That can’t be!

    Said no one who has been paying attention….



  5. Nothing to see here, right biased media….?

    Move along….

    “Joe Biden was involved in a deal with a Chinese giant — and was expecting a 10 percent cut”


    “In her new book, “Laptop from Hell,” Post columnist Miranda Devine reconstructs the Biden family’s quest for cash by using files left on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. Sunday, she detailed how Hunter and his uncle Jim Biden entered into a deal with Chinese government-linked energy conglomerate CFEC, and contacted businessman Tony Bobulinski to run the enterprise. Here, Bobulinski meets “the big guy” — Joe Biden himself.

    Hunter Biden and his Uncle Jim were already waiting for Tony Bobulinski in the lobby bar of the Beverly Hilton when he arrived at 10 p.m. May 2, 2017.

    The Bidens had chosen a discreet couch behind a thick marble column where they could see everyone who walked in the front entrance. Joe Biden, who had left the vice president’s office a little more than three months before, was flying into Los Angeles to speak at the prestigious Milken Institute Global Conference and would be joining them at the bar within the hour.

    For Bobulinski, 48, a third-generation Navy veteran and Democratic donor, it would be his first meeting with Joe Biden, and he was conscious that he was being vetted for a trusted role orchestrating the Biden family’s existing joint venture with Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC.

    “Dad not in now until 11,” Hunter wrote in a WhatsApp message. “Let’s me [you] and Jim meet at 10 at Beverly Hilton where he’s staying.”

    When Bobulinski arrived at the bar, Uncle Jim, seven years younger than his brother and more heavyset but still a dead ringer for Joe, greeted him like an old friend, although it was the first time they’d met.

    At that hour, the only other person in the bar was casino operator Steve Wynn, sitting with a woman on the other side of the room. Hunter and Bobulinski drank water while Jim ordered a club sandwich with fries and explained that the meeting with Joe was strictly “high level.”

    “We will not go into any detail about the business,” said Hunter. “I just want my dad to be comfortable with you.”

    At 10:38 p.m., Joe arrived through the hotel’s front entrance with his Secret Service entourage, and Hunter jumped up to intercept him. Five minutes later, he brought his father to the table. ”


    “As Jim talked, Bobulinski marveled at the political risk to Joe’s career if his family’s flagrant influence peddling during his vice presidency came to light.

    “How are you guys getting away with this?” he finally asked. “Aren’t you concerned that you’re going to put your brother’s [2020] presidential campaign at risk? You know, the Chinese, the stuff that you guys have been doing already in 2015 and 2016, around the world?”

    Jim chuckled and looked knowingly at Bobulinski.

    “Plausible deniability,” he said, using a term coined by the CIA during the Kennedy administration to describe the practice of keeping the president uninformed about illegal or unsavory activity so he can plausibly deny knowing anything if it becomes public knowledge. “


  6. On the failed gene therapy that is proving to be more dangerous than Covid itself.


    “Breakthrough COVID-19 cases are more common and severe in people with weakened immune systems, according to a new study.

    Breakthrough infections are those that occur in vaccinated people.

    Immunocompromised vaccinated people were three times more likely to contract COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, according to researchers, who published their findings in the Journal of Medical Economics.

    The study found that just 0.08 percent of fully vaccinated people had a breakthrough case, but that 0.18 percent of immunocompromised people had a breakthrough infection. While immunocompromised people represented 18 percent of those studied, they accounted for over 38 percent of infections, nearly six in 10 hospitalizations, and all the deaths.

    Researchers analyzed nearly 1.2 million U.S. HealthVerity database records between Dec. 10, 2020, and July 8.”


  7. All that says is that vaccinated people are more likely to get sick or sicker if they’re immuno-compromised than if they have normal immune systems. That’s hardly surprising. Immuno-compromised people will always be more likely to get sick or sicker than other people.

    0.18 percent means 1 in 500 immuno-compromised vaccinated people getting sick.

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