32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-10-21

  1. Good morning, Chas. Good morning to the rest, except Jo to whom I wish sweet dreams.

    I feel better for the moment and hope it is not just for a short trial run like yesterday. And I hope I have not bothered anyone with my woeful vaccine saga. I suppose those of us who suffer mightily from it are suppose to roll over and play dead silence on the subject so as not to discourage anyone from getting the shot.

    Art, being the creature of habit that he is, has not fared well with my lack of meal making. I managed to make popcorn for him last night.

    I suggested he could make a cashew butter and banana sandwich. He said he doesn’t like cashew butter. I raised my voice and said,
    “You’ve never had it. How can you say that?”

    I proceeded to get little on a spoon for him to try. He said he could not taste any cashew flavor (he loves cashew nuts so I in no way expected this ugliness).

    In a little bit I went back to bed. This was another reason I did not want to deal with sickness from the Covid shot. Each person has their own reasons that the government could care less about.

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  2. Good morning.
    Janice, totally understand! And, no, speak up, I want to know what to expect. I will try to have everything arranged ahead of time so the children can handle it all. I think Mike heads off to Boise that week but it may be the week after. Regardless… One of my grown people, who probably had the virus last year, was hit pretty hard with the second jab but a lot of folk say it was a breeze. And from all reports “if you are struggling with the second jab, it is because it is working and your immune system is kicking in”. okay. But I still do not like being sick and doing it intentionally seems so wrong. But my temporary discomfort as a believer is not anything compared to the comfort it gives my non believing family who have no Hope and may get a glimmer of Light through my actions.

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  3. Yes, I would rather hear the truth, too, Janice. All human bodies are different (which some political leaders do not seem to understand) so your experience may not be someone else’s. My husband and I had two very different experiences. Mine makes me less desire a third shot. Comparable to actual Covid is that I would rather have the few days of misery. However, who knows if I would ever get Covid. There are so many variables, which is why I dislike the pooh, poohing by politicians of people’s real concerns over the vaccinations. Especially when adolescents or children are involved. I suppose some of that should move over to the political thread.

    Six Arrows, you granddaughter sounds a lot like my oldest, who knew all her letters before 18 months. That can be a challenge for a parent, but a blessing as well.

    Kizzie, go see your daughter. What anyone spins or thinks is on them. I fail to see (at this point) how it can hurt whatsoever. If you can think of some little gift or homemade goody to bring, bring it. I would be developing peer relationships for yourself, too, and perhaps this is a good time to enlist a friend to help you get there.


  4. I posted this around 3 or4 am on yesterday’s thread when I was probably wide awake at that odd hour since I am way past caught up on sleep:
    “Maybe Kizzie could enlist the help of a church member rather than an Uber driver. I would park a distance away and watch ro see if YA leaves the home and then try to see Chickadee. It might take several tries. Maybe be there around lunch time.”

    I love the thought of taking treats. Maybe a picnic basket full of her favorite snacks that she loved when she was at home? Maybe a piece of jewelry she could wear, a MOMento of a special memory of something you two did together. So many fun choices.

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  5. Here we go, planning Kizzie’s life again…. But when you go, Kizzie, realize she may not even come to the door. You may be met with a McK family member and denied access. You might be allowed to leave a gift or maybe not. But she will know you tried. You can mention it in your next text.
    Or she may tentatively welcome you. But in her heart, she will know that you cared enough to try something way outside your comfort zone for her.
    Or she may welcome your visit with open arms but still be unable to return the visit.
    Or the wall may be broken and she will be restored.
    Worth the effort.
    Praying for wisdom from God, not just those of us who have loved you for years and watched you grow, but the One who truly knows you and the situation.

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  6. We may get a smattering of rain in some areas. Or not.

    On one of my middle-of-the-night stumbles through the house to open the back sliding door for Cowboy last night, I saw that it was still 75 degrees in the house (probably around 2 am this was). No wonder it was so uncomfortable.


  7. Good mid-day/mid-night, or whatever time it might be where you are. This is my last day of two weeks off from piano lessons, not counting weekends, then it will be back to the busy homeschool/piano teaching combination again come Monday.

    I think I’ve heard the answer to this before, but I’ve forgotten: Kizzie, what is (are) Chickadee’s love language(s)? I really like the idea of taking a gift to Chickadee, and if receiving gifts is one of her love languages, all the better.

    If physical touch is one of her love languages, then going to her so that you have the opportunity to give her a hug, as Jo mentioned yesterday, will be extremely beneficial, as physical touch can’t of course be delivered by phone or mail.

    Whatever her love language(s) may be, I understand that arranging for and following through with a visit to Chickadee are steps outside of your comfort zone, Kizzie. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, though, to be able to share with her your feelings about going through that process (arranging an in-person visit), as an encouragement to her that you can really relate to how difficult it must be for her to do the same, even as you both love each other? It can open the door to a conversation wherein you admit your vulnerability and show your understanding that it’s okay that becoming comfortable with reaching out may take a while, but you are willing to support her journey along that path you yourself walked when you were hesitant to reach out in person.

