40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-21-21

  1. Good morning again.
    I’ve had breakfast, sitting heree drinking coffee and posting to you.
    Hope each of you has a nice day.
    Looks like a nice day ahead in Greensboro

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  2. Morning! Whew…glad Chas showed back up on today’s thread…I was waiting! I have not had my Cheerios yet but I have finished off my first cup of coffee!
    That Jo…she had me looking up there at that photo but I gave up! Those geese certainly know how to blend in with the landscape…they are no dummies…they don’t want shot!
    I is supposed to be a nice day around here. Husband is at the shooting range and I will have the house to myself this morning to clean and get the laundry done. Then it’s off to my Precepts class.
    The other morning I was given a “tract” to read over by someone in my Bible study. She leaves these things in campgrounds, doctor’s offices etc. Now she wants to leave them on the welcoming table at church. So what do you think? Are these things effective?

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  3. The other day Janice asked if anything was being done for Pastor Appreciation month. Our congregation is not, but this is what I’m doing. We have a children’s message during the service twice a month and I do most of them. One of the Pastor’s sons, who is five, is usually very “vocal” during them, to the extent that I’ve kidded with the congregation that one day, he’ll do the lesson. So this Sunday I’m going to ask him what it takes to be a pastor and let him talk away, hoping he doesn’t go off the rails. I’ve also printed copies of the below list that was written by a Lutheran Pastor, to be available in the narthex for anyone who would like one.
    1. He loves God and you a lot. (Be mindful.)
    2. He is a painfully limited human being. (Be realistic.)
    3. He probably at times has a pretty low view of his “performance”. (Be kind.)
    4. He wishes he were a better preacher. (Be awake.)
    5. He really does want God’s best for you and your family. (Be open-hearted.)
    6. His work knows no time or locational boundaries. (Be patient.)
    7. He often hears much more negative information than positive. (Be encouraging.)
    8. He has chosen a vocation in which many leave . (Be praying.)
    9. He has chosen a highly leadership-intensive call. (Be lead-able.)
    10. He needs help. (Be available.)
    11. His God-given vision is bigger than himself and the church. (Be faith-filled.)
    12. He wants to personally meet all the needs, but knows he can’t. (Be understanding.)
    13. He’s going to say some dumb things every now and then. (Be forgiving.)
    14. His family is patient with you, so be patient with them. (Be conscientious.)
    15. He is greatly encouraged by your faithfulness. (Be there.)
    16. He is passionate for God’s Word to be made practical to you. (Be hungry.)
    17. He longs for church to be your spiritual oasis. (Be loving.)
    18. He dreams for your and your family’s spiritual health. (Be receptive.)
    19. He needs to hear that you prayed for him. (Be interceding.)
    20. He’s just a regular guy. (Be real.)
    “These are twenty things I believe are true about most pastors I know. I hope this will encourage you to work together with your pastor in sharing the gospel! He needs your prayers and support.” Pr. Paul Reede, WELS Pastor at St. Paul’s & St. Peter’s Lutheran Churches near West Bend, Wi

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  4. Good list, Linda.

    Good morning, all. be a while until the sun rises but things are cooking here. Fire is lit, Bible is read, chatted with husband, preparing for children to arise, will probably clean twenty’s room today so she will have something to yell about when she gets home from work. She was buying herself cold medicine at her work and regretting it yesterday. Seems when you drink too much of it in too short of time it can have nasty side effects. One of the drawbacks of her working. Another is that she has probably put on another fifty pounds from eating at the deli and constantly complaining about being fat. Guess that is a prayer for wisdom.

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  5. Mumsee is a saint. I barely have motivation to pick up after husband…and he doesn’t yell at me for my efforts.

    I’m sitting in the parking lot of an urgent care clinic, waiting for a covid test. I doubt it will come back positive, but I was exposed at work so better safe than not. Besides, I have to sleep on the couch until I know I’m negative. Additional motivation to be tested. :–)


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  6. What a great list, thanks for sharing that, Linda. And good luck with that Sunday lesson. lol

    Debra, praying with you.

    mumsee, praying with you.

    I’m not very familiar with tracts (spellcheck wanted that to say “tacos”), but understand some are better than (many) others. More than that, I don’t know. But I actually was wondering about bringing something like that, if I could find a “good” one, to my homeless friend.


    Today is a crazy day for me with way too much to do for work (while squeezing in a knee shot right in the middle of the afternoon).

