7 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-6-21

  1. 😦 We still don’t know which of the upcoming holidays Nightingale will be scheduled to work. They wait too long to let their employees know, which makes it hard to make plans.

    🙂 Thankful that she has a good job which she generally likes, and that we are flexible folks who will work around whatever schedule she is given. (We used to do that with my brother and his family and their plans, and then sometimes with the McK’s plans since Chickadee has lived with them.)

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  2. 🙂 It’s November already? My wall calendar in the “work” room still tells me it’s September.

    🙂 My one cousin and I have been invited to someone’s house for Thanksgiving (already? there are serious ‘planners’ among us). I’ll have to check with my cousin to see if there are alternate plans already with our other cousin (or if he’s heading back to Arizona this year where his twin brother and family live).

    😦 Really, isn’t it still September?

    😦 I love the holidays, but this year it’s a little tough with the loss of friends I usually do holiday things with, the impending loss of Cowboy that could come any time now and, still, our hardy pandemic that just won’t give up on us quite yet.

    😦 🙂 Scripture’s prayers of lament, which give words to our personal seasons of trial

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  3. DJ – Thanksgiving is now less than three weeks away, so I don’t think it’s too early for people to be planning, especially if they are expecting company. If you lived closer, I would invite you to join us. (Really, I would.)


  4. 😦 A women we were just talking with on Saturday passed away on Monday. She seemed in perfect health. Tonight I heard a middle age man, who used to play drums in our church’s praise team, passed away from Covid.


  5. 🙂 We are back home, safe and sound from moving my folks to an assisted living retirement home

    🙂 It will really be like they are on a luxury cruise – meals provided in the dining room (several yummy options to choose from every meal), housekeeping and linen laundry done for them, care at the push of a button if needed.

    😦 Dad is having a difficult time. He keeps thinking he’s at an hotel. But then her remembers that he keeps thinking that.

    🙂 Once we had them moved in and had hung the familiar pictures that they liked, it seemed to be better for him.

    🙂 Step mom seems very relieved that she’s no longer responsible for EVERYTHING!

    😦 While going through loose papers, my sister and I found current stuff mixed and under stuff from 2009… I’m so glad my BIL is willing and able to go through all their papers and to oversee the banking. 🙂

    It was exhausting for us ‘young folk’. For my folks it was just plain overwhelming, but it is done and they are safe and secure and still have their own one bedroom little apartment with kitchenette. AND it’s still only 5 minutes from my sister’s home.

    I will need to remember to call them tonight.

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  6. That is wonderful, Kare! I was concerned if my folks moved here or to assisted living, that the change would be too difficult. They are okay where they are with help.
    Nice that they are so close to sister.


  7. Thanks, Mumsee. My sister was just exhausted from taking care of them for three weeks – having to run over to do meals and laundry and cleaning. But we went through all the contents of their condo together and now she can take her time sorting through and sending stuff to MCC and giving stuff away and perhaps selling a few items.

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