Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 11

Here we are, 11 weeks into the college football season. It’s not been good for us, as only 4 times has the winner gotten 8 or better, and we’ve yet to see a perfect score. Upsets haven’t helped us. Let’s see if we can do better.

AJ won last week and chose a challenging game for the tie breaker.  And we have a Friday game, so remember not to dilly-dally.

No matter what strategy (or lack thereof) you use, get your guesses in by FRIDAY, November 12 @ 8PM EST, when the first game starts.

  1 Wyoming @ Boise State

  2 Charleston Southern @ Gardner-Webb

  3 Miami @ Florida State

  4 #11 Texas A&M @ #15 Ole Miss

  5 #25 Arkansas @ LSU

  6 Texas-El Paso @ North Texas

  7 Air Force @ Colorado State

  8 #8 Oklahoma @ #13 Baylor

  9 B1G 10 Pillow Fight: Rutgers (1-5) @ Indiana (0-6)

10 Tie breaker: Pick winner and final score: #6 Michigan @ Penn State

18 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 11

  1. Boise State
    Charleston Southern
    Ole Miss
    Texas El Paso
    Colorado State
    Penn State 27-21


  2. BSU (Broncos vs Cowboys. Sounds like a rodeo!)
    Charleston Southern
    Florida State
    Ole Miss
    Air Force
    PSU 31-24


  3. Ooh, a Michigan tie-breaker again. Thanks, AJ.

    1 Boise State
    2 Gardner-Webb
    3 Florida State
    4 Ole Miss
    5 LSU
    6 North Texas
    7 Air Force
    8 Oklahoma
    9 Indiana
    10 Michigan 27-24 (Go Blue!)


  4. Chas’ wild guesses. His eyes mey not be up to this, so bear with me

    Charleston Southern

    Texas A7
    Sorry-It may seem strange to you, but this is too much for my 91 year old eyes.



  5. Boise State
    Gardner-Webb (what is that?)
    Florida State
    Texas A and M
    North Texas
    Air Force
    Michigan 21-14


  6. Mumsee: Gardner-Webb is a college in the South.

    And since you have the same score as Janice on the tie breaker, you need to change yours, since she posted before you.


  7. Week 11 is in the books. There was a tie with 7 correct, but one person got the winning team, the other didn’t. Janice and I tied. She picked the winner, and guessed the score within 3 points!

    Attagirl, Janice!

    Here’s how we did:
    Janice and Peter – 7 (Janice wins on the tiebreaker)
    Mumsee and Kevin – 6
    Chas – 5
    AJ – 4

    Which game is our next tiebreaker, Janice?


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