45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-24-21

  1. Morning! It is still dark in this forest with not much happening yet. Husband is off early to get some target practice in at the shooting range…I’m just sitting here with my first cup of coffee. It just might be a three cup morning!
    That is a nice photo of the three men in your life Janice… 😊

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  2. I am so old that Janice’s son looks oh so young to be doing that job! It seems like little children are now dentists, doctors, policemen and so much more. 😀 May his work be a blessing to others and himself.

    Off to watch at least five soccer games by various grands and a softball game from another grand in another family and town. Should be a busy, fun weekend. Hope you all have nice weekends as well.

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  3. Good morning! I was up late posting a book review I had promised to have up by today. I am still groggy.

    Yes, that is family. That is who I do holidays with. I am the token female. I wrote ‘token’ and the phone changed it to ‘broken.’ That works, too.

    Brother has been nice this week, offering to get my oil changed and to mow the lawn. I am empowered by God’s strength in me to take care of those things myself!

    I have made mention of e-harmony recently . . .

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  4. Same as Mumsee, I recognized Art and inferred the others’ identities. Nice pic.

    Brother reminds me of an actor, but I can’t think of his name right now. Anyone else?

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  5. Tres Amigos! Cool pic.

    Kevin, yes, he does look familiar … ?

    Janice, you keep them all centered. And you must be so proud of Wesley, he’s quite accomplished at such a young age.

    Kathaleena, I know what you mean about the youngsters now treating us. I remember in my 30s being amazed at how, suddenly, the doctors and dentists I started going to were all my age, and how strange that felt.

    Now it’s the “kids” in white lab coats (who must see us as kind of old?). So weird. But they’ll be there, too, someday.

    Yesterday was exhausting. Cowboy was up a few times in the wee hours but didn’t seem to need to go out (except once) when I’d open the sliding back door; so at around 2:30 I slipped him a 3 mg Motrin just so I could get some uninterrupted sleep for the rest of the night.

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  6. Our first semi-post-pandemic cruise sails out of LA port tomorrow. The cruises, which are under a CDC agreement, are sailing at about 50% capacity to allow for plenty of space and social distancing, vaccinations required along with negative Covid tests. Some of the features such as open buffets are cut out for now.

    This cruise is just a hop down to San Diego and then to Mexico and back. But there are a lot of die-hard, avid “cruisers” out there who have really missed their favorite vacation get-aways on board a cruise ship with all the comforts and on-board fun they provide.

    One of the first in-depth stories I did after the pandemic struck was on the fairly radical impacts it had on the cruise industry which had really been flourishing with bigger and more luxurious ships coming on line. Ships were stranded and being brought back to port only to remain empty for what turned out to be a really long time. The ships had to be kept moving (so they’d stay in working condition), but they were like ghost ships wandering around out there. They’d show up in port every so often to stock up on supplies and do maintenance checks, then out they’d go again with minimal crews to aimlessly sail about.

    What a weird time this has been in so many ways.

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  7. Wesley finally had his class observation day which had been rescheduled several times. He thinks it went well. I am happy for him. There are so many variables that can affect any particular class as Peter probably knows. W said there were a few students absent which ended up giving a close to ideal number for generating good classroom discussion.


  8. I am having great ponderings about church. I have never before been on any kind of, for lack of a better word, ‘governing’ entity. Does anyone have any experience with membership decisions? We have to vote yes or no to accept someone as a new member. I get that. But if someone chooses to leave the church, we have to vote yes or no on that, too. That part is a mystery to me. Someone, long in this denomination, said people were traditionally not removed from one church’s roll until their letter got moved to their new church roll even though they might be visiting other churches for a bit before resettling. We are a church for people in transition because of school and work situations. I think my long term denominational friend must have found it distasteful to think that people are placed in the status of church homelessness for a period. I am trying to better understand but have no background or reference.

    I do remember having grown up in the PUSA that I assumed I was on record as a member at my parent’s church. I did not understand that I had to formally join because it had never been presented to me like that. Later after Art and I married and wanted to join a PUSA church, I filled out the forms and put down the name of the church I assumed membership in. The new church called the former church and received the response that the former church did not know who I was (I assume again, they did not recognize my new married name).

    I know these things must be basic knowledge to those with a strong church background, but here I am again clueless. Just trying to understand what is important in God’s sight.

    Is it a general courtesy to leave people on roll while they are relocating or is it typical to take them off so they don’t get a letter of transfer like used to be the thing to do?


