40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-3-21

  1. Good evening Jo.
    Good morning everyone else.
    What it ist?? Looks like a butterfly on something.

    TV today is about an election. Seems the country is going conservative.

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  2. Sweet little birdie in the photo. Interesting muted tones.

    My joy has been zapped by church business. Trying to keep my head up as I go to the WMU meeting which will be fun with the ladies. It is the other responsibilities that put me at odds with others and way out of my comfort zone. I long for straightforward transparency.

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  3. Good Morning Everyone. I did not feel well yesterday but am better today. I am not going in to the office today and will work from home then drive an hour to meet an electrician to get an estimate on rewiring a home.

    RK I am sorry for your loss of your mother.

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  4. Actually, I start turning them on when it is too dark to see when I get up at five thirty for Bible reading. They adorn a cross husband made years ago for a church play, and the light they give is a constant reminder to me of the Light that was given to us two thousand years ago. That God, fully God and fully man, would make Himself the sacrifice for our sins. That we could step into eternity with Him.

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  5. I’m up and ready for the garage door guy who will tell me there is nothing to be done about opening my electronically struck door until the electricity is restored.

    I have a guy to call, Carlos, for that.

    I’m hoping it’s something simple. Hahahahahaha

    I know. Aren’t I funny?

    A former editor now longshore friend also passed on the name of the guy who’s doing his home remodel, Brian, who’s also a longshoreman / electrician. But I think Carlos, a gardener referral, may be the best fit for what I need.

    Congratulations to the Braves, well done. I always like seeing a team that’s not won the title in so long prevail (even though they did beat “my” team). I’m sorry they couldn’t have had the winning game in their home field, but they’ll get quite the homecoming celebration and parade, I’m sure. Good job.

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  6. I expect to start seeing Christmas lights around here shortly. The seasons and holidays have all been moved forward by several weeks so Halloween is the new Thanksgiving.

    Last time I was in Home Depot, maybe 1-2 weeks ago, they were all decked out for Christmas.

    The problem with Halloween decorations is they really need to come down quickly — they don’t have the staying power of Christmas decorations, which can go up early and stay up late — and always look good and appropriate somehow. (Well, you need to get them down probably before March …)

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  7. So I was upstairs on the exercise bike and rowing on the bowflex after my little interchange with Chas on Christmas lights. I looked up on the wall in the dark room and there were a bunch of lights twinkling on the wall. The sun had just peeked in through the leaves on the birch tree and was dancing on the walls. And I was reminded of the Light coming into the world, fully God, fully man. Living in me in all His fullness. Connecting us so we could encourage each other, sharpen each other, pray for each other. And I was glad.

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  8. Yes, there’s a bright red release strap — on the inside.

    There is something called a garage door release that can be added to the outside so I will probably check into that after this is all fixed. I don’t have any other way to get into the garage and so it would make sense to have something like that added in case of power outages (though there’s nothing really inside that I ordinarily need)..

    But I will ask the garage door man today if there are other options — I really thought the key would unlock and release it, but it didn’t.

    I think whoever comes to fix the electricity, though, may need to get inside. Sigh.


  9. So maybe there’s something garage door man can do to get it open before that. We’ll see.

    Meanwhile, the daylong supply chain hearing in Sacramento is about to start … Another day, another supply chain story.

    I really need a break.


  10. We had a garage door that wouldn’t open because the plumber didn’t realize the wire he cut when putting in the new drain pipes was not a dead wire, but the one to the detached garage. I had to climb through the window to get to the release cord.

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  11. Our garage locks on the inside. It is not electric. But one has to be inside to slide the locks open. We have a regular door that we can lock and unlock but DJ does not have one. She has a window but it is blocked on the inside by a book case as I recall. Worst comes to worst, Carlos will have to crawl through and knock over the bookcase to do his work but it is not the end of the world. Just frustrating. Which DJ does not need anymore of but God apparently thinks otherwise.


  12. Her key did not work. Perhaps the new door had a new lock. Perhaps they neglected to provide access in the event of power failure. Carlos has this.


  13. Carlos does not know yet that he is needed. He is busy working on other folks yards, making them into places of beauty and comfort for the home owners and passers by. But soon, he will be apprised of the desperate situation and will come to the fore, skills in hand, to bring power to the garage and open new vistas.

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  14. Sounds like a good move, Janice. Though I am glad that your opinions were there for that time.
    That is not what you love, your prayer and Bible studies are.

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  15. Chas — “I always keep an extra key to everyting in a drawer inside the house.”

    That totally doesn’t surprise me. 🙂


    Never mind.

    OK, so garage door guy came and yes, there was a way to “break in” and install a manual key override for when this happens again. Had to drill a hole in the metal garage door, but that’s OK. He disconnected the automated system so it’s now a manual door again until I can get Carlos or whoever to figure out how to get the garage power back on.

    I’m brain dead in the meantime after taking notes through 5-1/2 hours of a state legislature hearing on what’s wrong with the supply chain. Lots of talking heads from all the sectors, including governor’s office, businesses, etc.

    Most refreshing was the longshore union guy who came on the screen with a “Hi, how y’all doin’?”

    In short, everything is in chaos.

    But we already knew that.

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  16. Cowboy is OK, he’s eating well as long as it’s not his dog food 🙂 (so we’re on fresh chicken, broth and sometimes steak). He’s back to accepting his pills in some cheese whiz which he’d been rejecting here for a while, making my job a lot harder.

    Another day, another week, or two. But he’s walking back and forth right now through the house, hovering around Tess, just looking at me now and again with his kaleidoscope eyes. We’re stabilized for now again, it would seem. How long that lasts, who knows.


    Story is turned in, what a grueling day. And a mosquito invaded my space again so I had to put on some repellant (I leave the backdoor slid open most of the days now for Cowboy so he can easily come and go out — but in come the mosquitos, of course.)

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  17. I’m sorry about the church issues, Janice, that’s never easy. I remember when my former church kind of started to go sideways and how difficult and sad it all was, emotionally and spiritually.


    Carlos comes on Friday.

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  18. Janice – Congratulations on the Braves winning the World Series.

    I still remember back in 2004 when the Red Sox finally won the World Series after going 80-something years since the last time. That was exciting! (No, I wasn’t watching the games, but I was keeping up with who was winning each one. But I think I was watching towards the end of the last game, because I’m pretty sure I remember seeing them win live, not in a video or on the news.)

    They’ve won again three more times since then, but that one was the really exciting one. It was too bad that my Boston-area born-and-bred MIL was too deep into dementia to remember hearing that they had won.


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