27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-17-21

  1. Interesting coincidence:
    I just finished breakfast and came in here. This morning’s site wasn’t up yet. So? I had a time for prayer. Prayed for AJ and some others. And came back.
    And here we are.
    Good morning everyone.

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  2. Are you regularly called to repentance before the Lord?

    If so, where is that call coming from?

    Do you see it in the greater church at large?

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  3. Chas,if you are the only person in the world, there is true world peace. No conflict. ♡

    I already had too much conflict this a.m. trying to get a cat in a carrier. I gave up and will cancel her reservation for her boarding school. She may never emerge out from under the bed again. No need to board such a cat. I do not need to worry that she will run out the wide open door as we are putting Wesley’s bedroom furniture in the truck. Now I have saved money by scaring her into captivity under the bed. Yes! A win/win situation. Maybe I need to put her litter box under the bed just in case. Sure is going to be a starving cat whenever she decides it’s safe to come out. Poor kitty has been traumatized by a cat carrier.

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  4. All I had to do was write that and I heard a slight “Merrr” and she came out from under the bed Plan C: I let her run out the wide open door and say “Good Riddence” and save lots of money. Not a possibility. Plan D: Lock her in the downstairs bathroom with her litter box. Let her out when we are done loading the truck. Might just work!

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  5. Good morning. There are several of us here. And a busy day ahead. They all leave in about half an hour, speech therapy in Lewiston. I will leave a couple hours later and probably pass them around Culdesac as I head to Moscow to visit my dad and step mom. And get that other thing done.
    Rough evening yesterday and I ended up needing to call the deputies as twenty threw a large rock at me, knocked over a big piece of furniture, and was breaking things out on the deck. This one said they could only do something if she actually causes a visible injury on a person. I guess we should have called when she threw the frozen lamb.

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  6. Reading all the vaccine posts in yesterday’s thread strengthens my view against getting it. I never get the flu shot, and this one is still in the experimental stage, even though the FDC “approved” it. I am not and do not want to be a guinea pig.

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  7. Oh, Mumsee! Prayers for 20 and all of you.

    Good morning, everyone. I have a little extra time this morning — school will start when the students are done with their morning chores and piano practice — so I skimmed yesterday’s daily thread a bit.

    There was a conversation about one’s politics and how it might be connected to one’s views on covid vaccination.

    DJ said: “I still go back to wondering what one’s underlying politics are and how that plays into all of this. What I find so curious is that our views about the vaccine split very strongly along certain political lines. Does no one else think there’s a strong, underlying connection there? Is it just a coincidence?”

    Mumsee replied: “I think there are people on both sides that are vaccine hesitant.”

    I totally agree with Mumsee’s take on this, and my large extended family and a number of colleagues demonstrate that there are both vaccine-hesitant and vaccine-gung-ho (for lack of a better term) people on both ends and in the middle of the political spectrum.

    For example, my parents and siblings are all political conservatives, as am I. Mom and Dad were vaccinated, and some of my siblings were, as well, and others of my siblings and I have not been.

    My pregnant daughter and my son-in-law, both strongly conservative politically, got vaccinated as soon as it was possible to do so. Same with my pregnant niece, who is also conservative.

    My daughter who is engaged to be married and wants to be able to bear children one day does not want to get vaccinated when there are no long-term studies that show whether the vaccine can impair fertility or pregnancy outcome.

    My son-in-law-to-be, who is a political moderate, wants nothing to do with getting vaccinated. He does voluntarily get covid-tested often, as he has some allergies, but if they seem to hang on a bit longer than usual, he’ll get tested to make sure it’s not covid

    My two studio-owning colleagues, both political liberals, as many people in my line of work are, differ on masking, vaccination, etc. One was vaxxed as soon as possible, the other wanted to wait until more long-term studies were concluded. However, the latter owner got sick of being pressured (from whom, I don’t know) to get vaccinated, even though she’d already had covid before the vaccine rollout and carries antibodies, so she gave in and got the shot before she personally felt it was safe to do so.

    Overall, in my locale, I am seeing quite a diversity of thought on the subject that does not fall along political lines. People are all over the map here. It is refreshing to see people thinking for themselves, making decisions based on a number of factors they believe are important to consider. I do find it unfortunate that there are some, though (I’m not talking about people here at the blog), who apply pressure to choose one route or the other, and also, too often, in my opinion, dialogue on naturally-induced immunity is sidelined or worse.

