46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-29-21

  1. I have a question for Kim or whoever else might know.
    For years now, I have included “baby girl” in my prayers.
    It occurs to me that BG is a grown woman now.
    Does anyone know how she is doing?

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  2. Good morning!

    Kim, you need to send Chas a photo of BG. We are all part of his extended family so we should all send him family photos as a visual of who he is praying for♡

    I did a short succinct book review on Amazon this morning. They reject so many reviews that I will see if they like this short version better. I have a lot of book reviews promised, more than I should have promised. I really likd to be a help to Christian writers who are getting God’s word out into the world.


  3. The news this morning is all about Truist Park and the happenings there all day leading up to the big game this evening. It all seems rather scary that people seem to be totally disregarding that we are still in a pandemic. I know Covid numbers are on the decline, but I wonder if they will remain that way after today in the Atlanta vicinity.


  4. Go Braves! Chop! Chop!
    Art said the woke folk are all upset with the team name, etc.
    Since Stacy Abrams had the All Star game taken away from Truist there are those who are taking great delight in having the World Series at Truist. Sweetens the whole thing even if the Braves should happen to lose.


  5. Yesterday I had the most interesting visit to the optometrist that I have ever had. First, as I got out of our car a man in a car close by opened his door and held out a small, plain white gift bag with a box in it. He asked if we were going into the building and if we would drop the bag at the desk. I was a bit hesitant, but he added that he forgot to bring a mask, so he couldn’t enter. I agreed to take it in.

    I gave the box to the receptionist and explained what happened and commented that I was hesitant to bring it in in this day and age. Just then another worker stepped over and commented that the giver had phoned her and explained it was because of Halloween being on Sunday. The box did look like what the local candy store uses.

    Then when the actual optometrist came into the office she asked if I was surviving this crazy world. I said yes and it is a crazy Alice and Wonderland world right now. From there she went to having faith in something greater to being a Christian. We had a wonderful discussion that continued throughout the whole check-up and into the hallway when she finished. I believe we were both blessed by it. I have had the same woman for several years and nothing like that has ever happened. I see this same excitement in so many these days. It is a ripe time for harvest and for building unity in the faith.

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  6. Good morning. Brilliant sunrise again this morning. Husband and children off to speech therapy leaving me the chores. Then husband returns this way, taking twenty to a doc appt and then to the lady’s house for the weekend and his much needed break.

    Yesterday he took her to a psych appt where she shocked the psychiatrist on the little computer screen. Started out pleasant, turned manic, and then verbally aggressive complete with profanities directed at the doc. Because the doc had the audacity to postpone her appt a week. The psych had not seen that side of her before. She mentioned to husband that it must be very difficult dealing with her on a daily basis. Uh, yes. Doc also wondered if it might be time to put her in the mental hospital. Husband told her this is just another day with daughter. Maybe now we can get that psych eval.

    Oh, and after dropping her off for work and coming home for a much needed nap, he was awakened by a phone call from her. She claimed she did not trust her body and it was exploding. Something about the joints in her shoulders popping. So, back in the car with him to go pick her up from work after only an hour of an eight hour shift. She may lose the job if she keeps this up but then they may be desperate.

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  7. Morning! What kind of bugs are those up there? They remind me of lightening bugs but I don’t think that is who they are! They do have the right colors for Halloween though! 🎃
    Nowhere to go today..hurray! Cleaning and laundry. Dusting and deep cleaning…we are having two neighbor couples over Monday evening and I need to get with it! Have a blessed day fellow wanderers!

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  8. Well, now it really is Friday.

    Yesterday was long, I’d covered a virtual news conference with transportation/port officials from the state and White House about a joint endeavor to improve port- and supply chain infrastructure. I filed my story but editor wondered why the metro daily had a cost figure and we didn’t.

    No cost came up that I could recall (this was an open-ended program that would be funded as private and public funding could be put together, along with transportation loans).

    I went through my notes, didn’t see the figure used by the other reporter. Nothing in the governor’s news release.

    I emailed the state source he confirmed the amount, said it came from the WH participant on the call.

    I emailed back asking how I possibly could have missed that.

    He responded, because it was told to the other reporter during a separate interview the day before. He confirmed it, however — had to do with a cap on a couple of the loan programs that would be used. He was getting a bunch of calls from other reporters who were asking the same thing after seeing the report in the one outlet.


