49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-23-21

  1. It’s Friday night (9 p.m.) here and the homecoming game (presumably) had fireworks at (presumably) half-time about 30 minutes ago.

    I just got in from walking Tess. We went by a couple scary Halloween front-yard displays, one had a voice that said “You’re all going to die!” Very true, that.

    Long, long day for me today with my annual physical in the morning and two stories to file after that.

    I’d been fasting since last night (water only, for the bloodwork) and was quite hungry this morning — I was coveting Chas’ Cheerios from afar before I left for the dr. office (which is 2 blocks away).

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  2. Good morning! It’s 12:05 a.m. in the wee hours of the night here. I just slightly lost a game of Upwards with son. It felt rather like the last minute turn around we have seen in baseball games lately.

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  3. I am here. Husband was planning to go to Boise last night after dropping daughter in Grangeville but his truck tire is still struggling. He had it in for repair earlier in the week but apparently not successfully. He is deciding whether to try driving it down to Boise and get it fixed or take the car. The truck is needed to retrieve the generator son borrowed and has not returned. We like to have it on hand for the winter.

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  4. Good Morning Everyone. I had dinner last night with a group of women who included Mama Ruth’s daughters. S-the older one and R- they younger one. S lost her husband to Covid the end of August. She is just starting to get out. Last night she hugged and hugged me. She couldn’t believe I was so grown up. Ummm, I’ve been grown up for 25+ years. Those were years that she wasn’t around much and if she was she was so wrapped up in her husband that she didn’t have time for anyone else and none of us could stand him. He made my skin crawl. He followed me into Mama Ruth’s kitchen once and I went out the side door around the house and back in through the front door.
    Anyway, that is all beside the point now. She loved him and misses him. S and R consider me their little sister, although S hasn’t treated me as such. Last night was a change in her. She loves me and as we hugged and hugged tightly it just didn’t matter. I love her. They argue over who their mother loved more. I ALWAYS win the argument. Mama Ruth had to take what she got with them but she CHOSE me!

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  5. Morning! It seems rather overcast here but warmish. Second cup of coffee on it’s way down…
    Off to a craft show with my neighbor this afternoon. Not much into craft shows but yet another opportunity to build relationship.
    Our lunch with our other neighbors yesterday went quite well even though my dear friend could scarcely put together a sentence. We sensed her husbands great relief in knowing we are standing ready to help in any way he needs. He will be calling on me to come over and spend time with her as he needs to get to appts and run errands. ♥️

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  6. I will be going to an arts and crafts show this afternoon. Then later yet we will go to a fund raiser for someone who had a stroke and has been in the hospital for a long time already and will yet have rehab. He is a well known musician, so I expect it will be well attended. There will be lots of fellow musicians as well.

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  7. Busy day ahead for some of you.

    I need to get to the pharmacy early (just to get that errand out of the way), then deal with the changing heater register filter and cleaning all the collected pet hair out of the contraption (while hoping the cat doesn’t decide to take another slide down the shute like she did that one Thanksgiving morning a few years back).

    Chill-wise, this morning’s not too bad, but it’s been getting a little brisk and it would be good just to take the edge off.

    And just maybe I’ll take another stab at getting that shower curtain rod up.

    I got my flu shot yesterday during the annual physical exam, so that’s taken care of.

    Meanwhile, the editor has sent us all entries from area school kids for a “scary story” contest, something one of our papers has done for a while. I guess we have to read them and weigh in. But not this weekend, I think by Thursday.

    It’s strange how much reporters now do, including processing photos to get them into the system, writing cutlines and then attaching them to our stories. We also now write our own headlines (though editors often tweak them, thankfully, to make them better — headline writing is a skill in its own, especially in the SEO digital age where we need to always be cognizant of what will work best online).

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  8. My big project for the week is to cancel my folks’ online donations to different ministries that they have supported for years. I’ve got the list and have made a spreadsheet with all the names and contact numbers and am ready to start first thing on Monday. It makes me sad. But stepmom said she felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders when I said that it would be no problem for me to take care of all that. Wow, they have supported so many ministries.