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  8. A beautiful day here. I thought it would be the end of tomato season last night but it was not and it is not anticipated to near freezing in the foreseeable forecast.

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  9. Morning! That is just the most sweet little bird up there….is he on some sort of thistle? I see spike foliage around him!
    It was 41 degrees here this morning and the air is oh so crisp! It should be perfect leaf changing weather when we have our stay in the mountains in a week or so…sweater weather!
    It is so interesting how the vaccine topic can divide. We have taken the shot (although AJ’s article suggested I took the wrong one! Yikes!) Trusting the Lord in all matters and resting in knowing He watches over me…

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  10. I do believe that people’s own individual situations are driving them to vaccinate or not, and politics is a minor sideline in the decision. I guess that was one reason it bothered me that my liberal friend thought I might be holding back because I was not a Biden supporter. To me that would be such a stupid reason, and I feel I am once again filtered through the lens of politics to be seen as a stupid person who is oblivious except to following the deplorables in herd.

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  11. (“Sighing” at 8:50)

    Personally, absolutely. Yes for our church, but for the church at large I cannot say.

    Janice, I was only suggesting that our political caldron right now — which has the nation in a tailspin, in my view, from both sides of the aisle (I’m one of those just trying to hide from it all right now, it’s too exhausting) — is fueling all of our views on all sorts of issues.

    I’ve been beaten up enough here on the political thread where I’m apparently an outlier, so I get the frustration you’re expressing.

    What’s happened to the United States?

    The rage, the outrage, the anger, the horrible division.

    I have no clue how we crawl out of that, and maybe we don’t.

    Precarious times.

    I apologize if I wounded any feelings and will be more careful with my words. (And maybe choose silence? I think I need to consider that one in this climate!)

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  12. DJ, I was not thinking of you when I said that, but of my liberal friends that make m ef feel that way. They see themselves as superior although won’t admit to that. There are so many with lots in the eyes, me right along ggv with the rest. The Bible makes me consider that about myself, whereas thos not informed by the Bible will not even consider they may have a blond spot.

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  13. Sorry for all the typos. I am extra tired from this moving madness. We were suppose to get a 12 foot truck but got a 16 foot truck. We’ve had to saw tree limbs (Birthday Tree !😟) to get it in the driveway.

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  14. Yes indeed Chas….and I fear we may be on the wrong track in our nation right now 😞
    With my neighbor I do believe the vaccine issue is political. She broad-brushes anyone not taking the vaccine as a “Trumper”…and that simply is not true.
    I believe the decision is between the individual and the Lord…which happens to be with me. I was not going to get it but sensed I should…so I did it, as did husband…only he got the one shot because he didn’t want to be bothered with going back for a second!


  15. Like DJ, I have seen the pro- or anti- vaccine views (as well as those on masks and such) seem to fall along political lines. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is political issues that are pushing folks one way or the other, although with some, that just may be the case.

    A comment I made on one of my Facebook posts this morning:

    “Sadly, I have seen some brothers and sisters in Christ go from being nice and polite, and not too political, to expressing anger, bitterness, and sarcasm on social media. A few have really surprised me with how much their online behavior has changed for the worse.”

    All of this rancor, that has been steadily growing over the last several years on social media, even among believers, has me wondering what God is doing in His church here in America. Most of those whom I have seen expressing themselves with anger, bitterness, or sarcasm are pointing their fingers at the people in the world whom they see as evil, or at fellow Christians they disagree with, without realizing that their own attitudes are sinful.

    And even as I recognize that in some of my brothers and sisters in Christ, I also am fully aware that I need to keep a close watch on my own attitudes, being aware of the log in my own eye, as Janice mentioned.

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  16. Just got a report from someone who took aid to some villagers whose homes had been burned, 8 families. He had been warned that the trip could be dangerous, but God protected him both ways. The burning was motivated by jealousy and was very sad, as schools were also burned. I had the privilege of going through my home on Thursday to find things they could use. Enough clothes had been given so I sent some kitchen things. It was close to a four hour drive for him to take these things and God took care of them both ways. The land rover could not hold any more. Blessed.

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