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  7. We always have long discussions about what we should and should not put out for visitors to our church. We live in such negative times that we like to err on the positive–in case this is the only time the visitor darkens the doors.

    That’s also why I work hard to stay positive in my dealings. We represent Jesus to the world. Does the world see us as loving or harsh?

    (It’s only when they get close enough we can be harsh, right? 😉 )

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  8. How I learned about my need for God: As mentioned here, my folks sent my brother and I to Victorville to learn tennis from Uncle John when we were about fourteen and fifteen. We flew down (I was very very very airsick the entire set of flights) and stayed with aunt and uncle and family. Aunt did not want us hanging around all day when we were not playing tennis in the morning, so she sent us all to VBS. There I had my first intro to people I knew were Christians doing Christian stuff. It was fun and the people were nice. They sent (chic?) tracts home with us. I had one that talked about Hell and Heaven and our need for Christ. That explained what I was seeing as the missing stuff in my life. It made it clear that I needed to change and needed Christ to do the change.
    In reality, God had been working on me for years and it was His work that saved me. But the tract was one of his many tools and I thought a very good one because it was straight out what was wrong and what could be right and I spent many hours pondering it and rereading it and discussing it with my Christian cousin. I know they get a bad rap but I appreciate them.
    It was a Baptist church, probably Southern Baptist.

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  9. Mumsee has the best answers.
    Still shut down here, No socializing, but school is in session so I get plenty of time with 5 to 7 year olds.
    I miss having lunch together at school.

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  10. I remember reading tracts as a teenager. We had a little picnic recently and there were a couple of tracts stuck inthe table slats. I read them and put them back for someone else to find. I’m sure the theology can be debatable in some of them, but but it’s hard to go wrong with John 3:16-18.

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  11. Loved that list, Linda. How appropriate.

    Bible tracts serve a purpose. The best I have seen was put out by Christian Library International for use in the prisons. I would give those out if I could but when I asked they were not available to the general public. They definitely can be used by God in His good timing and ways. Most use scropture and the gospel plan of salvation.
    Remember that a Bible verse says that His word will not return void. Tracts are one of the many carriers that will not return void.

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  12. Whew! Precepts class is over for today…so much stuff!!
    The tract I am looking over is pamphlet style called “Millions Missing”? It is put out by Compass International in Idaho…I haven’t seen anything that would give me pause in it. I was just wondering how it would come across to those attending our church if it were on our information table. I suppose she would have to clear it with the elders and our Pastor. We are very small church of 50 or so and mostly older retired folk….

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  13. Personally, I am fine with it. I do not know what God is going to do but Scripture does have portions that would indicate that is the plan. Others read it differently. I am fine with that. If it works some other way, it still works and will be better than my human imaginings. My job is to be about my Father’s business until He calls me Home. I am ready.

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  14. The modern-day “Rapture” story has become popular only in the past 100 years, probably thanks to the Scofield Reference Bible in the 1920s and, later, to Hal Lindsey and, more recently, the “Left Behind” series of books and popular movies. It literally took over in evangelical circles, to the extreme that many Christians had no clue there were other, older, much more theologically solid approaches to end times.

    We shouldn’t ignore church history on some of these trendy issues.

    My sense is that Dispensationalism is (finally) fading from popularity.

    The more biblical interpretations throughout church history — in my view — should be the ones that we focus on.

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  15. Wesley made some brulee mint tea. It is so good! It is from a shop where he spent hours working on his dissertation. I have found a replacemrnt for coffee. ♡ I brought the giant bag of Starbuck’s French Roast to him. It’s ground, so not his usual grind your own beans that he prefers. However, the price is right. No arguing over Free.


  16. i think we’ve left the stadium, Janice. Sigh.

    They just can’t seem to get any traction.

    Next year!

    But if Art finds a way to tune in — on his smart phone perhaps? — we would be ever so grateful.


  17. Dare I look at the score now? Art brought work along so he has been doing that while Wesley prepares for class. I have been entertained with a call from brother who was doing okay talking about relatives on both sides of our family, etc. I also have been unloading boxes of more things belonging to Wesley that we brought from home and determining on which walls pictures should be hung. We did locate Wesley’s Upwards game which I hope we can play at some point.


  18. Finished another week of school and got ready for next week. The principal came for a surprise observation and I just carried on. However I was teaching a lesson from the new curriculum that I felt like I fumbled a bit.
    I talked to her as I was leaving and she felt that I did great. Whew!

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