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  9. That sounds like an interesting project, Kare! And good you can pick it up for them.

    Husband has been known to send money a few places, but we received twenty two free calendars so far this year, from agencies we do not support. Amazing how your name gets passed around and how much money they have to blow through.

    Now it won’t take my name on here.

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  10. “Doing twenty’s laundry while she is out” doesn’t sound right
    What hap[ens when ou can no longer do twenty’s laundry?You are telling us that twenty is not capable of independent living.???


  11. Mike actually has a meeting with our lawyer coming up in a few days. To discuss how we can move forward. She has to have a guardianship. If not us, it is the state.

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  12. But after twelve years of adoption and two years of guardianship, Mike is exhausted with all of the paper work involved and the all consuming time she takes. He is almost seventy. She needs to cooperate or move to the next level.

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  13. Mumsee: Can it. When ou reach 70, it goes downhill.
    Suddenly, withot warning, you can’t do things yoou once could.
    Time to let sojmeone else pick up the ball.

    I know. I have been there.
    Still am. I surprise myself on the things I can’t do now.

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  14. So thankful you can do this for your parents. Hoping they will be settled well in their new living arrangements ♥️
    The Craft show wasn’t much of a “craft” show. I would say most of it was boutique clothing booths with a smattering of handmade wood creations and a couple Christmas booths which weren’t exciting. I did purchase a handmade felted alpaca ornament. He had a little handmade hat on his head…. 😊

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  15. NancyJill, I’ve noticed that too. Craft shows/fairs where there are people selling Tupperware, jewelry made by a home party company and other like items. Fortunately, there are still the beautiful hand made items that outnumber the other booths.

    My husband has started making wooden stars for me. I’m loving it! They will be used in the Christmas decor this year.

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  16. My friend Joanne recently told me that her husband J had been the one to pay the bills. One of the first things that tipped her off to his developing dementia was that she took a look at the checkbook, and saw that he had been giving large amounts to every charity or ministry that sent them a request. Fortunately, she discovered this before it did too much damage to their bank account (although of course, some damage was done).

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  17. My childhood friend Shirley (who died this past year) had gone to the same craft fair for probably 20 years running, usually on the first Friday of December (I’d take the day off) out in Pomona, northeast of us. In the early years, we loved seeing what was “new” each year.

    Not sure if we just became less easily impressed or the quality of vendors began to waver, but there were some years when neither of us bought anything. I’d never find gift-worthy things for the couple friends I still buy for (and I usually had already ordered things for them anyway). So I’d often buy a pair of earrings; she’d buy a quilted fabric something and a Day of the Dead something for the Latino woman who came and cleaned her house a couple times a month.

    The lunch options inside the exhibit hall were “meh” but we usually bought a slice of pizza. Afterward, on the way home, we’d stop in Long Beach to pop into a couple of our favorite stores there and then ave dinner at a decent cafe.

    In the past several years, sometimes I’d head out for those trips feeling a little weary or thinking “this again…” — but right behind that would be the very clear thought that this year might be our last one doing this, so treasure the experience; it will be missed someday.

    That last time was in December 2019 as it turned out. And yes, this year I will miss not getting back to our predictable “routine” at the craft fair. I’ll kind of miss the familiar sights and sounds and smells of the place this year. But have no desire to go back now that Shirley is gone.

    Life. We’ve gotta learn to appreciate these everyday (yes, sometimes boring) events and the people we see so much — we’ll miss them all soon enough.

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  18. In late fall of 2006, almost two years after my dad died, I had the idea that it would be nice to have photos of my mom with her “Three Beautiful Granddaughters” (as Mom and Dad often referred to them) done professionally, in time for Christmas. One thought was that “you never know what the future holds”. Although I don’t think I said that to Mom, I might have said something in a similar vein, because she did make a joke along those lines, something like, “Do you know something I don’t know?”

    It turned out that the next December, Mom was in the hospital, being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and was in no shape for a photo shoot. I was so glad we had those photos taken when we did.

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  19. Tychicus opened the news thread with good news about Southwest airlines. I want to say that I am personally friends with a pilot and a stewardess. Yes, I’m pretty sure that they were protesting, but never a word did I see on social media.
    Almost like they were doing a respectful protest.

