50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-17-21

  1. The first here, Janice. And that’s what counts.
    It’s a beautiful day in Greensboro.
    Fifty four (65) degrees is still too cold.
    I mean 54, up there, but my eyes won’t let me get there to correct it.

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  2. The commercial on TV about a lady falling down the staire, crying for help.
    Reminds me to put my phone in my pocket.
    But I don’t go out in the back of the house in this weather, even if the sunn is shining, unless someone else is here.
    You need to babe careful about several things when you live alone.

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  3. Good morning. Sun should be making an appearance in the clear skies, twenty two here this morning. Beautiful!

    And I was delighted to see you have decided to join me in celebrating the approach of Christmas!

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  4. Morning! It is 17 degrees in this forest but inside the house we are nice and cozy warm….
    That bird seems to be in a state of indecision….”which way do I go which way do I go…oh no which way do I go?”!! Very nice shot by the way!!

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  5. From a wonderful post by Randy Alcorn (quote is from Francis Schaeffer):

    “Schaeffer tied the verses together:

    [In John 13:35] if an individual Christian does not show love toward other true Christians, the world has a right to judge that he or she is not a Christian. Here [in John 17:21] Jesus is stating something else that is much more cutting, much more profound: We cannot expect the world to believe that the Father sent the Son, that Jesus’s claims are true, and that Christianity is true, unless the world sees some reality of the oneness of true Christians. (26–27)

    “A beautiful, biblical slap in the face.”


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  6. I loved that article, Michelle. I tried to post a link to it on Facebook and the curious thing is Facebook made it jump through the article dowm to the shipping info about his book. Facebook has all kinds of trickery going on. Meta Yadda Yadda


  7. Jo isn’t having Christmas this year!

    No one wants to venture an opinion on why there were pomegranates used in the temple?

    We seem to have the most new Covid cases in the nation. Certainly not a good thing. We should be at the jam as usual today, however.

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  8. Jo has to have Christmas.

    I’m off to one of the ports again today, governor is going to be saying something. The story that won’t quit.

    And this is from Michelle’s link:


    ~ In the 52 years I’ve known Jesus, I’ve witnessed countless conflicts between believers. But never more than in the last year. Many have angrily left churches they once loved. Believers who formerly chose churches based on Christ-centered Bible teaching and worship now choose them based on non-essential issues, including political viewpoints and COVID protocols.

    Churches are experiencing a pandemic of tribalism, blame, and unforgiveness—all fatal to the love and unity Jesus spoke of. Rampant either/or thinking leaves no room for subtlety and nuance. Acknowledging occasional truth in other viewpoints is seen as compromise rather than fairness and charitability.

    Sadly, evangelicals sometimes appear as little more than another special-interest group, sharing only a narrow “unity” based on mutual outrage and disdain. This acidic, eager-to-fight negativity highlights Schaeffer’s point that we have no right to expect unbelievers to be drawn to the good news when we obsess about bad news and treat brothers and sisters as enemies.

    Playing into Satan’s Strategy

    The increase in Christians bickering over non-essentials doesn’t seem to be a passing phase. And it injures our witness, inviting eye rolls and mockery from unbelievers and prompting believers to wonder whether church hurts more than it helps.

    Satan is called the accuser of God’s family (Revelation 12:10) and uses every means to undercut our love for each other. Too often we do his work for him. His goal is to divide churches and keep people from believing the gospel. “By this it is evident who are the children of God, and who are the children of the devil: whoever who does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is the one who does not love his brother” (1 John 3:10). When we fail to love each other, we are acting like the devil’s children. … ~

    There’s more, good article.

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  9. Got all the lab results from my physical yesterday, all really good, yay. I have a couple other tests to finish up — mammogram, etc. — that mostly got cancelled due to work conflicts, so those are set for December now.

    I’d like to get back to PT and doctor has written a referral for that; but until this port crisis calms down I don’t know how I’d really fit that in at this point.

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  10. I got my replacement Pueblo Village from Ebay. it was apparently in the original box from 2005 (battery packs inside the ‘homes’ broke in the shipping, however).

    MADE IN CHINA was stamped all over the box. Of course.

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  11. I never liked black coffee, I need a bit of milk in mine (no sugar).

    But I’m not a big coffee drinker generally. I don’t think I’ve had any for a few months now. It seems to go in cycles for me.