    At least I wasn’t losing my mind. Not yet. That would be a big thing to miss.

    I have a port commission meeting to cover in about 30 minutes.

    What’s been an intense regional/local story for us for over a year now — I feel like I’ve written about little else all year — has now blown up as a national story. And we have nowhere near the resources to throw around as the national and other larger outlets do to cover it.

    It’s stressful.


    And I think I figured out what may have happened when the house jolted and the lights flickered off and on again the other day. I noticed last night as I was hauling the trash out that both of the outside lights on the garage, front and back, are out. I’m wondering if the automatic door opener also won’t work. I’ll check that out later today or tomorrow when I have time.

    …. To be continued.


  9. I can’t imagine they would make only one showing of a movie.
    It has ben a weary-dreary day in Greensboro.
    Rain won’t fall
    Sun won’t shine.
    Nothing is happening
    Nothing at all.


  10. It’ll be on livestream soon enough.

    Sunny and warm.

    I’m dragging today, hitting a wall with these stories. Top editor had me send bunch of questions to port guys for a nice little Q&A he envisioned. haha. I sent the questions but suggested that we cannot imagine how slammed port staff is right now so we likely won’t get answers. Sure enough, the one contact sent back an email saying not today, not next week. No time on their end. Which is what I figured.

    I have dog meds to pick up but I can see I won’t get to it today (I think there’s enough to carry us through the weekend). The vet used to be open half days on Saturdays which was when I’d always pick up medications. But those options have been gone ever since the pandemic struck. It’s 8-5 only, and with a 2-hour closure in the middle of the day.

    The house is a fright right now.

    Ready for Halloween, I guess.

    Back to it …


  11. Aren’t they a milkweed weavil? I think a closeup would snow a long snout.

    I got called by home health agency yesterday, that they had sent my mother to the hospital for altered mental status. She went on hospice about 3 weeks ago. Different agency. Drove 3 hrs over here and got her out of hospital. Had to have EMS bring her home, as too weak to stand or left leg to get into car. Up in the night to change and turn her.

    This morning, her bath/hospice aid came. I told her she would probably have to have a bed bath due to weakness. My mother proceeded to hop up out of her recliner and go to the shower.

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  12. Such busy lives you all lead, oh, my.

    Late last night we finally heard that our restrictions are continuing for another two weeks. But we can still have in person school. You know, for me, the hardest part is we are not allowed to eat lunch together. I eat virtually alone in my classroom. I also live alone so that lunch time is very precious to me.

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  13. A quiet Saturday here. Yesterday I checked on my computer and found out that our store had baked goods from Goroka. I left my class with my aide and quickly drove to the store. I anxiously waited to wash my hands and then went straight to the bread section. There were only 5 packs of bagels left and i took them all. Okay, I was buying for four of us. Even gave a pack to my aide. Later I was so tired that it was hard to teach. But I scored bagels!! Now I will cut them in half and put them each in a sandwich ziplock to freeze. These will last me quite a while. Got plain and cinnamon raisin.

    It is the little things that matter here.

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  14. It is so nice to know that I now have a treatment for covid as our clinic is only offering the vaccine. Yet, the pharmacies in this country have other medicines without a prescription.

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  15. I used to operate radios in C-54, among others. But I noticed then, that’s what coffee cups are for. To keep hands warm. Also, to give you something to do for a brief moment while thinking.

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  16. Art is looking forward to his booster. May the Force be with him that wasn’t with me.

    Now playing, I Surrender All: beautiful. All to Jesus, I surrender all . . .all to Jesus, my blessed Savior, I surrender all . . .

    On Sunday my church is helping sponser a Fall Festival in the county park. Free candy, dollar hotdogs and drinks, costume contest, and vaccines. Need 25 volunteers from the few left at my church. All us old folks won’t have to wear a mask, lol. 500 childrren have signed up plus who shows up with them. A request for prayer was finally made today. I am feeling like we have a disconnect with reality. I know of no one volunteering.

    I will pray, and hsve been praying for several months.

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  17. We sang “Blessed Assurance” at church last week for the first time in a while.

    I remember that hymn was sung a lot at Prison Fellowship meetings when I was involved with that for a short time with a friend.

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