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  20. Good morning. Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Though it is currently quite dark and nothing seems to be awake yet other than me.


  21. The Dodgers bit the dust — they were tired, had lost a few key players due to injuries, and just couldn’t ultimately get it together. And the Braves proved to be a very tough opponent.

    So congratulations to the Braves. I will root for them to win the World Series. 🙂

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  22. His message, “Think of the bigger picture.” Amen, amen.

    He had a mild case due to the vaccine — but he also has a past of numerous, serious immune-compromised conditions, so thankfully he didn’t wind up face down on a ventilator.

    With him, I totally get the personal choice arguments. Ok. But this is also affecting everyone right now. Perhaps it’s time to leave the politicization of this behind? If we can.

    Hoping and praying.

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  23. I thought the same thing about the three generation photo, Kizzie, while we lived in Hawai’i.

    During my mom’s next visit, we went to Olin Mills, took the pictures, returned home and my dad picked her up to go the airport and fly home.

    I stood in the driveway waving as they drove away. A thought came to mind, “One day I’ll do this and I’ll never see them again.”

    It turned out that was the moment.

    Mom had a brain aneurysm while playing golf two months later and died.

    That picture is on the wall beside my computer.

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  24. That was what I’d think in the past few years at that craft fair with my lifelong friend — one day, but we won’t know it at the time, this will be out last Christmas craft fair outing.

    And one day, one year, it was.

    I also remember having similar thoughts as I’d drive off after seeing my mom on Sunday night, which was a weekly routine. She’d stand at the screen door and wave, a silhouette. Someday I knew I’d miss seeing that – and that day came way sooner than I ever imagined it would.

    My neighbors have hung a couple CDs from one of their trees over a shed, trying to chase off the squirrels that love to congregate there I think.

    As they turn in the wind in the morning hours, they cast a flashy, quick reflection that flies across my fence on the other side of the yard. The first time I noticed it, I worried I was having an eye issue.

    It kind of freaks Annie out, she’ll sit on the patio and follow the flying lights for a while, and then come running back inside.

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  25. Reading through the posts about the last time to see people is making me feel almost weepy.

    I went to church for the first time in a very long time. I took my friend F, and we went to her Sunday school class which a friend from Tues. Bible study teaches. The class was nice. Being in the service made me miss watching online where I can control the volume and not be distracted by all the people in the congregation moving around. We voted for team member nominees. It is not treated as seriously as I think it should be. Still praying and pondering as months turn onto years of indecision about staying or leaving. I really don’t see my skills and talents being able to be used considering the priorities of the top leadership. I shall continue to pray and seek God’s direction.

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  26. Well, Annie is a cat, but a very dog-like cat. 🙂

    Ok, I’m close to finishing the heater prep — I hauled the very heave iron floor return grate up and out to the patio. I cleaned out the screen undercarriage below which was filled and matted with dirt and dog and cat hair.

    Ah, but the trickiest part of all — the undercarriage screen is attached by about 6 of the teeniest, tiniest, shortest screws. Every year I lose another one.

    So I went to Home Depot and managed to find a very helpful clerk who sold me a little package of replacements.

    Picked up groceries on the way home. Expensive.


    I’ve been battling getting those teeny, tiny things in their teeny-tiny holes using my teeny-tiny screw driver. Fumbling all the way, but I finally did it.

    Now I just need to remove the old filter, make sure the cat is no where nearby so she won’t slide down the chute again, and cut a new filter piece to fit in.

    Then haul the heavy grate in and pop that back in on top in the hallway floor.

    THEN. …

    I should be able to turn on the heater tonight or tomorrow morning.

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  27. One evening when Hubby was in the hospital, I decided to do an extra-good cleaning of his coffee thermos, travel mugs, and “lunchbox” (actually a small cooler that he kept a bunch of things in as well as the food he would take with him). As I finished up cleaning them, I thought to myself that this could be the last time I wash them. Then I told myself that I was being silly.

    Well, it was indeed the last time I would have to wash them. 😦


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