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  12. I mentioned this at the end of yesterday’s thread — to Chas’ comment that we “can’t have Christmas before Thanksgiving” — I spotted three houses all decked out with Christmas lights as I drove through the neighborhood last night going to Sprouts.


  13. I added coffee in my 40s to keep from falling asleep on the hour or hour and a half drives each way, almost daily on weekdays, to care for my mom. I did not want extra calories at that age so black coffee it is. I have enjoyed almond milk in it when I have that and just happened to buy some today that was on sale😀


  14. We have a house/yard in the neighborhood fullup with Christmas decor. It seems every yard (36″) of green space has something on it. Looks strange when I drive by. It may even get covered by falling and blowing leaves. The hazards of putting up decorations before the leaves have finished their glorious display.

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  15. No atmospheric river here. Very little rain.

    About Christmas…. yes, I will worship and we will certainly have Christmas in Kinder.
    But to me Christmas is the people. The folks I fellowship with leave tomorrow until January. Not sure that there will be anyone to be with or fellowship with.

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  16. Back from the governor’s news conference, it’s always an adventure finding these terminals down there amid unmarked streets and surrounded by gigantic trucks, a few of which gave me a horn blast as I tried to find my way to the destination — I spent a lot of time waving my ‘apologies’.

    It’s a netherworld down there of winding terminal roads, dead ends, stacks of containers and lines of trucks. Google maps don’t really help.

    I finally got there but our photographer got turned around and didn’t make it. AP will have some shots we can us, I took a few with the cell phone but not optimum conditions as we were facing into the sun. (What is it with rooftop news conferences at the port these cays?)

    My bag got searched but they didn’t send the dogs over. I had to park at a neighboring terminal and walk over as parking was so limited and taken up by all the TV crews.

    Lunch and then to write.

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  17. Thanks, Janice. It can get lonely here. And the sweet gals I love at home are dying as they are in their 90’s.

    Just got approval of my newsletter. Yeah!! Look for it soon, but it is time for school here.

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  18. Well now Jo caused me to doubt myself…isn’t that a bird with it’s wings fluffed out? Maybe it’s a butterfly or a moth…well it looks like a bird to me! 😂
    Don’t tell Chas but I put up my tree today! I mean come on..I’ve had “fall” out since the end of August! Can’t I have a tree up for 5 weeks? I’ll take it down right after Christmas…promise! 🎄

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  19. Getting pretty dark here at just about 4:30 p.m. My phone says sunset is at 4:48 p.m. It’s 62 degrees outside.

    Turned the story in, finally, still need to feed my poor dogs.

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  20. I think it’s a woodpecker taking off from the tree trunk.

    My house inside is now all decked out for Christmas. I just have one more 6 foot tree to finish up. Then I’ll be done until we get the real tree in early December. Outdoor lights will happen one of these days when husband has time. 🙂


  21. No Christmas decorating here, except for one cedar tree covered with lights for lighting up later.

    Black coffee for me. I do. rarely, have a cappuccino. Otherwise, just black. I wonder if tax payer money was used for that study. Such a thing might make me feel likea psychopath or something.

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  22. Such a pitiful night here. I had gotten movies from the library to watch. That did not work out since Art could not get the dvd going. I also had a slight spat with brother, gearing up for the prolonged time together, I suppose. So I am in a corner with books for company. Art brought work home that he does while listening to t.v.

    The Hallmark Christmas movies need a break. Thankful I went to the library and brought home both books and dvds.😀

    Even Miss Bosley attacked me.

    They shoot horses don’t they?

    Thankful I know Jesus loves me.


  23. Nancyjill, I like your plan to have the tree up for five weeks. All the effort for a short time seems a bit wasted. Someday I will have to pull out all my ornaments and enjoy them on a tree again. It won’t be this year. When I do, the tree will have to be up for at least a month.


  24. I really want a tree this year but we will see … This Jeep isn’t as roomy in the cargo area as the Liberty was. And there’s always the issue of dragging it in the back gate and through the house.

    And Christmas descends so fast. I think I was going to get a tree last year but realized it was already only a week until Christmas and I decided the dismantling would have to be done so soon afterwards at that point that it wasn’t worth the effort. Last year was an off year for me, anyway; but I did get the outdoor porch wreaths hung from the railing.

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  25. Even kinder won’t decorate for Christmas until December. It is too hard for children to wait.

    That Chas, giving someone the raspberry. And I thought that he was such a gentle fellow.

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