40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-24-21

  1. We love it, Mr. Chas. Good to see you celebrating and to know that your family was there celebrating with you. God gives good gifts, to be 91 and to be surrounded by loving family as you turn 91 is an honor and a gift. We know you are alone and are privileged to be a part of your family.
    We love having spies to send us pictures.

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  2. Good morning. Husband and two daughters left last night to help his sister with her gazebo or whatever and to babysit oldest daughter’s two children. That leaves son and I to man the fort.

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  3. I’m home after a trip that went in many surprising directions!

    As we pushed off from the gate in Rochester, the plane paused, a flight attendant hurried to the back, and after some verbal wrangling which I didn’t hear, we returned to the gate and a young man was escorted off.

    I’m not sure the reason–he was sitting in an emergency exit row and refused to help if we had an accident?

    Anyway, the flight attendant was shaken and commented later, “In 37 years of working for the government, nothing like this has happened before.”

    Later, as we got ready to land I commented on how well she did and she muttered. “we just intercessors.”

    As it happened, I was reading a book, and on that page was a header: “Intercessor.”

    I pointed that out to her and asked if she wanted me to pray. “Oh, Jesus! Thank you! An intercessor!”

    So, we prayed together. I wasn’t, of course, supposed to be on that flight. 🙂

    You just never know what God wants you to do!

    She was particularly chatty with the woman sitting in front of me, and commented, “We’ve got air marshalls flying all the time, watching. We can’t take any chances.”

    I hadn’t thought about air marshalls in years, but on Thursday’s flight across the country, the person sitting next to me said, “the air marshalls are on board.” He indicated a man. “There’s one now.”

    I don’t know when, if ever, I’ll learn why everything got so rearranged, but there you are.

    Home with a Bible study to lead, tons of work to do, laundry, groceries, and then I fly again Thursday afternoon. Strange life these days, but certainly a piece of cake compared to most people in the rest of the world.

    Another reason to remember OC’s words, “prayer is the greater work.”

    I can’t influence much–in the world–but then there’s eternity . . . 🙂

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  4. I don’t like photos of me either. They never let me look the way I would like to see me. OTOH, it is good to see reality I guess. I yam what I yam, as Popeye would say.

    We are in no danger from the fires. The biggest one is still 0% contained and many are either evacuated or ready to evacuate. It is making its own weather now. We do have some rain predicted in the next few days. Unfortunately, that is a mixed bag with the possible lightening. All the fires began from lightening strikes. I feel so bad for Californians who go through this every year!

    My husband has five days of music gigs in a row; two of which are supposed to be outside. One is for a couple of churches, which are across the street from each other. They are targeting their neighborhood with a corn feed to encourage people to come to church this season. That gig will be moved inside for inclement weather. We don’t go to either church, but have a member of the group in each church. The other gig is a local fair and they have played in cold, wet weather before. They will have a tent up, though, which helps. I am grateful my husband can still play and sing. This is such a blessing for all the musicians.

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  5. Over on Breakpoint this morning:

    “The Fall continues to wreak havoc on God’s creation. Humans are capable of harming ourselves and the creation.

    “But that doesn’t mean our climate is hopelessly out of control. Isaiah 40 sounds, at first, like a warning: “The grass withers, the flower fades when the breath of the Lord blows on it.” But there’s great comfort here: nothing withers or fades without His breath. 

     ”That comfort simply isn’t available in a God-less worldview, and that’s evident in many reports about climate change.

    “For example, there’s an emphasis in the IPCC report on what humans should do to prevent the globe from warming further.

    “Notice the implication that we are somehow able to control this problem.

    “Certainly, humans have agency and the responsibility to make good decisions. But it’s far easier, at least on an emotional level, to believe that big, scary problems like climate change (or a global pandemic) are humans’ fault and therefore can be fixed by humans, than it is to believe that these things are out of our control. Vulnerability is very uncomfortable. ”


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  6. Hello all you blog people. Life is still very busy and stressful, and so I lurk but don’t comment. However, I had to say Bonne Anniversaire to the birthday boy up there.

