48 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-18-21

  1. That’s a fat looking skink! (Google spell check doesn’t recognize skink. Who wrote their dictionary?)

    Hope everyone has a great week. Can you believe we’re halfway thru October?

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  2. He’s a skink. A big one too, about 6 inches long.

    And if you look closely, he lost his tail at some point and you can see where the new one started growing back. 🙂

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  3. I just told my husband I feel like my mother. It’s only a few minutes after 7 am, and I’m on the second load of laundry, another load of dishes, have cleaned the countertops, vacuumed, stripped bed, starting mopping the floor (with a pause while the engineer repairs Adorable damage), read my email, drunk coffee and read the paper, AND taken Stargazer to the airport and back.

    That’s the type of thing my mother would have finished by now.

    I’m now about to read my Bible and get started on three big projects that need to be completed today for tomorrow.

    (And a class tonight).


    (I’d better straighten my halo first!)


  4. Good morning!

    We were up early. I was going to try and drive my car to get it serviced at new to us shop in an a unfamiliar area with me following Art. We waited for it to get light enough for me to not be blinded by the glare and flare (starburst) of oncoming headlights in the dark. When we got out on the main sreet off our street, we were going into the morning sunlight, and I was blinded by that glare. I pulled off onto a side street and told Art I was unable to continue so we came back home. We will try again later.


  5. I made some buckwheat cornbread in a small cake pan. It is easier to make like that than making muffins or pancakes. I liked it too much on this chilly ftustrating morning. I hope Art will like it tonight. I believe it is gluten free.


  6. That is an ugly creature, IMO. I am sure it doesn’t care about my opinion. 😀

    We used to have a wood stove for backup heat, since our electric can be turned off for four hours a day if necessary to reduce usage. We replaced that with propane and put the wood stove in an unattached garage. It is seldom used. Propane has gone up from .99 to 2.99 gallon according to someone on Facebook. We were filled up last year, so should probably be good for awhile. I am sorry for those who need to get fuel of any kind and don’t have a lot of money. We do have a program for help for people, but there are always those just over the threshold.

    This is probably our last fairly warm day. We have been blessed weather-wise this fall.

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  7. I’ve never seen a skink around here. But have seen many lizards without tails — and tails without lizards — since I’ve had Annie Oakley.

    I’ve been copying/pasting and printing out articles (from national business and industry sources) about the supply chain this morning.

    We’re cooling off again, possible drizzles coming (but that’s a long-shot). I’m already planning to make more use of wool socks and sweatshirts this fall and winter. My gas bill is always painful, but I suspect it will be more so this year. Time to get more serious about using the alternatives, though the house needs to be somewhat comfortable for me and my arthritic dogs.

    I went to bed earlier than usual last night, by 9:30 or 10 I think, and it felt good.

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  8. Tomorrow the mobile dog groomer comes and I have to go in for another knee shot. But there’s a port meeting (on the ongoing efforts to cut back pollution) in the morning that I think the editor feels we need to cover (these are quarterly update meetings, but due to all the turmoil going on surrounding the ports right now I think he feels it could be more newsworthy).

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  9. Good morning. I do believe we are all much better today. Still a lot of coughing and I, at least, have an abundance of sore muscles from coughing so hard.

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  10. Good to hear, mumsee.

    Meanwhile, port mess is shuffled aside for now, today LA schools face mandate protests and walkouts, so we’re all having to monitor that in our respective areas.

    It’s Monday.

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  11. This is from a Catholic, anti-abortion perspective on why testing on fetal cell lines is not a moral evil (due to the concept of “remote cooperation”), and lists the very common OTC and prescription meds that were also tested on the HEK293 line. Unfortunately, it will not let me copy-&-paste any text. so please take a look at the article for the author’s reasoning, and for the lists of medication, such as Tylenol, Advil, aspirin, Prilosec, azithromycin (a “z-pack”), as well as Remdesivir and Ivermectin that were also tested on the cell lines.

    “If Any Drug Tested on HEK-293 Is Immoral, Goodbye Modern Medicine”



  12. DJ – “It’s Monday.”

    Now ya tell me! I saw that the links were up on the side for today’s threads, but wondered what happened to Monday’s threads.

    Then I remembered that today IS Monday!

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  13. I turn off”
    Actually, mute and ignore, those news confrences where people wear masks. Everyone knows it’ phony.
    Tust take the mask off for the interviews. No harm.

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  14. Chas: Big Brother is watching?
    Seriously, by the increase in sales based on the ads. Sometimes they tell radio listeners, “Get a discount by mentioning Joe on the Radio. That is one way of tracking.”

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  15. I am watching about Colin Powell on tv
    There is a turning point in every life. Question is whether it is taken.
    Mine was: Bobby Murray said, “Charlie. Let’s join the Air Force”

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  16. Spent an hour on the mandate protest lines this morning. It was crowded and loud with horns honking support. Most didn’t want their names used, but I knew a couple folks out there already.

    And there were quite a few dogs on the picket line. One German shepherd on leash sniffed me as I passed and then barked. I must have so many interesting dog-and-cat smells on me. Or maybe it was the “media” smell. lol

    I’m just taking a quick break back at home to eat lunch before sending my copy in to another reporter who’s compiling submissions from other reporters for a group-wide story.


  17. We’ve become super strict about using ‘anonymous’ sources, so just quoting people who refuse to give their names has become complicated.


  18. DJ – Going along with what Janice just quoted, when someone you’re interviewing gets off-topic and chatty, do you ever want to say, “The facts, Maam (or Sir). Just the facts.”?

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  19. Oh yes. “Well, thank you SO much for taking the time to talk with me … ‘

    In those settings it’s usually pretty clear we’re “on the move” — it’s also very noisy and a little chaotic. But frustrating when you interview 3 eager talkers only to be told at the end, no you can’t use our names.

    OK, then. Thanks anyway. I try to remember that’s part of the deal before we get started, but sometimes forget — or it’s just too chaotic and loud and rushed so I just dive in taking notes and asking questions.

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  20. It is actually Tuesday here. I read a book, as usual last night. well i read through my walking time so didn’t go. Then it got dark. As I got up to heat up my dinner, I remembered that I had run out of propane and was going to switch to the other tank as soon as I got home. Whoops! If I want something other than cereal for breakfast, I’d better get dressed and go out now.

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  21. We have been outside soaking up our vitamin D in an attempt to rid ourselves of this affliction. And since we were there, fourteen and I spent some time shooting arrows in the general direction of the target. Have not done that in a while and always fun.

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  22. And the chore report brings a pleasant surprise, two new lambs just arrived. I was not looking for that until February but we do leave our rams with the ewes.

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  23. I see in the Washington Times that Bibles may be in short supply this year. Especially those that are not in my price range. Fortunately, we have sufficient Bibles here that I think we will get by.

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  24. I hate going to big box stores. We only wanted a small piece of vinyl flooring for a closet but had to wait a long time for someone to help us. The store was not that busy.

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