    Think of how empowering it can be for an individual to see a parent overcome a challenge that each of them struggles with. “I love you, I’m here for you, and if I can do it [meet this challenge and conquer it], I know you can, too.”

    Praying for freedom from the tyranny and fear of what other people think of your loving actions as you walk in the strength of the Lord for the rest of your ordained days on earth.


  8. Kathaleena, 18 months! That’s really early to know all the letters, IMO!

    I’ve got to say that Dear Granddaughter can be a little stinker, too. 🙂 2nd Arrow told us yesterday about having an ordinary conversation with her husband one day recently. DG apparently thought her mom and dad were not paying enough attention to her, so she tried to direct their attention her way.

    When her strategies weren’t paying off, and mom and dad kept on yakking away, she decided to show off her knowledge of what their real names were by yelling, “H______! R______!”

    That worked. 😀

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  9. Frustrating: It’s really frustrating:
    It looks beatuiful outside. It is nice outside.
    so you go out and sit down.
    real nice. But then a breeze comes up.
    Chilly. It’s too chilly to sit outside for long.
    It’s frustrating to waste such a beautiful day inside.

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  10. Chas, my 2:06 post means my granddaughter figured out her parents’ first names, and called them that instead of “Mom” and “Dad.” It would be like the kids of your granddaughter Becky calling out to her, “Becky!”

    My 2:01 post about love languages refers to different ways that people can feel especially loved, by receiving one or more of the following:

    1, Words of affirmation
    2. Acts of service
    3. Physical touch
    4. Quality time
    5. Receiving gifts

    For most people, one of these above kindnesses offered by others will be the primary way the recipient feels loved. That will be their primary love language. (Often there are secondary ways from the above list that people will also feel loved, too, but the primary love language will feel the most meaningful.)

    Not everyone’s primary love language is the same, but if you know or are pretty sure of a loved one’s love language, expressing your love in that way can help your loved one feel especially loved by you.

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  11. Thank you, ladies, for your love and concern. I appreciate it so very much.

    At this point, I am still hesitant about the idea of just showing up, even with a gift, as I still think that that would be seen as intrusive on their part, and disconcerting, at the very least, to Chickadee.

    I understand that I can’t make my decisions based on what the McKs may think of me, but their opinions and views have an undue influence and outsized effect on Chickadee, which is one of the reasons why I have to tread so carefully here. Not saying that I will never consider “just showing up”, but not just yet.

    Nightingale and I talked about it a little while ago, and decided to wait a week or so (as to not pile on top of the last invitation), and then suggest that we pick her up and go to Dunkin’ Donuts, which is very close to the McK apartment (just across the street and around the corner), and could be a quick, “non-threatening” visit so to speak. Or she could just meet me there.

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  12. Nightingale and I had a nice breakfast and talk together this morning – the first time since the end of the last school year. She made pumpkin spice pretend lattes to go with it. 🙂 (Instead of actual espresso, she double-brews stronger-than-usual coffee. Then she makes a homemade pumpkin spice syrup to go in the coffee. She finished them off with a little bit of pumpkin spice coffee creamer.)

    One subject that came up in our conversation was something that I have been wanting for us to discuss, but was hesitant to bring it up, because she may have felt I was being a little pushy, and she does not react well to being pushed, even if it is only her perception of being pushed.

    The subject we finally discussed was about getting a new home loan and a couple of the more pressing repairs/renovations that need to be done. Nightingale said that because this is a two-family home, the fact that her bathroom is unusable would most probably preclude getting the loan, as the house needs to be habitable. (We need the money to make it habitable, and we need it habitable to get the money.)

    Fortunately, however, I have enough left over in savings from Hubby’s life insurance to afford to get her bathroom done, and may even have enough to fix the situation in my living room (the leaking air conditioner has ruined the wall that it is built into).

    Nightingale asked me to remind her next Tuesday that we want to sit down together and look into getting a contractor or carpenter to hire. I am relieved, because I thought that she might procrastinate way too long on this, and I very much would like my living room situation to be worked on (or finished) by early next spring. (I don’t think the current ac will make it through another summer.)

    That whole situation (the need for the repairs and the loan) was weighing on me, so I am so glad that we finally talked about it, and I found out that she has been thinking about it, too.

    Btw, her bathroom needs to be fixed before my living room wall is fixed because that wall is right outside of my bathroom, with the entertainment center on the other side of the bathroom door, so every time I would have to “go”, the person/people working on the wall would have to get out of the way. And being an older woman, I have to “go” several times a day. 😄

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  13. I’m glad you got to sit down with Nightingale and talk about home repairs/renovations, Kizzie. An answer to prayer. 🙂

    I’m pretty sure there are birthdays coming up around here next week, as I seem to recall Mumsee’s and Kevin B’s are not long after mine. So, since the crazy busies are about to restart for me next week, I will go ahead and wish those ’57-ers a Happy Birthday now!

    HB in advance, Mumsee and Kevin! And many happy returns. 🙂

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