    For those of you interested in my family and are not on FB, two weeks ago, the border opened up on the Canadian side to allow the Eldests to visit and we had a wonderful time together after 17 months of separation. Pray for the Youngests, as their hardline religiously motivated anti-vaccination position caused them to refuse to come and visit when the Eldests were here, because the Eldests had to have been vaccinated to cross the border. That really hurt the Eldests, especially the younger generation who are old enough that we couldn’t hide it from them, but we got around it by going to the tiny church (whose elders have refused to bind the consciences of the members even when Youngest in-law wanted the church to forbid the vaccine) where the Youngests live, and seeing them then. During the visit, the subject wasn’t even mentioned, and the Youngest and Eldest children got to see each other, which was all they both wanted.

    Things are moving and changing for me. No, nothing in the matrimonial line for any suspicious minds, but I am moving toward something new. It is not something that can be talked about on public forums, and I probably won’t be much on here from now on, but know that I still think of you all, and pray for you. Those of you who have my contact info, feel free to send email or mail or message me on FB, and I will reciprocate, and those who don’t have it and who would like it, ask someone else who does.

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  7. So good to see you roscuro! You’ve been missed.

    Nice to see those very special birthday goodies and Burt.

    These are distressing times.

    Sometimes it seems that this pandemic is a final straw that’s threatening to break us, doing what our enemies could never ultimately accomplish.

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  8. So Chas, which was your favorite, the chocolate or the vanilla(?) ?

    Peter, the entire nation could benefit from a Hallmark movie break at this point.

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  9. I don’t know.Michelle. I have a friend who lives next door to an Air Marshall and he told her once she would never know he was on her flight.
    I Leah’s pray there’s one or two or more

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  10. I wondered about that, Kim. I actually think the guy escorted off the plane may have been a sky marshall–he didn’t look too troubled to be leaving. (Even with the women he was with calling, “hey! You forgot your phone.)

    Let’s just say the guy was in his twenties and “colorfully” dressed. 🙂

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  11. So glad to see Roscuro here again! Congrats to you on utilizing your skills and talents in whatever areas God leads you into.

    I feel a little under the weather, just not quite up to par. Maybe from ragweed allergy kicking up its heels since we haven’t had rain to wash the pollen out of the air.

    I finally saw a gulf fritillary butterfly learning to fly. It is so late to finally have one when we would have had many by now in past seasons.


  12. I do not believe that is what God intended when He told us to steward the world. Changing girls to boys. Daughter met a lot of people in for treatment for suicidal behaviors and or maybe because for that when she was in the mental hospitals. The giggling rah rah team would certainly pressure them into making those claims.

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  13. They got the truck off loaded and took the debris to the place for taking such. Meanwhile, on the home front: got a call today that fifteen was desperately needed to stack firewood so took him to town. He was getting bored with legos anyway.

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  14. Some good pieces on Desiring God blog, which I caught up with last night.


    * “How to Brave the News” – “Reading Headlines through the Psalms”
    * “Weakness May be Your Greatest Strength”
    * “Where We Draw the Line – How to Live (and Die) in Babylon”
    * “God Can Redeem Your Family History” (I haven’t read this one yet)
    * “Children Grow Slow and Leave Fast” (nor have I read this one)
    * “How Could Jonathan Edwards Own Slaves? Wrestling with the History of a Hero” (or this one)
    * “My Times are in Your Hands – Learning to Trust the Speed of God”
    * “Ungodly Ambitions”
    * “Pray Until You Pray”
    ” “Live Where You Live – Practicing a Lifestyle of Presence”
    * “I Lay My Life in Your Hands – How Faith Prays in the Dark”

    Anyway, a good site that has brief but thought- and spirit-provoking articles that make for good reading at the end of the day (for me).

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