  9. I’ve heard of letters of transfer, but don’t remember ever being given that as an option. Come to think of it, that might not make make sense for me, since I’ve never moved membership between two churches of the same denomination. I started in a CCCC Congregational Church, was briefly in an Open Bible Church, then Baptist General Conference, PCUSA, and (after a cross-country move) back to BGC.

    Joining each church has usually involved meeting with the pastor and one or more deacons or elders to confirm my testimony and agreement with the Statement of Faith. Where baptism was required, simply stating that I had been baptized was sufficient.

    I have no idea how I was removed from the rolls of previous churches.

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  10. Sigh. Should I go to the UCLA-Stanford football game (with the band!) tomorrow, even if it means a 2.5-hour drive and then a football game while wearing a mask?

    I’m thinking no . . .

    Indeed, I think I’d rather go the library.

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  11. My realization of aging was watching a pro football game and realizing most of the players were y age or younger. Now they’re younger than my children!

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  12. Oh, I mistakenly said I’d given Cowboy a Motrin last night to cut down on his constant getting up and down and pacing.

    Bad dog owner!

    It was a Melatonin tablet.

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  13. What an unusual post for Mumsee, who never goes anywhere. I simply get imagine you driving somewhere and rushing back. Glad you made it and we will be praying for Mike in his travels.

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  14. Janice, long oh.

    On a sad note, one of daughter’s coworkers died of the virus. From the group that was out earlier in the week with it. She was a friend and had made the cake for daughter’s baby shower. They had talked about God but maybe she was not a believer.

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  15. They say “getting Old” is better than the alternative.
    Get this:
    Getting old means losing friends and din.
    It may be tetter than the alternative, but I have apromise from God.
    I’ll just keep His schedule. It works that wa.

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  16. I am still fascinated to think my brother resembles an actor. Never thought of that Before.Or.Ever.
    Maybe the shape of the face of Leonardo DiCaprio, but certainly not the hair color.

    When we were in school there was a fella in my class that my brother looked very much alike, Grey Winstead. Isn’t that a cool name? I should see if he is on Facebook.


  17. Well, that was a quick trip down memory lane. His photo on Facebook was not clear enough except to tell he has a beard or mustache that would hide a current resemblance to my brother. I saw so many names from my high school days.


  18. Janice, the many churches we have attended and had membership in has members, non-active members (those who have moved or are perhaps looking for another church) and adherents (non-members who attend regularly). The pastor and elders decide to welcome someone into membership and then they are welcomed by the church. When leaving, your name is moved to the non-active members until a membership transfer request comes in or you let the church know you no longer wish to be a member there.

    For me it was strange to have a pastor younger than my husband and me! Our pastor and his wife are our age now and the other pastors are younger.

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  19. Janice – What does PUSA stand for? I googled it, but things other than church came up. So I googled “PUSA church” and it asked me if I mean “PCUSA church”.


  20. Yes, PCUSA — that would be the mainline Presbyterian Church.

    Our membership rolls are reviewed by the church leadership and elders aim to reach out to those we haven’t seen in a while, to see what their status is. If they’ve joined another church, we remove them from our rolls; if not, we remain in touch for a while to see if they might still return or not.

    Those going to similar Reformed churches are given a transfer of membership to the new church.

    People aren’t just “dropped” — the elders spend some time trying to make sure we connect with them and know whether they are leaving or not or ?


    Just watered out back, got in as it was turning dark. I had to turn in 2 stories today, but both were fairly easy and I’d done the interviews and covered the meeting needed all yesterday to write them up.

    It was a much easier day than yesterday.

    We have the annual Grand Prix going on in our neighboring city of Long Beach this weekend so a lot of our smallish staff is having to work that, but I escaped. It was not held in 2020 and it actually was set to return in the spring of 2021 (its normal time) but they pushed it off until now as the virus still wasn’t cooperating. All attendees have to be vaccinated and masked.

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  21. Jerry, my main house worker, the friend from the dog park, was told he looked like Wilford Brimley, the actor, and you know what? He really did! He sounded like him, too. It really was uncanny, the resemblance.

    The actor passed away a year or two ago, he was great in Absence of Malice as he met with all the parties who were otherwise headed for the Grand Jury.

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  22. I was interested to go on the World magazine web site and read their review of Cry Macho. It stars Clint Eastwood and he is 91. Sounds like a good movie.

    Perhaps we should have Chas star in our own movie as a 91 year old?
    Who would like to take a road trip to do the filming???


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